Tit-Elation Review!

I write for Tit-Elation, and help edit sometimes. While I don't put as much time into the site as I'd like, they're beginning to pick up some steam: Tit-Elation was reviewed by SugarClick today, who wrote a really good review considering that the climate of porn online has to do with pictures of faux-aroused women posing uncomfortably. I may have to write for them again, but I've been getting more overtime at work, and with a lady like Gracie waiting in the bedroom I don't have much need for fantasies lately. Still, the writing at T~E is top-notch, and I've read both the quarterlies that are out right now and recommend them highly. Erotica has started to be more commodified (the B&N erotica section is almost all Penthouse Letters), so it's nice to see someplace seeing the value of good sexual literature.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

The soverign and independent Sioux nation of South Dakota will provide Planned Parenthood services, on tribal land, handled by the tribe, and free from state law. a-HA, American oppressors, didn't count on that, did you? I'd be remiss, however, to point out that Pine Ridge is historically tied to the Wounded Knee Massacre; the government would be wise to learn from history, but that hardly seems likely given today's standards for logic.

No little mermaid nipples, please! Well, there are a lot of supporters who believe the statue, commissioned for display by a community center, should keep its nipples, but the more easily offended of the community would like her nippleless. Well, you know, she has huge breasts, but nipples only cheapen them, I suppose. What's wrong with nipples on a statue of an inhuman sea creature, anyways?

Comics can be pornographic, but libraries and parents aren't sure what to do about it. Very suggestive manga from Japan is finding its way into public libraries -- even into the kids' sections, because of it's cartoony nature -- much to the surprise of parents expecting Pokemon and Spirited Away. No doubt there's teens out there who happily get their porn jollies without the stigma of getting caught with a Playboy under the bed, entirely with the help of their parents' library account.

A female jailer can not be fired for orally servicing a coworker on the job, says the Nevada corrections board. The Lovelock Correctional Facility must be too provocative of a name to completely prevent a little lockdown lovin', but kudos to her for fighting the termination: the penis in question wussed out and quit his job after their tryst was discovered.

A 'cunt' appeared in the newspaper, in the form of the book, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, carried by an Abu Graib witness. It's no wonder the Army is going to hell, what with all the feminists they're letting in -- they're all loose cannons, I tells ya!

Bits 'n' Pieces!

A group of boys set up a fake MySpace account, impersonating a 15-year-old girl, to mess with a friend who had recently been dumped. Imagine their surprise when a sexual predator started contacting the 'girl's' MySpace avatar. The boys did the right thing: they arranged a meetup with the loser, and called police.

A basketball player shows a little more balls in a newspaper photo -- or does he? It's quite convincing -- it does look like a well-endowed penis flopping around, but the paper's explanation points out the black bike-shorts underneath his uniform (plainly visible in the photo), and the color-shift caused during publishing (compare the numbers on his jersey) add to the illusion.

The Ten Commandments of Simon is a comic for all of you out there who failed at being a 29-year-old virgin. Had you obeyed these Commandments, your success would have been secure. Have faith; modern dogma indicates that your can be a born-again virgin, so take these Commandments to heart.

You can see exactly how your breasts bounce, unfettered, in a normal bra, and in the Shock Adsorber bra. Somehow, their scientific analysis sucks all the fun out of watching boobies bounce.

Is the Sinclair Institute's Better Sex tapes pornography? The reviewers are mixed, but it seems the female contingent thinks that men could use a gander at this video set instead of the sexually-oversaturated porn, in hopes of learning something.

Researchers: Masturbation not as good as sex. It'd be predictable for me to say that this is obvious, but, duh. At least it's proven by a quantifiable measurement of hormones relating to the 'act.'

Smutty books abound -- sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, all under the chick-lit genre, re-coined by this writer as "slapper lit." Who really wants to read about all these ladies' fuck conquests? Publishers seem to think everybody wants to read about it, but the lovely Ms Quigley disagrees.

Jamaica is looking deeper at male sex workers. It seems that there's no doubt that men pay women for sex, and you might incorrectly think this article focuses on gay prostitutes -- but women pay men for sex? Apparently, yes, and the study has found that women of all social strata are purchasing their wares. It seems that the customers are women who desire sex, but do not want all the baggage of a relationship or commitment. Since Jamaica isn't exactly the target audience for Sex In The City or the new-wave feminism that promotes this 'masculine' sexual ideal in women, it seems that no-strings sex is a more ingrained characteristic of humans than just some creation of modern society.

The wife-whore economy, per Forbes magazine. Timely written for Valentine's Day, Forbes takes a mix of serious analysis with tongue-in-cheek analysis and considers how prostitution remains a financially viable industry in today's world, when wives are a more accessible commodity, undercut prostitutes on the pricetag, and provide more services in one location. Wives = Wal-Mart, Prostitutes = Phil's Locally-Owned Hardware Shoppe? Hmmm...they may be onto something here!

