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Superman BDSM!

Joe Shuster was one of the Superman co-creators, but it wasn't his only job - he also illustrated for the naughty BDSM and fetish pulp rags of the time, drawing spanked women and dominant men that looked suspiciously like Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Hook-Up Books: Embarassed!

Books about how women who hook-up are damaged for life think that these women have no faces - cover your eyes, hide your sad countenance, curl up in a fetal position, woman: you had sex for fun, and you will never, ever, ever get over it. For shame.

Huge Boob Art!

Oh, giant boobs, is there never a time people want to see you? An artist in China (wait, China?) has devoted his skilled efforts to celebrating the naturally curvy woman:

Oh, no - the sculpture isn't a natural woman: sculptor Shu Yong is trying to show what a Godzilla-like set of plastic-surgery enhanced breasts would look like pounding through town. Er, I think he might be missing the point, but he's been showing off his huge tits for a couple years, so he seems to really, really like his giant breasts, at least a little.

Bodypainter At Carnivale!

Even the Associated Press understands: being a bodypainter at Carnivale is the awesomest job in the world, it beats out icecream-flavor-designer, blowjob-tester, and President of Awesomeania for the most awesome way to make money. Sadly, you need to have some talent (unlike the President of Awesomeania, who just needs to be awesome), of which I do not have, so it seems that, no matter the case, being within inches of a hot Brazilian's breast requires some skill.

Will Farrell Penis Genius!

Man, just the hints of what I've heard about Will Farrell's satirical one-man show about Dubya Bush have sounded excellent, but now that I've found out that there's a giant image of his penis in the show, I feel I need to save up for a plane ticket to New York. It has been quite a while since the gonads of any Head of State have been mocked in such a blatant, coarse way, and I intend to applaud loudly.

Erotic In WI = Tonight!

If you've ended up in Wisconsin...dear god, have mercy on your soul...but, anyhow, if you're in Wisconsin and somewhere near Madison, that last outpost in liberal college atmosphere in an otherwise cow-ridden state, you can head down to Elves Palace and partake in an Erotic Art Show. You will get one of those rare chances to stare at boobies, under the pretense that it's art and you are encouraged to stare as long as it takes to fully appreciate the work. Art fucking rocks.


A new word has been given a definition in the lexicon of naughty language: Saddlebacking is the act of abstinence-only teens who have unprotected anal sex as a way of getting around that pesky "sin" thing. We all have the Saddleback Church to thank for this lovely term, although the definition comes straight from those naughty, naughty sexual progressives that hover around Dan Savage. I liked a few of the other definitions better, but this one does address the church connection. Plus, it takes a huge level of hypocrisy across the teen sex-ed spectrum to task, which makes it worthwhile, and,! hopefully, if there's a name for it, kids will be more aware of the situation they're putting themselves in when they do it.

HST Motivation!

I used to work in a place that had those lame motivational posters in the front office - we needed these back in the shop:

Nude Tattoo Self Portrait!

The Smoking Gun has done their usual weekly roundup of fun and strange mugshots, and #1 this week was a young lady with, what they claim, is a self-portrait tattoo just below her navel, just above her 'cell block', so to speak:

If it really IS a self-portrait, does the tattoo have the tattoo tattooed on its belly? And so on and so forth, until you go insane staring at her nude tattoo? No wonder she's in jail - it must look something....LIKE THIS!

Famous Authors' Erotica

Wha?!!? Famous authors have written explicitly sexual stories in the past?!? At least they say they do, but, well, due to the social climate, they won't directly admit to which piece of erotica they wrote...but not only that: they're women writers! What is the world coming to when a talented professional writer can admit to getting her clit all in a tizzy while writing about intimate sexual encounters between fictional characters? It's almost like heaven fell from the sky and landed in the U.K. for a few moments; isn't that horrible?

Tattooed Lady Gallery

Letters on the knuckles and blurry blue teardrops on your cheeks do not a tattoo make: here's 19 pretty gals made surprisingly more beautiful with tattoos:

Art Curator: Hot!

Sometimes I really wonder if there is anything remotely real about profiles like this. For example, Kiera Jones, a 22-year-old hottie, claims to be an art curator, as she is pictured touching a piece of art. I guess I should remember that art chicks are a healthy combination of horny, attractive, and bat-shit crazy, making them ideal subject of a lad mag spread.

Nude Models On Strike

Parisian nude models - sadly, the kind that pose for art courses, not the kind I post here - are protesting: French labor laws are restricting their ability to make a living wage and receive tips, so they've bared it all to show their stuff in public. They're protesting ten euros an hour? With the current low value of the dollar, that's gotta be like, $50 an hour, right? Anyhow, they're a highly specialized worker, and believe they deserve more pay, because who else can they get to sit naked in front of a bunch of freakin' atrt students without getting some bucks stuck in their G-string?

Be A Nude Model?

Once upon a time, all those every nudie magazine advertised itself as an artist's aid, whether for painters in need of human forms, photographers in need of tips, or horny guys a way to excuse their predilections as 'art appreciation'. The artistic excuse for looking at nude models didn't end with Penthouse or Hustler - being a nude model is still a valuable (and profitable) part of the art world.

Nude: Art!

Is a nude art? Just listen to this guy, who writes on the subject of the sensuality of nude art that could masturbate to it. If you're in to that thing, I dunno, I mean, if you think so. Or something.

Garden Gnome Gnookers

Scantily-clad women by the roadside are a guaranteed distraction, but Belgian garden gnome manufacturer Cristi Birgu figured he could channel some of that by manufacturing some naughty garden gnomes that look like hookers plying their wares. If only there were some international means of communication and commerce that Mr. Cirbu could use to market and sell his sexy plastic women, he'd be a brazillionaire. Link above to Ananova's English translation; original Belgianiese in the link below.

The Map Of Sexuality

Check out the Map of the Sexual World - I'm linking to the place I found it, but the map is actually by Franklin Veaux, who has a revised and updated version available. Interactive version here.

Palin on a Dead Bear

Poor Sarah Palin: everyone wants to see her nude. Now, if you're in Chicago and can crawl down to the Old Town Ale House, you can get a glance of her Alaskan cooter. Apparently, the guy who painted her actually likes Palin, and wanted to portray in all her gloray, a'la Venus on a Halfshell. Except, it's Palin on a Dead Bear. Close enough, I guess.

Playboy's Art Auction

Are your old Playboys getting a bit too worn and 'sticky' from overuse? You can put some of that old illustration art on your wall, if you find your way to tomorrow's Art of Beauty auction. Playboy has enlisted Heritage Auctions to do the dirty work, and they've got the 17-item catalog online for viewing. Prices are, as I expected, appropriate for the quality and provenance of the art, but out of the reach of a vintage Playboy wanker like me.

Talented Breasts

The Joyful Bosom Affair is a great-sounding title for anything, but in this case it's an art project in which paint-covered breasts are pressed against canvas and turned into art. Who knew breasts were so talented?

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