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Cosplay Calendar!

Wasabassco Burlesque has been putting on burlesque shows for years, and now they've decided to expand their talents into an unexpected realm: a comic-book cosplay calendar! If there's one thing the world loves, it's beautiful women trying to look like superheroes, and these gals got it in spades. Watch the teaser video.

The Spice Of Life!

In 2006 in London, Amora: The Acadamy of Sex & Relationships was looking for a wall of penises, vaginas, and boobs. They talked to a photographer, hoping he'll shove his lens into people's private parts, but that photographer had met artist Jamie McCartney before and referred him. McCartney decided 2D was much too boring for such a significant installation. He instead created an expanse of castings, 3D penises, boobs, and vulvas jutting out from the wall, or, as I like to think of it, the funnest rock-climbing wall ever invented!


Critique My Dick!

Note that this isn't "rate my dick" - although I'm sure there's a website out there for it. No, this is Critique My Dick, which takes an artistic appreciation of the art of photographing penises. I suspect this has its roots in the fact that the only people who value penis pictures are the men who take them, and the degree of absurdity of their assumption that others will appreciate the photo as well. Still, if you'd like me to email you a picture of my penis, we may be able to arrange something.

You are correct, this is a dick pic, but of Dick Van Dyke, the comedian, and not a naked penis.

Books For Masturbating!

The Frisky asks: what piece of literature made you want to masturbate to fruition? For me, it was the Joy of Sex, which came out while I was a fresh-faced 13-year-old who found this odd encyclopedia of sex terms, an Urban Dictionary for the seventies so to speak, completely arousing, even though the hairy guy in the pictures was a bit offputting. How'd I get my hands on it? Babysitting periodically for a single-mother who worked at the hospital with my mom; it wasn't really all that hidden, and I was a snooper. Yeah, it's hardly literature in the context The Frisky was looking for, but everything else I read was comic books or pulpy scifi, and all lacked much more than the barest hint of sexual expression.

Photo via.

Boob Calligraphy!

They never made us do all that Palmer method when I was in school - hence my piss-poor handwriting. But, I always wanted to learn, and if only I had put some effort into learning fancy handwriting I could be writing on naked ladies today. Art-pen maker Molotow hired some artsy calligraphers to use their markers to make the women look like they fell right off the printed page. And I can't even use Crayola markers without smearing everything all over. That's some marker skill right there.


Naughty Embroidery!

First, there's embroidery, an art form which requires so much attention that I can barely type the word out without checking Facebook halfway through. Then there's animation, which is even more drawn out and detail-oriented. Now, combine the two and add boobs - and you get the most awesome animated embroidery of boobs ever, from somebody named Tsurubride. More in the link.


Who doesn't like pin-up girls? Most of them have interchangeable bodies, all thin waist and curves in the right places - and then there's Hilda. Artist Duane Bryers came up with a plus-sized pin-up, who's surprisingly sexy despite not fitting the 90lb form of the usual pin-up girl.


Uncensored Honi Soit Vaginas!

For those among you who are so curious, depicted below is the bingo card from the last orgy I attended. No, wait, my mistake: it's the uncensored version of the Honi Soit 'vagina dialogue' cover from earlier today.

No Vaginas In Australia!

Honi Soit, a student-run newspaper at the University of Sydney, had thousands of the next issue confiscated because you can see vulvas, oh so many vulvas. Initially, they intended to publish without black bars, but an editorial decision was made to add black bars. The person they sent to photoshop in the bars was evidently inexperienced with pre-press requirements, so the bars came out semi-transparent. More info from the editorial team here, so be aware that Australia is just as terrified of vulvas as us Americans are. Welcome, brother!


Erotic Alphabet!

One girl giving two guys a blowjob at the same time? A foursome with the guys facing each other? Those were totally invented by Brazzers, a product of modern super-offensive pornography, right?

Bzzzt, wrong. It's the product of artsy Enlightenment and Victorian artists, who sit around thinking of sex when they're supposed to be illustrating books. Like these ones: sure, they're supposed to make an illustrated alphabet for adults, but let's go really adult, some Russian artist from the early 20th century decided. Don't get too excited about it being a product of our century - sexy letters go back hundreds of years and cover much of the world. Well, not China or Japan I suppose: artists trying to make erotic alphabets of the complex eastern symbolic languages went insane from the undertaking.


Naughty Textbooks!

