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Playboy, Maxim The Best!

Don't you just hate when, professional writer's ain't writing good? So does Grammarly, who actually has the word 'grammar' in their name so they must be an authority. They've reviewed a variety of magazines, and ranked the top publications what would make their English teachers proud. In the top 4 for men? Boob-friendly magazines Playboy and Maxim, that's why! There must be a certain kind of linguistic purity that comes from appreciating women's bodies all day long. I'd like to link to Grammarly, but they apparently don't put this stuff on their own site, so while they might know where to put an apostrophe, they sure suck donkey-balls at SEO. Or is it just donkeyballs? I really should go to their website and find out.


Erotic Alphabet!

One girl giving two guys a blowjob at the same time? A foursome with the guys facing each other? Those were totally invented by Brazzers, a product of modern super-offensive pornography, right?

Bzzzt, wrong. It's the product of artsy Enlightenment and Victorian artists, who sit around thinking of sex when they're supposed to be illustrating books. Like these ones: sure, they're supposed to make an illustrated alphabet for adults, but let's go really adult, some Russian artist from the early 20th century decided. Don't get too excited about it being a product of our century - sexy letters go back hundreds of years and cover much of the world. Well, not China or Japan I suppose: artists trying to make erotic alphabets of the complex eastern symbolic languages went insane from the undertaking.