Bits 'n' Pieces!

A condom store has responded to the Pope's condom ban by donating thirty thousand "Madonna" condoms to the LA Lesbian and Gay center (who, no doubt, are also on the Pope's 'naughty' list).

Watching this woman explaining a Michael-Jacksonesque bird mating ritual has to be the sexiest thing I've seen today.

Under pressure from the populous, a local access channel changes rules, requiring locally-produced programs, in hopes of keeping pornography off the air -- whoops, non-local religious programs violate the new rules, but locally-produced porn can stay on the air. So, out-of-region pornographers and church leaders end up on the same side to complain. Anti-pornographers haven't figured it out yet: when you make rules that don't violate free speech, you're going to affect everyone, so either suck it up or leave it alone.

The new 'teen sex fear' is something called 'daisy-chaining'. Most likely it's like those jelly bracelets and oral-sex parties -- an outbreak of once or twice and a lot of rumours -- but, hell, I couldn't get laid to save my life in high school, and it's this easy now? Geez.

Alabama is considering a bill to ban "gay" books. "I don't look at it as censorship," says State Representative Gerald Allen. "I look at it as protecting the hearts and souls and minds of our children." Exclude the Bible for it's sex and violence and church-and-state separation, this guy whould have an aneurism.

Restauranteur throws out lesbians for kissing -- restauranteur gets smacked with sexual discrimination fine.

If you're a master S&M hentai artist, drawing your actual rape conquests in comic-book form will get you caught. The odd part of the story is that he was ID'ed by his penis...when she slept with him for the 'first time' despite knowing he was married. Sounds like there's more to the story than just duct-taped humiliation rape -- but isn't that always the case?

Industrious India artisans use condoms for lubrication -- and not in a sexual way. They lubricate the thread for sewing machines, and help polish metallic thread.

The spermicidal sponge is back! having gotten FDA approval, and should be back in the regular marketplace soon.

Wife calls police because the husband is really drunk and fucking his sister in the bedroom. Police arrive, tell him to unmount and get dressed; man continues with the act anyway. Welcome to scenic Alabama!

This collector of erotic art, 65 years old, is pleasantly quotable: " I am surprised that not all men collect such items because everyone is interested in the topic."

Orgy For World Peace is a live sex site that donates revenues to non-profits. People pay for masturbatory entertainment, poor people overseas get fed. Could this plan be any cooler?

One of Playboy's "Real Desperate Housewives" talks about being a 31-year-old lifelong fan of the supposedly 'man's' magazine.

Mooove over, hormone-laden cows! Plastic is now to blame. An estrogen-mimicking chemical commonly used in your food-storage containers is making men aggressive, women fatter, children start puberty earlier, and permanently damages the sex organs, according to a number of studies. For God's sakes -- stop using plastic! You can drink milk again, though.

College students are not as promiscuous as one might think. Half had one or fewer partners, showing most people were just as sexually disappointed as I was.

Hot For Teacher!

Whadda ya know? I've come up with a new feature for RedBloodedThing! It's amazing how often this stuff shows up in the news - downright sickening. It's far less rare than one might think. The new feature is unamusingly called...

Hot For Teacher

Everyone loves the female teachers, right? First-year teacher Elizabeth Stow, 26, had sex with three different students during her short term at the school, along with throwing in a DUI around the same time, just for fun. A few days ago, as seems common with these losers, plead not guilty, but the judge may sentence her to 10 years based on the evidence on hand already.

Freckle-faced Gwen Anne Cardozo, 33, seduced a student while teaching at Wasson High School. She admits to having sex with the student, 17, three times a week over the span of two months -- but denied it until threatened with a lie detector test. Colorado has stepped up the stakes, thankfully; she could get life in prison if the Parole Board deems her a 'continuing risk,' but at minimum 8 years.

Australia isn't immune from sick bastards, either...the teacher is not named, but his crimes are: sexually assulting two male students, aged 12 and 14, while working at two different Catholic schools, spanning 16 years. My guess is these weren't the only two students he abused. I could make Catholic jokes, but it's not worth it.

This bruiser, Anthony Laufgraben, 34, a former Cardozo High School teacher, was caught trying to solicit a 14-year old boy on the internet for sex in a New York park. Oops -- the 14-year-old boy, happily, was an undercover cop, who gladly accepted Laufgraben's advances until there was enough to arrest him. His punishment? 6 months in jail and 5 months probation.

Other new technology trips 'em up, too -- Jesus Partida, 35, teacher at Saucedo Scholastic Academy, has been removed from his position and is pending charges when the mother of a student found at least two cellphone text messages on her daughter's phone from Partida, soliciting sex acts. Of course, Partida denies the accusation. They always do.

