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Boob Calligraphy!

They never made us do all that Palmer method when I was in school - hence my piss-poor handwriting. But, I always wanted to learn, and if only I had put some effort into learning fancy handwriting I could be writing on naked ladies today. Art-pen maker Molotow hired some artsy calligraphers to use their markers to make the women look like they fell right off the printed page. And I can't even use Crayola markers without smearing everything all over. That's some marker skill right there.


Graffiti On Girls!

It's that time of year, when people start putting out calendars all fulla boobs. The website, Shriiimp, which is now totally in my bookmarks, is devoted to bodypainting urban-styled imagery onto naked women. This year they've put out a 2012 calendar, so you can say, "sorry, honey, I need to know what day it is - the calendar stays!" But, I'm thinking your wifey might like it, too, since it's all arty and body paint. You can only kinda see nipples if you really try.

Pornstar Graffiti Artist!

Pornstar Kylie Ireland has taken up graffiti art under the moniker "DeeKay", in addition to her photography of vintage hotels and graffiti photography for for BombedOutLA. Being a pornstar, meh, but a pornstar redhead photographer and street artist? Awesomest stranger on the internet fucking ever.