Is There Porn!?!

Earlier today I was toodling around online, and I was accosted by a pop-up advertisment.

I was being questioned -- "Is there PORNOGRAPHY on YOUR computer?"

My first thought was: "man, I really hope so!"

Lesbian Movies!

You want some free naughty lesbian movies? I know you do!

Dolores Erickson!

If you've been poking around, or if I've got bad links on the website, you've seen this lady from the old Herb Alpert album.

Well, she's Dolores Erickson, and in July of 2000 she gave an interview about her famous photo. So many men in their 40s first felt stirrings upon finding this photo in their parent's record collection, she's a sexual meme all her own.

Translator And Tradefair!

I've got a new story published on EroticStories! The Translator and the Tradefair (free registration req.) It's not exactly a threesome, but Ray still gets both girls in the story. It's a pretty traditional storyline, and I think I'm losing a little creativity in my sex-scenes. Maybe it's time to buy a few new books on the subject. The Joy of Sex isn't quite cutting it anymore.

Cartoon Babes!

Yeah, I admit it, I find cartoons sexy. The Japanese have gotten it right, found a nice balance between ultrasexy and realistic.

Although, there's a threshhold -- a lot of current comic book women are downright unnatural, and not in a Barbie sort of way, either. Here, Sequential Tart postulates the future of comic book women.


I'm just going through my naughty bookmarks, and so I thought I'd share.

If you're a photo fan, autopr0n has a nice no-fluff index of sites. The comments are amusingly accurate as well! Also, everything appears to be free, a bonus in this payporn world.

New Website!

Welcome to my new domain! deleted my account for some stupid reason (although the email still worked), so I had to hunt for a new home for my website.

It's surprising how many webhosting services specifically say NO ADULT WEBSITES. This screwed up my hunt for webhosting because 'adult hosting service' also turned up hits for every terms of service stating no adult hosting allowed.

Happily, I discovered Adult-Website-Hosting. They have a $7/mo option. It's only 10MB, it only has one email account, but that's plenty for me.

So, welcome, look around, there's a lot more to come, so check back again!