Also from the Chicago area, Waukegan High School teacher Raymond Tobias, 64, was was charged with sexual misconduct for inapproprate contact with a 16-year-old student while she was making up a test alone in his classroom. When she asked a question, Tobias brushed up against her breast inappropriately seven times. Finished with her make-up test, Tobias asked the girl to stay while he corrected the test, positioning the chairs in a way that had his leg between her thighs. Smartly, the girl told her parents, who contacted police.

How would a first-grade teacher get charged with sexual contact with a minor? The article doesn't say how Richard Becker, 41, earned his badge, but if it has to do with a first-grader, maybe it's better we don't know.

GI Joe can't keep his hands to himself, either. ROTC instructor Edwin Danny Reaid, 54, has resigned his teaching position following 8 sexual abuse counts total, stemming from inappropriate and nonconsentual contact with a student under age 16. This story has an interesting quick-fact: in 2003, 21 NC teachers had their licenses revoked for sexual contact with a minor, and only 8 did in 2004.

Don't limit the scorn to teachers.

Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach at Independence High School, Michael David Shannon, 35, has been charged with sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

A Hawaiian dance instructor Daniel E. Jones, 20, has been charged with sexual assult of three 13-year-old girls and one 14-year-old. The owner of the dance studio has come out to support Jones...I doubt many parents would feel comfortable sending their children to dance class there anymore.

This guy, however, keeps getting hired despite his history. Wise parents have been much more vigilant than the schools in checking teacher backgrounds: on suspicions, parents checked into the history of Sean Ford, 35, finding out that the coach of their children had sexually abused two of his players in the past. A winning volleyball history seems to be more important to the schools than finding out why he was fired and banned from the campus of a previous coaching assignment. Strangely, the school board simply removed his teaching certificate -- and made no recommendation to police, citing they weren't sure he broke any laws, allowing him to move from one school to another after being discovered. Florida should take a few lessons from Colorado.

This Florida teacher, however, didn't get away with it -- Carlos Diaz, 42, of Coral Gables High School, touched a 16-year-old student's genitals inappropriately (not that teachers ever have an appropriate way). Police were put on the case, and he awaits trial.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

Standards for defining premature ejaculation have been set -- in general, men 'finishing' 1.8 minutes or sooner is premature, compared to the average of 7.3 minutes for regular men.

Hungary is considering allowing prostitutes in malls -- as long as they take the act to a more suitable venue. Local governments are allowed to create "zones of patience" for the oldest profession, but none have done so yet.

Norwegian teens called "Russ" act out prior to graduation, doing tasks like sex in public, reading pornography in public, or kissing a policeman, to earn knots in their tassel. Someone, as a joke, added 'unprotected sex' as a knot-earning task. Hilarity ensued. Those wacky Norwegians.

Screw's Al Goldstein is back in the porn business, after homelessness and a stint at a Kosher deli. He's been hired to market online porn.

Girls get a serious talk, boys get 'wink wink nudge nudge' according to this article. Parents don't give boys enough of The Talk -- which might solve a lot of parents' concerns about teen sex, since so often the boys are considered instigators. They might not be instigators if they'd get something more than a 'go ahead, but maybe sorta try and be careful' message.

A dominatrix gave up her sexy job and entered the government workplace... only to be harrassed by her manager -- a former client. The story ends happily in lawsuits and a settlement in her favor. Hooray!

Nashville authorities say they can't prosecute people for filming a gang-bang film. While they could wait for the film to be produced, review the film for obscenity, and then prosecute if it meets 100% of the obscenity definitions, it doesn't sound like that'll happen.

college newspaper printed a nearly-nude photo of a stripper. The stripper -- who was performing, in public, on campus -- thinks her privacy was invaded. Um, don't perform in public, young lady.

11 towns have sued a sex boutique owner -- and all 11 have lost. Here's a little story about his life, an RV for a home and city after city telling him he's doing something wrong.

South African men are getting a rape wakeup call. In a culture that has considered rape a commonplace occurrence for women, men are finding themselves at the business end of a violent penis, too. "Some of the men say they know they are not safe anymore and have condemned the actions of men who rape men." How about you join the civilized world, take a look at how it feels, and leave off the last 'men' in that sentence, hmm?

The guy who's married to the sister of the guy who married Julia Roberts is a pornographer. The Enquirer thinks it's relevant. Somehow. Eh, who cares. I just want to know how Kevin Bacon is taking it. (The pornographer has a Bacon Number of 4; Roberts and Bacon were in Flatliners together)

"Forty Deuce," a 4-part series about a new burlesque club, premieres tonight.. The New York Post said it wasn't sexy, but what do they know? They think news about celebrity dating habits is sexy. Bleh. I'd rather watch women in feathery costumes gyrate than hear about Parker Posey's love-life.

