Obligatory Soapy Pics!

It's been a while, but in the interest of keeping up the regular updates:


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My gal doesn't get back into town until tomorrow sometime...so I gotta control my manly urges until then. I suppose that means I should stop looking at soapy porn, eh?

Take One For The Country!

Organize now! A group of young ladies are Taking one for the country - by grouping up, visiting a bar near a military location, and letting a little no-strings fun happen with GIs who are shipping out. Part of me thinks, "come on, ladies, you're just making an excuse to have no-strings sex..." but, then that may also be the reason it's good.

Coolsex Back Up!

Ah -- the Coolsex people are quick! After I posted about the product, I emailed Coolsex about the bad product demo link, and they sent me a proper URL. Wanna see how this works? Go watch the video, be amused at the vector-graphic masturbation images, but learn exactly what Coolsex is for.

Coolsex 404!

I'm sad. The Coolsex promo video is 404'ed -- but I think I get the core of it. From what I can gather, Coolsex is a masturbatory aid -- step #2 in it's use is search porno on google. I'll even overlook the euro-engrish: "Advises to keep a healthy position while you practice sex via internet". My gal says I'm not allowed to touch myself like this anymore (it's not like I go more than a day or two without a fuck, so no big deal), but she's always a fan of product testing - the Europeans always get the cool new stuff, I think we Americans need a taste!

Perl, Bitches!

Geeks out there will appreciate that my website is written in 100% Perl. Perl isn't the greatest of languages, it isn't the prettiest of languages, but I'll be darned if it isn't the sexiest of languages.

You doubt me? Just look at the fun these ladies are having with their Perl manual. Oooh, ladies - I'll make your 'O-Face' a regular expression!

I would, however, be remiss if I didn't point out that the erotic Perl website above was written in PHP, rather than Perl. Kids today and their fancy new languages don't know how to get off like us seasoned pros can!

Back Of A Truck!

It's getting bad these days - you can't even sell X-Rated movies from the back of a truck. This guy tried just that, and made it quite a while, advertising on the CB radio and parking down the road from a truck stop.

After going head-to-head with city officials, Joe Byrer backed down and closed up shop.

Really, I admire his business sense -- it's a market without internet access, without easy transportation to a porn store, and a mobile, transient customer base. Who else is gonna get these guys their porn? Mr Byrer did, without breaking laws (bending maybe), and made a few bucks at it. Congrats, Mr Byrer!


Man, bunnies have all the fun...Swatch, remembered for their spendy peer-pressure induced watches of the 1980s, has a billboard up in New York depicting numerous bunnies in compromising positions (Slideshow). Humping bunnies are bad form? For as often as I see Makin' Bacon tshirts, bunnies are downright pleasant.