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Pirelli 2015!

The big news about the 2015 Pirelli calendar is the size 16 model for Miss April, but I can't not post the bubble bath babe. The 2015 Pirelli calendar steps away from the artsy black-and-white photos and goes full-on 1960s Playboy style, which is totally OK in my book.


PrettyBald Nude Calendar!

It's getting to be that time of year - Calendar Season! And what Calendar Season would be complete without charity nude calendars! The first one to catch my eye is the PrettyBald Alopecia charity, who have brought out twelve bald women to bring awareness to their hairless affliction. Given how much non-alopecia-suffering women put effort into making themselves hairless, you know that there's plenty of customers who have a particular interest in this specific calendar.


Cosplay Calendar!

Wasabassco Burlesque has been putting on burlesque shows for years, and now they've decided to expand their talents into an unexpected realm: a comic-book cosplay calendar! If there's one thing the world loves, it's beautiful women trying to look like superheroes, and these gals got it in spades. Watch the teaser video.

More Firefighters!

God damn, since fire departments have started allowing women join their ranks, firefighter calendars have gotten more sexier. Not that they weren't sexy before, but, damn, it's nice to look at fit, strong women, rather than fake-breasted bony babes that show up in car calendars. The Tuscon AZ Firefighter Association calendar for 2013 is available, in various forms, and ready for you to order. Show some support for a group that does some very hard work, and enjoy some T&A. A perfect combination!



Using hunky, hunky men to raise money has reached my home state: the St Paul fire department is using all the social media they can handle to put together and sell a calendar depicting their sexy firefighters, both male and female. While I appreciate the rippling muscles of the firemen, they do have some fine firewomen as well. Vote for your favorites on Facebook, watch them on YouTube, and eventually their broken website might be back up.


Graffiti On Girls!

It's that time of year, when people start putting out calendars all fulla boobs. The website, Shriiimp, which is now totally in my bookmarks, is devoted to bodypainting urban-styled imagery onto naked women. This year they've put out a 2012 calendar, so you can say, "sorry, honey, I need to know what day it is - the calendar stays!" But, I'm thinking your wifey might like it, too, since it's all arty and body paint. You can only kinda see nipples if you really try.

Pirelli Boobs

Kael Lagerfeld's talents have been put to good use on the most naughty of promotional productions, the Pirelli tire company's catalog. The theme is mythology, and I guess that pretty much involves making women take their clothes off in front of a black background and photographing them. Oh, well, who am I to complain?

There's a making-of video here.

Sexy Horror Calendar!

It's October, and Halloween is right around the corner, so put two and two together and buy Nerdcore's 2010 nudie horror calendar. Boobs and death: is there anything sexier? Get it here, directly from Nerdcore.
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Mormons: Sexy Calendars Hurt!

All sorts of groups are printing naughty calendars, titillating ways to make money, and people pony up for them. Mormons, however, don't look so kindly on the practice: they have excommunicated Chad Hardy, telling him he can't graduate from Brigham Young University for 'behavior', for photographing a beefcake Mormon calendar with such amusing subjects as "Captain Moroni." Foul, the Mormon church cries, it's bad publicity, you're hurting the church! Er, I think Mormons make enough bad publicity on their own, but it's easy to punish one guy with a business than to challenge splinter sects. While he won't get his degree any time soon, business is booming: media attention to his exommunication has created demand for his calendars.

Garrison Girls Nude Calendar

It's that time of the year again: calendar time. And, thank the lord, there are lots of women willing to pose nude for a good cause. Today's good-cause-nudists are the Garrison Girls, a bunch of hot British army wives raising money for support for their troops. No word on how you can get one in the US, but if you're a Brit, you can get them online.
More samples via The Sun here.

Hot Roller Derby Gals

What's hotter than sexy chicks beating the crap out of each other while wearing short-shorts? A pin-up calendar of roller-derby gals showing off their assets, that's what. You can get your own here, direct from the Memphis Roller Derby.