Bits 'n' Pieces!

Leeds University is launching a serious investigation of men's sexual fantasies. Apparently going deeper than just simply reading Penthouse Letters, Leeds is hoping to figure out just how horny men really are. They have more information on the survey, and it appears you can take the survey online.

Swinging is everywhere. Not that we didn't know this before, but the age-old pattern is starting: the media is giving this a lot of attention, which, no doubt, will lead to laws changed to prevent it from happening. Swinging, as you might guess, is rather innocuous when compared to the other oppressed sexual desires (more places have laws against homosexuality than swinging), but, of course, it affronts the Christian ideal of what marriage and sex should be, and unlike Canada, the US will not be so tolerant.

The Department of Justice could have your porn search queries -- that is, unless you're a Google user. Under the excuse that they're trying to defend the Child Online Protection Act, the government has gotten a random sample of one million internet addresses (not search results - addresses) from the major search engines. Google, unlike MSN, AOL, and Yahoo, has stood up to the subpoena, citing their obligation to protect the privacy of their users.

Being Elvis is the key to getting attention at the Adult Expo: one reporter decided to hit the Consumer Electronics Expo dressed as Elvis, and finding himself ignored, discovered he could get plenty of attention at the Adult Expo down the hall. My guess is this only works the first time, hornyboys, so stop reserving your Elvi costumes for next year.

Forbes shows just how profitable porn is. Now, don't get your bustle in a bundle over the negative picture it paints: valid, factual numbers are far more useful than suppositions. While huge numbers are often tossed around, it appears that porn brings in a healthy-but-smaller-than-expected annual revenue of approximately $2 billion. Forbes shows that it's less than most media, but for a specialized product I'd say it's getting an acceptably large chunk of the American dollar.

The UK lifts the limit for 'brothel' to more than 3 prostitutes working at a time. The idea is that this promotes safety in numbers. Formerly, only one prostitute at a time could work from any location, for fear of being punished for operating as a brothel -- but that tended to set up a hooker to be taken advantage of by pimps or their customers. It seems to also be a positive alternative, given the crackdown on 'streetwalkers' that has been occuring in the UK. Rather than try and make it all illegal and drive it underground, just send it indoors. Not a bad idea! Now, let's increase those numbers...what they don't realize is that, with the limit of three, I'd think the demand for prostitutes would require one to be established every block or so.

Couples have half as much sex if there's a TV in the bedroom -- once again, television is the destroyer of mankind. Personally, I think that there's be a whole lotta sex going on if there weren't any TV at all...consider 'blizzard babies', the increase in childbirths 9 months after winter-related power outages in the midwest. Also, compare that un-wired countries have twice the birthrate we do over here -- I think I may be on to something!

Box Magazine's most recent issue is available. Artistically sexual and outside of the standard 'pornographic' mould, like Sweet Action, I hope they grow as a counteraction to the T-n-A magazines. Their artsy ways will probably hinder that growth, but stranger things have happened.

Don't think Playboy is a target for anti-obscenity prosecution? Conservative writer Rachel Alexander takes on the most innocuous pornography, and uses it to prove to a guy how disgusting it is to meet someone who enjoys a little porn once in a while. Granted, her guyfriend shouldn't be lovin' his porn in his blog if his conservative friends read it, but she's got FACTS, including proof in the form of a Word DOC that I won't read and her aluusion that women are being exploited in nudie pictures because they aren't intelligent enough to realize they was being exploited. People like her are out there -- all over -- ready to fall in behind the claims that porn, even as tame as Playboy, hurts people simply by existing.

Christian Sex Toys!

Business is good for the Christian sex-toy store. Their tone is friendly, their website is clean and nudity-free, and it seems that they haven't gotten any/many complaints from the religious-sex-complainers. They carry a lot of what Sex~Kitten does, but it goes to show that it's all in how it is presented...items bought from a sinful shop are sinful, items bought in a Christian shop are holy.

Despite scriptural condemnation of an act, a business operating under the name of God is allowed to continue? Jesus would be proud. Being a non-Christian and all, I'm not condemning the business -- gosh, open more toy stores, people! -- but I find their religious slant questionable. It seems more to please customers than to please God, which is dubious when selling products designed to satisfy sexual lust.