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Porn Star Textbook!

A textbook has been withdrawn from circulation because what appears to be cheap stock photography was probably much more expensive than that: one "teacher" is actually a screenshot from cosplay pornography. No, it's not the girl with pigtails, but that was my first guess, too. The woman at the bottom is Mana Aoki, who, as far as can be determined, has never taught mathematics in a professional setting.


School For Pornstars!

Remember how Canada requires more home-made porn? Well, that's kinda hard unless you have the pornstars to film. Pegas Productions, a Quebecian...Quebecer? Quebecois, I guess -- anyhow, a Q-town Canadian porn studio was short on male stars, so they set up "Male Porn Star School" and manufactured some stars of their own. For $149, candidates where put through basic training on what the porn job entails, beyond "stick your penis here." Because, as the dozens of rejected candidates learned, being a porn actor is a business, you don't just jump in unprepared.


Kinky College Grads!

Uneducated people might get laid more, but college grads are far more creative about it. The study comes from Lovehoney, a sex toy proprietor, so there's a bit of self-selection in the kind of people who respond to such studies, but it sounds factual to me. I mean, when you're in college, who has time for so many sex partners? What with all the studying and classes and trying to work to pay the bills, you need to get innovative with how you use your lovemaking time. It's not a difference in IQ, it's about efficiency.

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Naughty Textbooks!

If you missed Read Naked Day (or were simply naked with nothing to read), this publisher has a series of scholarly books on some of the nastiest shit you can imagine. Sorry, they're not real books, but the fact that someone can imagine it doesn't mean it won't really exist someday. Right now, out there, some lazy anthropology PhD candidate is finding his subject of study somewhere in this website.


School For Whores!

With the 2014 World Cup getting ready to go to Brazil, the South American country is doing all it needs to in order to be prepared: improving roads, building facilities, training the hookers to speak English...wait, why would they do that? Americans don't watch the World Cup, silly! The goal is to get all the people that might have contact with foreign sports fans to speak the lingua franca of today, English. CNN, not realizing that most of the rest of the world has legalized prostitution as a valid business model, had to publish their little giggle fit over the fact that prostitutes get taught anything. No wonder Brazil is not interested if any Americans show up or not.

Smart Chick Prostitutes!

WHAT?!?? Somebody has actually had the audacity to say that sometimes, even educated women become prostitutes because they money's so good. It's almost like prostitution isn't all about pimp canes and latenight drug beatings. The article does make the distinction, however, that these educated ladies of the evening head for the high-end escort market, while the coerced and beaten women are the streetwalkers. You know what would be nice? If somebody, y'know, actually used this information to do something of value for sex workers, but that's asking for a lot from our politicians. They've got the economy to worry about, it's not like they're making sweeping freedom-destroying reproductive and sexual health laws or anything.