David Syndrome!

A group of doctors and psychiatrists have dubbed the phenomenon as the "David Syndrome": people get destructive urges when looking at great works of art. The name was inspired by a person who smashed the foot of Michaelangeno's David at an exhibition. It pops up in the news from time to time: a person slashes a Picasso, someone splashes paint on another painting...it happens to regular art, too: statues in town are often targets of graffiti. Not just names or symbols painted on, like on a wall, but in a way meant to disfigure or alter the art.

Reading about the Syndrome makes me draw a connection to book burnings and the hostility towards pornography. If the deep emotion caused by art can overcome a person (called the Stendhal syndrome), possibly pushing them to a violent reaction -- the David syndrome -- consider the effect of artistically offensive material. The David syndrome may be rooted in humanity's instinctive understanding of creation and destruction, life and death -- procreation and extinction. Most people own pornography of some sort, have read a banned book or two...but many of those same people are the ones advocation destruction of erotic & offensive materials.

Is it possible that the opposition to pornography and censorship of books is rooted in the David syndrome? The book connection might be a bit more specious, but when you consider the passionate, emotional nature of most of the banned books, you can see how this emotional explosion could induce the David effect. In Farenheit 451, the result of a world devoid of books, passionless and passive. Bradbury could see that the art of a well-crafted book resulted in passion. If this passion triggers violent anger, it is no wonder the book burners are so ready to grasp at straws to validate their hatred for inanimate books.

Pornography has an even deeper instinctual response -- in fact, it doesn't work right unless there's a deep, carnal outpouring of emotion. The orgasmic release caused by viewing a porn, reading erotica, or flipping through Penthouse, could easily be the trigger needed to cause the violent feelings that are symptoms of the David syndrome.

I know there is a flaw in this association: the David syndrome does not seem to be premeditated, nor an ongoing hatred of art. It manifests itself instantly, at the time of the event -- not something that a person harbors their whole life. However, if up to 20% of society would react violently towards the statue of David, without warning, it is not impossible to believe that there is a less spontaneous driving instinct that is behind the hatred of obscene art, despite the minimal impact on most opponents' lives. An unconscious desire for violence against art, much like a person's unconscious desire for sex, could be an emotion that most humans are unable to cognitively understand, yet drives their motives without their knowing why exactly it is happening.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

The War On Pornography is gaining momentum in Texas...and, according to the reporter who wrote the article, it's going to be in your yard soon, too.

The International Sex & So Much More Show is in Minneapolis right now -- just mere miles from me...this is what I get for not reading the newspaper! Now, to scrounge up admission money, and talk Gracie into going...although I doubt she needs much coercing!

Kids who have nosy neighbors wait longer to lose their virginity. Regardless of free condoms in school and HPV vaccines for teens, kids who think their actions have effects beyond themselves are going to act more responsible -- this goes for everything...sex, violence, grades, bathing, etc. Let's give them some credit, and take some responsibility ourselves; I hate to say it, but it takes a village...yadda yadda yadda.

Sorry to quote a beer commercial, but keep that in mind when I say...Here's to you, Mr. Vintage Porn Buyer! You've got thousands of dollars to spend on photos of naked women who are either very old or very dead (it's not creepaayyyy!) If you only had four or five hidden in a closet, you might be a pervert -- but you, you are a conniseur! (that makes it classyyy!). So, in honor of your validation of leering at nudie pictures, here's to you, Mr. Vintage Porn Buyer (Mr. Vintage Porn Buyerrrrrr!)

Rural Indianans are more likely to incorrectly use condoms, compared to urban Indianians, according to a study. Wipe those images of men with condoms on their ears or inflating them as bathtoys -- but, by 'incorrect,' they mean waiting too long to put them on and taking them off too soon. It's a rather generous definition of 'incorrect', seeing the condom actually makes it onto the penis in all their cases. Still, good for them: figuring out who is screwing up when it comes to condoms will only slow the spread of disease. Why bother teaching the people who got it right, when so many got it wrong?

Scooter Libby, darling of the current Republican administration and newly resigned chief of staff for the VPOTUS, once wrote a novel involving a "bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons." Excuse me, Mr. FBI, aren't you shutting down websites for writing about these things? Oh, it's different when it's a Republican, I suppose. The book will be reprinted soon, but out-of-print ones are still available.

The Japanese are the least sexually active country in the world -- again? In an annual survey by Durex, the Japanese made love just 45 times a year, on average -- less than once a week -- a statistic that's down from 2004. So, the country with the most horribly vulgar, degrading, and paedophilic pornography (and allows it to be partaken of in public) has the least amount of sex, hmmmm? Let's keep that in mind next time we accuse the pornography industry for rampant sexualization. There's something else at work, and it's not the entertainment industry.

A group of young women are protesting Abercrombie & Fitch's line of offensive T-shirts...well, offensive to women who don't find them funny. Just as I won't ever be seen wearing a "take me drunk I'm home" t-shirt, women unaffended by the shirts simply shouldn't wear them. Bonus: Newsday's t-shirt model is medium-breasted and slouches a little...well, all except for the "Who needs brains when you have these?" shirt, which she must've been quite proud of (incidentally, the photo was taken from a vantage point coinciding with the 'talking to your breasts' conversation women hate so much). Note that you can buy copies of this photo from Newsday, if self-deprecating humor about huge breasts is your thing.

Stuff And Soap!

I'm behind the times on this -- probably because it's an email viral thing, and nobody likes me enough to email me. No matter -- as payment for ignoring me, I will subject you to my skinny ass dancing & stripping for you, courtesy the Gap's "Watch Me Change" program (requires Shockwave).

