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Quality Vinyl!

Vinyl is still making an amazing comeback, but if you've got the time here's an excellent read on how there's more to a quality vinyl album than the medium. It's mostly for musicians wanting to release on vinyl, but I still found it interesting, if only to remind me that the audio that gets cut into the vinyl is ultimately the most important part of the record.


MidMod Record Console!

Now this is stylish: a midcentury-modern styled record storage shelf with built-in turntable. I like that sloped shelf underneath - perfect for flipping through albums while keeping them relatively flat. The best thing is, anyone with a modicum of woodworking skills could reproduce this with a few basic tools, like those old 'make your own modern furniture' books from the '50s.


Turntable Tits!

Last week it was cold enough that your nipples could cut glass, but I still don't think they'd work very well as a turntable stylus. Didn't stop this lady from trying, though.

Aside from her amazing fashion sense, let's take a look at Boobs McGee's album collection. There's a couple more albums than in the picture below, but all together we've got:

Unfortunately, I don't have a high enough resolution picture to tell what her nipple-singles are.


Passion For Vinyl!

Writer Robert Haagsma has put together a coffee-table book for lovers of vinyl. Called Passion For Vinyl, Haagsma has compiled photos, trivia, and interviews with Henry Rollins and a bunch of northern-european names. Sorry, I'm not quite culturally literate to know them all -- which is why I need this book, right? Doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. (maybe here?), so sorry Secret Santa, you're going to come up short this year I guess. It comes with a 45rpm 7" single, which slips into the book cover, making it the most epic liner notes ever.

Vinyl Still Growing!

As we've noted just a couple months ago, vinyl sales continue to climb, this time with info from the UK, which has hit a half a million in vinyl sales for the first time in a decade. Yeah, that's only 1%, but that's doing a lot better than tapes, Minidiscs, reel-to-reel, 8-Track, and wax cylinder combined. One dumb statistic: almost 4% of vinyl purchasers admit to not owning a turntable, which means hipsters have spread to the British Isles already.

Press Your Ashes!

Looking for a unique way to store your remains after death? And Vinyly will take your cremated ashes and press them into a vinyl record. You get to decide what's on the album, so make sure you get your tracks on tape before you sluff off this mortal coil. Just make sure nobody sticks the album in a Ronco record vacuum, those things clean away all sorts of dust, including you.


Vinyl Sales Up!

For several years now, vinyl record sales have been continuing to rise from their near-death slump in the early 1990s. That includes turntable sales, which are seeing smaller growth, which means either people are buying more second-hand turntables, dusting off their own old turntables, or turntable owners are simply just buying more vinyl. Top selling vinyl albums? Hipster stuff, the Beatles, and Adele. Adele sold so many albums in the past years in every format, I'm sure most of her numbers for vinyl were split between people who could find no other copy of Adele's album, and well-meaning grandparents who haven't heard of any newer audio formats and couldn't find the tape cassette section in Sam Goody's.


Joey Ramone's Records!

Today, RR Auctions starts taking bids on a bunch of Joey Ramone's stuff. It doesn't look like there's a lot of rare or awesome records, but these albums were owned by Joey Ramone which means these LPs have gotten more pussy than you ever had. If you want rare and cool, pick up his passport and give it to bouncers when they ask for your ID: I guarantee you won't be hassled. Between the glasses and the jackets and the shirts, you can trade in all your crappy old Nirvana and Soundgarden t-shirts and replace your entire wardrobe with stuff that smells like Joey Ramone.


The Black Tape Project!

The Black Tape Project makes bikinis and lingerie for naked women out of electrical tape and photographs them. Why? Because fuck you, that's why, it's sexy as hell. Making women look all Tron-y and shit qualifies as art to me. It's a good thing they're using electrical tape, which isn't particularly sticky, because it looks like it'd be pretty uncomfortable to remove if they had used colored duct tape. This stuff should come off easy, particularly if she gets sweaty...oh, boy, let's hope she does something to get sweaty. Anyhow, if the Black Tape Project becomes more commonplace, expect to see more like this in 'slutty costume' Flickr libraries this year, or at least pray for it, glossy black stripes are hot. Racing stripes make 'em look like they can go faster.

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