Canadian youth are turning more to online sex. On one hand, kudos for getting off without risk of STDs or pregnancy. On the other hand, they're no doubt fantasizing about acting out riskier or scarier sexual practices -- things much easier to do online than in person -- which may effect them in the long-term.

The Wall Street Journal covers the 2257 rule effects on the porn industry. There's not much new news here -- except that when the Wall Freaking Street Journal weighs in on something, it must have a significant effect on the business world.

Plastic surgery results in better sex -- mostly for breast augmentation and tummy tucks, or body-shape-enhancing surgeries, not facial or minimal alterations. The connection seems to be in self-esteem, the main reason most women claim to want to alter their bodies. The women feel better about their bodies, they dress and feel sexier, so they have sex with their partners more often and are more likely to reach orgasm. While this sounds nice (especially to the plastic surgery industry), isn't there a better way to improve your partners' self-esteem than living a Nip/Tuck episode?

Lots Of Soapy Links!

My bookmarks file is getting too damn big! Just for the sake of clearing things out, here's an extra-special edition of...

"Lorna Morgan" takes a bath on the deck with her big-ass natural tits. They're a pretty good set, with a few disturbing ones tossed in for good measure. While I'm not the kinda guy that finds drooling while brushing your teeth sexy, there must be someone out there looking for it.

Don't be fooled by the title: the site is not "Plane Treanna" -- it's actually "Planet Reanna," and a girl, who we can only assume is "Reanna," take a nicely soapy bath in very soft light. Unlike most normal bathers, she wears large, dangly earrings in the bath...but I'm not complaining.

Much like this lady, whose page says she belongs to some guy named "Leroy." She took great care to apply her makeup before bathing, no doubt to enhance the "I'm bored yet acting sexy" expression on her face throughout the photos. The ill-named "Shellylicious" (I'll bet she got picked on in junior high) did have the courtesy to put on her makeup for the bath, and made sure to outline her eyes in dark makeup so we'd know she wasn't missing them like some sightless cave lizard. Still, she knows how to enjoy being photographed in the bath: I'd wash her back for a smile.

"Jessi Capelli has taken this "look" to another level: her expression varies from blank erotic to brain melting. Good for her, though; telekenetics are in short supply in pornography.

Unlike this gal, who might be named "Kira Dreams," or else the website is simply stating as fact that, yes, Kira is able to dream, and does so at times. She's so cheery in the bath that one wonders if she just likes the bath that much or if she's that happy all the time.

"Brooke", from Planet Brooke, is a bit hard to read: she seems like she's being sexy in the bath, but she's got her lips pursed like she's annoyed at being interrupted in the bath. It might also be the dark outlined eyes, too, but she does take a very bubbly bath, so you might not be looking 'up there'.

"Mandy", as presented by Real Big Racks, actually does, in fact, have a big rack. She also doesn't wear makeup in the bath, which is always a plus. She's also a little on the 'bigger' size (from the viewpoint of someone looking at size-1 porngirls with the physical build of a teenaged boy), and I kinda like seeing that. She's someone that might actually put out for the losers that look at online porn for fun.

"Amy" claims to be my latina dream girl, but the last time I dreamed of a latina girl, she was working at a she store and I was wearing a clown costume and couldn't find the bathroom...but that's just what I dream, you might have something else in mind. Anyways, Amy starts out poorly, with a bunch of dressed photos, but once she gets in the bath things get nice, so make sure to scroll down.

If you like videos, the guys at Dooza have two samples for you from a bathing-focused DVD. Both start with long videos of a woman washing herself in a bubbly bath, and end up with sex in the bath...something for everybody! Skin Up...oh, wait, is that "Vip"? Anyways, they've got two preview videos besides the sex vids, which are all quite good. "18 and Busty" has a set of 4 videos, all short, but when put together make for a pleasant viewing.

"Jenny" is just out of high school and living in the dorms -- which must be the best kick-ass dorms ever because they've got wrought-iron bathtubs and windows everywhere. I don't think I've ever been in a girl's dorm bathroom that would be adequate for a sexy bubble bath, but this "Jenny" is lucky; hers allows her to get plenty soapy for our benefit.

The Met Art galleries I've seen are impressive: nice lighting, nice setting, very "Playboyish", but I don't encounter them enough. Here's a nice set for those of you who like both soapy and wet t-shirts: they don't try hard by naming the model or having some canned "I'm 18 and love anal sex" comment. Just pics, and good ones at that.

I'm very concerned about this gal, though: I've seen her elsewhere on the net, but this website says I can videochat with her -- right now -- and she'll do anything I say. Do they realize how hard it is on the skin to leave her in the bath, all day long, waiting for me to chat? I've even checked back at 3am to see if they take it down to let her sleep, but no dice: she's in the bath 24 hours a day. Poor, poor girl.