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Ancient Erotica!

You know this is B.C., because this art is positively sinful. Tablets depicting Mesopotamian doggystyle have been discovered, and "there's a scholarly debate over what purpose the erotic art served." No, fuckers, there's not much to debate about this. The purpose for these, despite any thin veil of religious or artistic respectability, is that people like looking at depictions of sexual acts.


The Spice Of Life!

In 2006 in London, Amora: The Acadamy of Sex & Relationships was looking for a wall of penises, vaginas, and boobs. They talked to a photographer, hoping he'll shove his lens into people's private parts, but that photographer had met artist Jamie McCartney before and referred him. McCartney decided 2D was much too boring for such a significant installation. He instead created an expanse of castings, 3D penises, boobs, and vulvas jutting out from the wall, or, as I like to think of it, the funnest rock-climbing wall ever invented!


Now That's A Pearl Necklace!

Nah, not a facial from one of the Banana Splits, although I'm sure there's fetish sites out there for that sort of thing. Below is the artwork "Exterior Gloss" by the artist INSA. Insa apparently likes boobs a whole lot, and I can't blame him. His upcoming show in San Francisco says his work "revels in lurid excess, embracing the insatiability of consumerism and highlighting the duplicity of morality and enjoyment," a concept which could be found at innumerable nearby stripclubs as well. At least in a gallery, you put on a tie and people think you're all artsy and shit.

And for $4500, you can actually buy Exterior Gloss.

Huge Boob Art!

Oh, giant boobs, is there never a time people want to see you? An artist in China (wait, China?) has devoted his skilled efforts to celebrating the naturally curvy woman:

Oh, no - the sculpture isn't a natural woman: sculptor Shu Yong is trying to show what a Godzilla-like set of plastic-surgery enhanced breasts would look like pounding through town. Er, I think he might be missing the point, but he's been showing off his huge tits for a couple years, so he seems to really, really like his giant breasts, at least a little.