Stay Off Drugs!

It seems to be quote week here, but this is a good one:

As they found fame in the 70s and 80s, many of Ron's co-stars fell into drink and drug abuse. But somehow he managed to avoid the excesses and lead a more "normal" life.

He says: "I was always offered drugs. But I never did them - I enjoyed life enough already. I don't need substances to make it better.

--Ron Jeremy, in a Mirror interview

Who'da known I had so much in common with Ron Jeremy? My big cock and startling stamina aside, I'm deeply impressed with this statement. I've refused drugs all my life for the very reason he describes: life is enjoyable enough already. A career as a professional sexual object can't hurt either, but even in little ways life's a great thing to be experienced.

Speaking of life's pleasures, I get to see my girlfriend tonight. She's drug-free as well, but that's not my only RonJeremyish characteristic I plan on demonstrating for her, if you catch my drift!

Pornography Is!

"Pornography is repeating the same image over and over. These are thought- out images that deal with sexuality. These are ideas that are fleshed out by my friends. ''


At coffee break, an attractive curly-haired young man who just started in the shop entered the cafeteria and asked for help in running the high-tech coffee machine.

After he left, of course, the women at the table started commenting about him.

"I should dropped something, get him to bend over."

"He was cute, tall..."

"I don't know about that 'pubic hair' hairstyle..."

Pubic hairs are ALWAYS a conversation starter, right?

40something Conservative Woman said, "You know what? At bowling one of the girls has a deck of naughty playing cards...and every one of those men is shaved -- DOWN THERE. They cut their pubes, it's so gross."

Long-Haired Engineer says, "well, don't mention that around CR/LF --"

Conservative Woman responded, "oh, I know that he shaves his armpits..."

(that I do)

"...and he's the first thing I thought of when I saw those cards!"

Laughter abounded. Choking occured but tragedy was averted. And, now my pubic shaving habits are now the subject of speculation in the office. Long-Haired Engineer has christened me "Jack", after the jack of spades.