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Reading Topless!

The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society (previously) would like to remind you that summer's here, and the time is right, for getting naked and reading bad mystery novels.

So, you want to read pulp stories, but don't know where to go? has a bunch of public domain tales to download, PulpMags has a bunch scanned and readable online, and is supposed to have a bunch but the site appears down at the moment.

Plus, this is an excuse to show this photo by Bill Wadman. I've never wanted to run my fingers down the spines of a shelffull of books more!


Lantern Babes!

The Green Lantern movie didn't get a lot of respect, but the comic book has been around for decades and added a number of rings beyond green and yellow - so here's some naked babes bodypainted to represent all the colors of the Lantern Corps universe:


Boob Calligraphy!

They never made us do all that Palmer method when I was in school - hence my piss-poor handwriting. But, I always wanted to learn, and if only I had put some effort into learning fancy handwriting I could be writing on naked ladies today. Art-pen maker Molotow hired some artsy calligraphers to use their markers to make the women look like they fell right off the printed page. And I can't even use Crayola markers without smearing everything all over. That's some marker skill right there.


Lichtensteiney Boobs!

Emma Hack, the mind behind the Gotye video "Vinyl Retrieval By Proxy", has produced a bunch of naked bodyart done in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Three models declare their strong womenhood through quoting snippets of online jargon, plus you can kinda see a nipple once in a while: I approve.

Graffiti On Girls!

It's that time of year, when people start putting out calendars all fulla boobs. The website, Shriiimp, which is now totally in my bookmarks, is devoted to bodypainting urban-styled imagery onto naked women. This year they've put out a 2012 calendar, so you can say, "sorry, honey, I need to know what day it is - the calendar stays!" But, I'm thinking your wifey might like it, too, since it's all arty and body paint. You can only kinda see nipples if you really try.

Happy Armistice Day!

Stand at attention and salute, dammit! Make sure you know the difference - today is Veteran's Day, a day for everybody who's ever worn the uniform, so show some fucking respect. If it weren't for the US Military, we'd all have been Canadians since 1812. Aten-HUT!


Life Insurance Titties!

See, Europe, this is why you're so awesome. Over here in the United States, we have small talking geckos, the ever-so-sexy Progressive Flo, and, er, the ever-so-sexy Allstate Mayhem. You, now, you take your stuffy monolithic insurance companies like Allianz, and then you paint their logo all over some naked women. This is why your society is so much more advanced than the Americas. Titties can sell anything, including insurance. When I'm hearing the pitch for stop-loss hospital coverage for my self-insured small business, I totally want to be looking at fine Euro boobs while it happens.


Bad Body Art!

Key West has something called Fantasy Fest, which generally involves hot women getting all bodypainted in the nude by awesome artists. Somebody didn't tell the crappy artists and unattractive women to stay home - COED magazine has the worst of the worst:

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Bodypaint Stewardesses!

Airlines are always trying to find ways to get passengers to watch those boring safety movies, but Air New Zealand has figured out a way to keep their attention. A new safety movie for the airline includes stewardesses and pilots completely in bodypaint. Honestly, you'll spend the whole video just trying to catch a glimpse of the cute brunette, and that down-under accent doesn't hurt, either. This is in conjuction with an advertising campaign, all of which includes real AirNZ employees in nothing but bodypaint.

Michael Jackson Body Paint!

Artist Anubis Vrussh put his talents to a classical use: painting the King of Pop on a purple-painted naked woman's belly. The photos, however, paint a different picture: that doesn't look so much like Michael Jackson as...Hugh Jackman?

Cirque Du Hoagies

Cirque Du Soleil must be really pushing their performers: you know you're in a cut-rate Mia Michaels performance when you're expected to eat lunch while performing. I mean, come on - and subs? Couldn't they have done something like corndogs or popsicles, something even remotely sexy? I mean, really: if the Quizno's guy saw these two, he'd stop fucking his oven.

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Bodypaint For Peace!

Is there nothing bodypaint can't do? Recently, it solved the problem or war in the world, via the Bullets 4 Peace fundraiser. Unsurprisingly, I could find very little about Bullet 4 Peace, but a whole fuckload of pictures from the show.

Body Art!

UPI wants to make sure you get a good look at all their recent photos of body art - so they've put them all into a single gallery. This includes both bodypaint and tattoos, so get all your colorful boobie fetishes out of the way here:

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Bodypainter At Carnivale!

Even the Associated Press understands: being a bodypainter at Carnivale is the awesomest job in the world, it beats out icecream-flavor-designer, blowjob-tester, and President of Awesomeania for the most awesome way to make money. Sadly, you need to have some talent (unlike the President of Awesomeania, who just needs to be awesome), of which I do not have, so it seems that, no matter the case, being within inches of a hot Brazilian's breast requires some skill.

Emma Hack's Wallpaper Body Paint

Emma Hack has a knack for hiding some lovely things in plain sight -- namely, melting gals and their friendly breasts into the wallpaper background. It's like "Where's Waldo", but with areolas:

Heidi Klum Bodypaint

Heidi Klum isn't one to shy away from showing off her fine body, and what we've got here is the opportunity to worship her soft skin, while enjoying the talented hand of a fine body artist:

Boobies And Linux's Tux

You might argue that linux geeks aren't hot, but you'd be wrong -- sure, like a cross-section of society, some of us are a little funny-looking, but you have to check out the high end of the bell curve: we've got some hotness hiding in our ranks: