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Fifteen Shades of Sex Positions!

Er, only fourteen, but some intrepid illustrator has put together a visual reference for all the major sex positions referenced in Fifty Shades of Grey, in case the poor writing and immature structure of the book wasn't clear enough that you'd need pictures to get it. Can you tell I couldn't finish reading it? Anyhoo, take a look at what Fifty Shades of Grey offers in terms of erotic content, take notes, and then at least admire that Cosmo's publishing illustrations of sex positions that are at least humanly possible. Although this one is a little suspect: he's controlling that floating benwa ball with HIS MIND!


Naughty Textbooks!

If you missed Read Naked Day (or were simply naked with nothing to read), this publisher has a series of scholarly books on some of the nastiest shit you can imagine. Sorry, they're not real books, but the fact that someone can imagine it doesn't mean it won't really exist someday. Right now, out there, some lazy anthropology PhD candidate is finding his subject of study somewhere in this website.


Hot Literature!

Take swimsuit model Bar Refaeli, combine a little Stephen King, and you're not getting some slasher-b-movie; you get the hottest way to read a book I've ever seen:

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Shakespeare: Porn Shop Pride!

Stratford-on-Avon, the home of Shakespeare, is aghast - agog! - over the idea of a sex shop opening in their fair city. "Children ride the bus!" they argue, "This isn't what we're trying to promote!" they cry. Reading Shakespeare is a wholesome, kid-friendly time anyhow, you know - I know it's the UK, very against gross acts of violence, so Macbeth is right out. Since Shakespeare is the reason we still understand the metaphor of of the beast with two backs (Interracial sex, no less!), so priding your town on its Shakespearean wholesomeness completely ignores what Shakespeare was all about: poon and death. The porn shop gets it: they think Shakespeare would be a good patron of their shop.

Pornocalypse Now!

Taking a gonzo tack at writing about this pornographic cultural revolution we live in, Adbusters has an article fitting for their site, full of art and style, but not saying much, on how pornography is shaping and shaped by our culture. An fun read, but about three times as long as it needs to be. Just read that 2/3 that needs to be cut; it's more interesting than the rest. (via)