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Pornless Playboy!

Playboy has a new CEO, and he's shaking things up -- to the point that he has said there may be a nude-free future for the venerable men's magazine. Now, if you keep reading, it's pretty clear this is just a salacious quote for an otherwise bland article about rebuilding a brand that has pretty much been reduced to the value of their logo. Come on, nudity is what Playboy is founded on: removing that makes it a Details or GQ magazine, and why would you even hope to try and enter that market? Playboy's strengths are in its combination of writing and nudity, and unless they play to those strengths, the business truly will just become an empty logo. This is the only nude-free Playboy I'm interested in:


Naked Ghosts!

AAAH, it's Halloween and the dead are rising from their graves and...wait, is THAT what ghosts look like under the sheets? Hell, bring a bunch over to my place, haunt me all night if you want!


Stephen Colbert!

Once upon a time, famous rich-person Richard Branson went kitesurfing with a naked woman strapped to his back. Why? "Because fuck you, that's why", said Branson before wiping his butt with hundred dollar bills (or so I heard that's how it went). Anyhow, shortly thereafter Stephen Colbert was caught in an equally compromising position, vacuuming with a naked woman on his back, while dressed like Richard Branson. This is why I'm trying to get rich, people: I am so rarely ridden by naked women, and I feel left out.

Get Hairy!

In September this woman shaved for the last time, and has been blogging her hair regrowth. Riveting as it sounds, it's actually more subtle than that: most of her posts are about the expectation of beauty and women's bodies, so you might actually learn something more than just what pubes look like at various stages of growth. It appears she just registered her own domain, but not much content there yet.

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No Vaginas In Australia!

Honi Soit, a student-run newspaper at the University of Sydney, had thousands of the next issue confiscated because you can see vulvas, oh so many vulvas. Initially, they intended to publish without black bars, but an editorial decision was made to add black bars. The person they sent to photoshop in the bars was evidently inexperienced with pre-press requirements, so the bars came out semi-transparent. More info from the editorial team here, so be aware that Australia is just as terrified of vulvas as us Americans are. Welcome, brother!


Topless Train!

Tourists taking a nice ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad got a shock: they saw boobs! Granted, anyone showing off their boobs to random trains full of tourists is an asshole, but they got the attention they wanted, so all that'll mean is more boobs.

So, now, I would totally take a train ride through the mountains if it means getting to see some boobs, so maybe, just maybe, narrow-gauge railroad people, you can turn lemons into lemonade and make this a selling point. If you can't beat them, why not make a buck off the drunk idiots?



I can't say I've ever been walked in on, but my cat looks like this everytime he's caught on the kitchen counters. Disturbation is an art project by Dany Peschl (some without annoying slideshow here) aims to depict the surprising intrusion into an intimate part of life, whether you're a naked nun running through the forest or a Nazi...wait, what, is the Nazi getting a pedicure? I don't really know, but that discomfort is part of the intent I suppose.