Sex Blogs!

Sex Life, eh? I've been reading more sexblogs lately, trying to find content for putting up here, but there's something slutty about that. A blog that only links to other people's websites? That makes me more of a portal, less of a blog. But, what am I supposed to write about?

According to the other sex blogs, I should be either:
  • Writing about the tiny, boring bits of my life; or,
  • Writing about my sex-life

My life is too boring to really get into, and the three of you out there who read this blog wouldn't find it very interesting.

My sex life, however -- that's more interesting? Admittedly, I'm the favorite toy of a sex-loving woman, so there's no lack of loving around here. Yesterday, she posted this, about Russ Meyer's death:

Thank God I already started my day with a good screw in the shower ~ otherwise, this would be a horrid way to start my day...

Yes, we fucked in the shower yesterday; hot, wet, soapy, multiple-position sex in the shower. Gracie, however, without batting an eyelash, tossed it into normal conversation. Now, she tends to do this all the time anyway (she exhibits great control around my family, thankfully ;) but I get quiet and giggle quietly to myself when it comes to discussing my sex-life. Her -- it's just a part of her day. She could just as well have said any sort of positive thing about her day; getting paid, talking to a friend, etc.

She chose sex -- which is always one of the best parts of the day anyway -- and she's OK with it. And, for fuck's sake -- I'm a skinny, socially retarded, unappealing nerd. Getting laid a dozen times a week should be printed on my T-shirt and worn with pride!

So, maybe I'll start talking about that more. If I start documenting each event, it might become mind-boggling over how much I actually do get laid. In the couple months we've been living together, I think I've had more sex than the rest of my life combined.

*giggle* HOORAY!

Aw, hell, I need to post some links anyway, they're worth it:

US soldier in Iraq forgets to empty the Recycle Bin. What was in Recycle? Naked pictures of herself. Part of me cries, 'foul,' mostly because she's so damn good looking: consider the alternatives. However, her guns are rather impressive...

Not sure if I linked to this before, but it's classy design mixed with horny imagry: PornoCombo

To the MAN who DID his hoochie on my hood!! -- again, looks manufactured, but still entertaining anyways. It's a VOLVO, for fuck's sake!

The Ethical Hedonism Manifesto -- Eh, hmmm....yes, all good stuff, what what will be done with it now? Others have published their manifestos, nailed them to church doors, built a cult following, but this may well be lost in the overpowering internet chatter. It's also not particularly shocking or unusual.

Evil Girls Get Nasty -- The splash page lists "Devil Girls" (definitely evil), "Bizarre Toys" (showing a girl with a cross in her cunt - also evil). "Cool Girls?" Unnaturally dyed hair, eh, kinda evil. "Huge Dildos"? Since when is THAT evil. Their definition is rather lax. This site is from the same guys with the alien porn yesterday. Gotta love the fringe!

Random Updates!

Welcome back, Sex-Kitten! My SO's website hasn't been updated in over a year, but after a site redesign it's up and running again. It's actually very cool; it's still the old site, but it looks sharper, cleaner, and classier now.

I hate "linkblogs," but I don't have much to say about stuff, so here's more interesting links:

An animator/artist named Joe Williamsen had created an object he calls the "Hunter;" essentially a cartoony woman done in photorealistic style. He animated it using entirely computer generated methods first -- but then he got the idea to use motion capture and a real model. Is the result some sword-and-sorcery action film? Nope; it's a stripclub version of Run-DMC's Walk This Way. I like it this way better. Bouncy.

I'm honestly surprised that outer space alien sex can mage enough money online to be a viable business line. Well, on second thought...why does this surprise me?

And, as always for good measure...
Gratuitous Soapy Pics!!!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

And, this is becoming a bit obsessive for me...

There's porn sites showing hot women posing sensually in the bath...but, then there's regular commercial websites doing the same thing. They don't show as much pink, but the images look like they're pulled right from porn sites like the ones above. So, a new feature:

Obligatory Soapy Non-Porn!!
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Betel Nut Girls!

As with all things sexual in the Far East, politicians are ineffectively denouncing the lewd practicies. The new one is about Betel Nut Girls - they've been told to cover up.

Binlang, from what I can gather, is a legal 'drug' (inasmuch caffeine and nicotine are) derived from the betel tree nut. Bin Lang is happily marketed on streetcorners by a Oriental version of the cigarette girl. Scantily clad young women stand on the street, selling betel nuts to whomever happens by -- they are the Betel But Girls!

However, they're being told to cover up -- but not because of problems with the women's bodies. They're worried about car accidents. Remember, Taiwan is a place where almost 80% of the population would support a prostituion-OK district on the island after officials cut back on the formerly legal prostitution trade. Living in the U.S., it doesn't feel all that prudish here -- but then compare ourselves to other countries like Taiwan, we're positively puritan!

Soapy Pics!

Eh, I'm going to try to update more guys want to see content, right? So, in this endeavor, I give you:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

As a bonus, I even found some soapy porn on a business website for water heaters. No actual naughty bits, but still plenty to be aroused by!

Escort Confessions!

Here's a chance to start reading from the start:

As you may have noticed, I have an affinity for prostitutes who blog (heck, I claimed one for myself) - and this sexblogger just happened to launch in the last couple weeks. The website is "A New York Escorts Confessions," and so far it's pretty average sex-worker fare: how'd she get started, links to sex-related news, misc insights into the mundane non-work life of the woman. She is just starting, beginning to figure out her online voice, so keep an eye on her!