GGW Not Porn!

Prosecutors had tried to prevent the copying on grounds the videotape showing a girl "flashing" her breasts was illegal child pornography. Florida's child pornography law makes the depiction of "sexual conduct" illegal and defines that term to include physical contact. There was no physical contact in the video.

--3/9/2004 AP News wire, "Judge Rules 'Girls Gone Wild' Is Not Porn

I recently had this discussion, with a member of clergy no less -- what IS pornography, anyway? Minors exposing their nether-regions ain't porn, apparently, because there wasn't any physical contact. Who'da thunk? Men everywhere rejoice: "No, honey, it's not porn. The courts said so!"

Old Porn Mags!

A coupla nights back, my gal invited me to paruse her pornography collection. Four or five boxes of magazines, ranging from hokey 1980s Hustler to classy 1960s Playboy, to some strange nudist magazines from the 1950s.

This experience taught me that pornography is supposed to be a solitary thing. It's linked to your imagination, something introverted, and not designed to be cooperative. Mostly all we did was make snide comments about the women and men, point out horribly crude cartoons, and gaze in wonder at the poorly airbrush-obscured gentials in the nudist mags.

On my own, I'da probably gotten turned on by the pics -- but with Gracie there, it's doesn't compare. Right there's a woman who I can actually touch, kiss, fuck, and hold - no imagination required. How can porn beat that? We had our laugh, sorted them into "keep" and "sell on eBay," and went into the bedroom to give ourselves a hardcore pornographic experience of our very own. No imagination required!