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Bea Arthur Naked!

Get your ass down to Christie's tonight: the ever-famous Bea Arthur Naked, by John Currin, is up for sale. I seriously thought this was a b3ta creation for so many years, I never knew it was a serious work of art. Well, serious is subjective when it comes to modern art.



DUDE - check out the awesome paint-by-number on this wall! It has to be like 3' x 4', and I'll bet her little brother painted it. Now that's talent.

Palin on a Dead Bear

Poor Sarah Palin: everyone wants to see her nude. Now, if you're in Chicago and can crawl down to the Old Town Ale House, you can get a glance of her Alaskan cooter. Apparently, the guy who painted her actually likes Palin, and wanted to portray in all her gloray, a'la Venus on a Halfshell. Except, it's Palin on a Dead Bear. Close enough, I guess.