Wish you were an erotic artists? The Nonist has a starter course for you, scanned from a 1970s erotic coloring book. Very stylish and obviously retro, these would look great ironed on a t-shirt. If you don't mind being hassled by mall cops for obscene t-shirts. But they let Spencers in the mall, so what's up their ass? They should mind their own business.

If you don't want to give up art saturated with breasts, Dino Cortez has galleries of his own breast-painting art. That is, he's painting upon actual breasts; the classical artists did fine painting pictures of breasts themselves, but Cortez has turned busts until canvases.

If you've ever wondered how to find lesbian scenes in movies, some afficianados have created The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Scenes -- complete with descriptions and stills.

Katie Fey gets wet and soapy in a series of videos; her disturbingly piercing gaze might be kinda scary, but I doubt you'll just look at her face.

As I've said before, soapy sex is a bit hard to come by, but this Asian couple couldn't restrain themseves, starting with some cooperative washing and ending with sexual congress. Now she's all dirty again, dude! >This couple has the same problem -- she spends all that time getting soapy and clean, only to be defiled by a good fucking.

This set has a 1970s-ish Payboy-feel to it, but that's not all bad - photographers did their work with minimal airbrushing back then. This nameless beauty soaps up, both in wet clothes and unclothed - she even smiles like a real person once.

Lovely Anne takes a bath, and actually looks like she is comfortably enjoying herself, unlike Emily 18 who appears to have been tossed in the dungeon and forced to bathe endlessly. Her creepy looks don't really pass for 'sensual,' instead appearing more like she's been locked up far too long.

This "nasty porn star", Raven Riley, can only see out of one eye. She is in the bath -- she should wash out some of that styling crap and pull her bangs back...then she wouldn't have to turn her head strangely like that anymore.

Anna, if you can trust the title, is both "18" and "busty", and she shows it off in the bubble bath. She seems quite bored, as though she's posed this way for you for the 10th night in a row and it's getting old...she's got a 18-and-busty friend, Anita, who's got video of her in the bath, too.

Danya takes a bath, pouting annoyingly for the camera, but fluffing around in the bubbles nicely. The thumbnails are cropped; the large versions are much better. Amy's sudsy thumbnails are cropped, too, but she doesn't look angry or pouty. She smiles for the camera, as though she's inviting the viewer to join her. The pouty, angry ones just look annoyed to be bothered in the bath.

In a turn of NPSP (Non-Porn Soapy Pics), S&S Chemical has given us a very sexy lady in the bath -- with the decidedly unsexy caption "POLYBOOST Polymers add fragrance and beauty to candles." Pornographers take note: if you add bland, uninteresting corporate taglines to photos, you might get more social acceptance. "No, honey -- it's not porn, it's an instructional video for application of polyethelyne barriers!"

Bits 'n' Pieces!

What do you get when you pit a feminist against a porn star? You get Ron Jeremy and Susan Cole, discussing what, exactly, is wrong with porn. The article is lacking in details, but you might want to watch the events calendar -- they've debated like this before, and sound like they will again. It sounds well worth the time to go see what they have to say. Or, if you've got a venue, their producer can set you up with a date.

Long before you could unlock pixelporn in GTA, there was the import version of Golgo 13 for the NES -- complete with pixelly boobie goodness.

Neglecting doctor warnings of what might happen if their erection lasts longer than 3 hours, microscopic creatures from the dino age have been stuck in sexual congress for 65 million years. What's worse than getting laid, dying suddenly, then having your evolutionary decendents look at your corpse stuck in the act? Not much, in my opinion.

Conservatives believe a cervical-cancer immunization will encourage promiscuity among teens. If you'd believe the statistics that conservatives have already shown us, teens are already recklessly promiscuous -- even with the cancer risk -- but they'd rather you forget that. They'd also have you believe that the one and only reason teens refuse sex is to avoid catching cervical cancer -- but how many teens even know that they can catch cervical cancer via sex? Far more than conservatives would like, seeing that sort of information is usually taught in the pesky sex-ed classes that, too, piss off conservatives. Either it's ignorance, or they'd prefer the already-promiscuous unimmunized teens keep the virus in circulation, so they can pass it on to the unimmunized, uninsured poor as they grow up. Conscious conspiracy aside, that's what is likely to happen. On the other hand, I'd like to believe the general public can see through these logical falsehoods...but the general public actually voted for these government officials.

That bastard-stepchild state, North Dakota, has rejected the Thunder From Down Under. The male revue, looking akin to Chippendales on their website, was prevented from performing based on a petition signed by Jamestown pastors accusing it of being merely a "strip show." So much for that pesky church-state separation that normally should preclude government decisions being based on religious ideals, and kudos to the clergy for acknowledging that women have lews sexual desires that can be satisfied by undulating, sweaty men. I suppose other Dakota towns, willing to pick up the now-unused Nov. 3 date, can contact Mars Talent Agency for bookings.

The Sex.Com fugitive has been captured. He was ordered to return the domain to it's rightful owner years ago, and has been hiding out in Tijuana since then. Mexican authorities have turned him over to US Marshalls to be tried for contempt of court. The king of domain theft & squatting finally will get what he deserves.

Twenty-something women want sex daily -- but only 1/8th actually get it. What's wrong with you, men? And that's out of women of whom 70% say they're in a monogamous relationship. The odds are in your favor, guys, so stop saying the gal is the reason you're not getting laid.

Speaking to the Book Standard, Porn starlet Savanna Samson, who is not the author of the erotica book bearing her name, comments on why erotica is still viable: I think with porn, we tend to get jaded. [But with a book], youâ