If you missed Read Naked Day (or were simply naked with nothing to read), this publisher has a series of scholarly books on some of the nastiest shit you can imagine. Sorry, they're not real books, but the fact that someone can imagine it doesn't mean it won't really exist someday. Right now, out there, some lazy anthropology PhD candidate is finding his subject of study somewhere in this website.


Gargoyle Penis!

A man in Arizona had his artist son build a gargoyle for his front yard -- my guess is to scare away scorpions or whatever lives in Arizona besides old people -- but his neighbors went to the police because they want to avoid seeing a huge gargoyle wang. He says it's his constitutional right of expression, which it is, but did you see that wang? Seriously, it's not much fun to look at, I agree.


Bea Arthur Naked!

Get your ass down to Christie's tonight: the ever-famous Bea Arthur Naked, by John Currin, is up for sale. I seriously thought this was a b3ta creation for so many years, I never knew it was a serious work of art. Well, serious is subjective when it comes to modern art.


Imitating Poses!

Some bald, tattooed guy has decided he has all the skills to be a American Apparel spokesmodel, so he has taken it upon himself to build his portfolio by imitating some of the lame, unnatural poses that disgustingly skinny women make in fashion photos. If you ask me, his billboard will be on the side of some ten-story building in LA any day now.

More from this gallery >>


I can't say I've ever been walked in on, but my cat looks like this everytime he's caught on the kitchen counters. Disturbation is an art project by Dany Peschl (some without annoying slideshow here) aims to depict the surprising intrusion into an intimate part of life, whether you're a naked nun running through the forest or a Nazi...wait, what, is the Nazi getting a pedicure? I don't really know, but that discomfort is part of the intent I suppose.

No Nipples!

So, tell me: is a girl whose boobs are as smooth as a Barbie doll still a sexy woman? Photographers Loretta Rae and Geoffrey Rittenmyer (who no longer have a website, and have presumably broken up their portmanteau studio "Loreffrey") decided to provoke some weird boners by photoshopping the nipples off women as a statement on what makes women sexy: is it the woman, or just that two-square-inches that the photoshop 'star' stamp covering them up on the celebrity gossip website? And, at least they have their teeth. Provided these ladies' crotches aren't as smooth and featureless as Barbie, I don't think I'd mind. Just ask all the men who still love their ladies after breast cancer surgery causes a nipple to disappear...but the amount of time and effort in restoring nipples goes to show that they do have more importance than photoshop can affect.


A and F and Zizek!

In 2003, Abercrombie & Fitch hired Slavoj Zizek, former presidential candidate for the nation of Slovenia and budding philosopher, to write their fashion catalog. What they got was the textual version of their catalog photography: full of clumsy sexual concepts, overwraught artistic sensibility, and a taste of naughtiness which never rises above the level or teenage circle-jerkery. And that's what makes it so awesome. Verisimilitude is always appreciated more than forcing a suspension of disbelief.


Lichtensteiney Boobs!

Emma Hack, the mind behind the Gotye video "Vinyl Retrieval By Proxy", has produced a bunch of naked bodyart done in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Three models declare their strong womenhood through quoting snippets of online jargon, plus you can kinda see a nipple once in a while: I approve.

Elvgren Poses!

I love this stuff - there's the idea that an artist just sits down and paints stuff from scratch, or that somebody actually sits for hours, posing for a painting, but since the origin of photography the art of painting has created two pieces of art for every print that ended up on a matchbook cover for a seedy bar. These Gil Elvgren studies all became iconic paintings, and neither version is hard on the eyes.

More >>

The Black Tape Project!

The Black Tape Project makes bikinis and lingerie for naked women out of electrical tape and photographs them. Why? Because fuck you, that's why, it's sexy as hell. Making women look all Tron-y and shit qualifies as art to me. It's a good thing they're using electrical tape, which isn't particularly sticky, because it looks like it'd be pretty uncomfortable to remove if they had used colored duct tape. This stuff should come off easy, particularly if she gets sweaty...oh, boy, let's hope she does something to get sweaty. Anyhow, if the Black Tape Project becomes more commonplace, expect to see more like this in 'slutty costume' Flickr libraries this year, or at least pray for it, glossy black stripes are hot. Racing stripes make 'em look like they can go faster.

More >>

Fuck Paintings!

The project started in 1969, and for over 40 years Betty Tompkins has been painting huge close-up depictions of genitalia in the act of coupling, or touching, or having toy cows stacked upon them, you know, the usual stuff. In this interview, the artist sits down and talks about how, for a while, nobody wanted to look at her giant fucking close-ups. She was just waiting for the 21st century, it seems.


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