Crain and Kittygirl Return!

At long last, Crain and his Kittygirl are back in Episode 3: Die Kittygirl Die! (Free registration required, but not insecure or harmful). There's a little more violence in this one, more "Spy vs. Spy," which gives this a bit less erotica feel even though there's still plenty of fucking. If you missed the first parts, they're available with FanClub EroticStories registration, or I have them posted here as well.

Blow-Up Doll!'s a sexy chick, and a blow up doll, but the rest defies easy description. Just go have a look.

Miller's Work!

Today I'm linking another 'blog -- but one appropriate to the theme I have going here. Lydia writes porn for the company Miller's Work Productions, and a tiny chunk of their website is dedicated as her online diary. Some of it is everyday stuff, cleaning, working, car repair, self doubt...but every once in a while it goes off the ledge into bloody-fetish lesbian sex and other pretty hardcore topics. Part of me thinks the blog is an intersection of Lydia's reality and Lydia's fictional writings, but it's hard to tell. Any way you look at it, her weblog is facinating, well worth an hour or two to read it all, then bookmark it and check back later.

Bathtub Babe!

Yeah, I'll take the cheap way out -- forcing myself to update by blog by posting pics of babes in the bathtub. Soapy women are my 'thing''s a pretty innocent fetish, right? And, it's not something anyone has inexperience in. "Hey, honey, I want to tie you up and drip wax on your back" has far fewer people jumping for the opportunity than "hey, honey, let's draw a bubble bath and wash each other." In a sense, it's not really a fetish -- it's the way sex is done, one time or another, by nearly everyone. Why are there so few pics of soapy women on the internet? They're all "lie on the bed, stretch your labia as wide as you can". Ick.

Wedding Day!

Hey, kids! I had a bit of a dry spell, what with the holiday season, but my writing bug is creeping back now. New story: "Not until their wedding day" -- young lovers are told to be celibate up to their wedding day. Can they do it? EroticStories requires free registration, but they don't sell info or any other naughty activities.