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Gargoyle Penis!

A man in Arizona had his artist son build a gargoyle for his front yard -- my guess is to scare away scorpions or whatever lives in Arizona besides old people -- but his neighbors went to the police because they want to avoid seeing a huge gargoyle wang. He says it's his constitutional right of expression, which it is, but did you see that wang? Seriously, it's not much fun to look at, I agree.


Statue Tits Anger Clergy!

I read about this a few days back, but nobody had a good picture - until now. An innocuous antique shoppe has a statue outside, holding up a sign, but a local priest has a problem with the statue's erection-provoking cleavage. The pirate chick statue isn't nude, or particularly naughty compared to the beach, but there's enough skin to make a priest uncomfortable, which has encouraged the church to take out its rage on the little old ladies running the antique shoppe. Remember, antique shoppe grannies are the most insidious of pornographers.