The List of sexiest careers is out! Firefighters and flight attendants are at the top.

Trump's followers prefer money to great sex. Losers. Who would sleep with these people anyway, if that's their attitude about sexual encounters? "Sure, honey, it was great -- it just wasn't $800,000 GREAT."

Internet Sex Sting Results In Arrest Of Cumming Man -- note to reporter: read headlines closely before submitting them, please, or else the internet will laugh at you.

Police cite "art night" at Erotic City as obscene; they tried to circumvent anti-nudity laws by giving patrons pads of paper & pencils, and calling the dancers 'nude models' -- viola, it's an art event! Gotta give them points for trying.

The India Telegraph has a story on polyamory. Positive: It portrays it in a friendly light. Negative: It does it's best to play off cute-sounding insider terms to make it palatable, kinda like furries did.

What body shape is sexy? Jane Ganahl of SF Chronicle gets the word on the street.

STRICTLY SEX WITH DR. DREW is looking for people to come on their show. Especially people like YOU, Mr. Foot-Fetish Erectile-Disfunction-Suffering Virgin Who Is Afraid Of Having Sex With Pregnant Spouse Or Recieving Oral Sex.

Japanese women turn to male prostitutes for companionship, because their husbands don't want sex. Too much hentai & hookers is the problem, reportedly. I say: What the fuck is wrong with Japan?

Kids talk more about sex simply because they know what it means -- not because they're doing it. Well, rumours of oral sex parties and jelly bracelets still make the rounds, but all other signs say kids are far less promiscuous than rumours would lead us to believe.

A landlord gets his ass handed to him in court in sex-for-rent extortion. There's one porn-site premise that fails miserably in real life.

Pre-teens are selling condoms on the street -- I'm mixed on the kids reactions. They say they don't know what the condoms are for; hopefully they learn before they get much older.

Cable TV 'oops' puts strippers on accidentally. Why doesn't this ever happen when I'm watching? Dammit.

Conservative Jewish leaders are considering gay rabbis and same-sex marriages, following the lead of the Reform branch of Judaism. I say, do it -- show the Christians how it's supposed to be done.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

A school rejected an 800 dollar donation from an adult store, on the basis that it falls into the same 'questionable' category as alcohol and tobacco companies. What I wonder: Would Barnes & Noble be rejected for their Playboys and erotica books? How about the Cable TV company that carries Pay-per-view porn? Or a lingerie store? Sad: Without the $800, the fundraiser was unsuccessful in buying the new climbing wall for the school.

Women are behind the porn cameras, and other behind-the-scenes areas, turning pornography into a woman-controlled, feminist, medium.

Time reflects on porn's place in society -- it goes into quite a bit of detail (5 'pages' online), nothing overly new or shocking, but it's a nice summary on pornography during porno chic.

The GoDaddy Superbowl Babe did naughty videos, and you can watch it at Go quasi-porn! Downside: her boobies aren't as great as you think.

UNH's Feminist Action League is quite busy -- causing trouble by excluding a man from an event & breaking rules about using the venue, and then backing the rights of a woman regarding sexual comments about her in another school paper, and finally demanding the restoration of a violence-against-women class that had been cut for funding reasons.

Sex work in New York is a dangerous thing -- thanks to uncaring police and violent johns, according to a new report by the Urban Justice Center (see full report). The reason women turn to prostitution? Making ends meet.

Earlier sexual maturity leads to STD immunity, according to a new study. Don't take it the wrong way, though: it's not earlier sexual activity -- that doesn't help. Girls who started period earlier, had higher estrogen levels earlier, were less likely to have infections despite sexual activity.

This news-story illustration is too cute, even though the article is just run-of-the-mill Have The Sex Talk info.

Bath house and sex club patrons are being sex smart, using more protection and acting more responsible, thanks to education programs. Go sex-ed!

Nancy Sinatra talks about being Frank's daughter, what boots mean to her, and how to sing 'like a 16-year-old who screwed truck drivers'.

Being too tired for sexis a major complaint for Americans, according to a poll. A third of those who don't get a good night's sleep say it affects their sex life, as opposed to 8% of good sleepers.

A frat is suspended for filming a porn, supervised by Shane's World. It's a run-of-the-mill story -- but why does the news website add, "One Chico State student died and another nearly died at two other fraternities during initiation rituals this year." In my opinion, filming porn is much better for safety and morale than hazing. Go porn!

"In the midst of a rise in gay activism and the coverage media gives it, Watchman Media launches its ""Gay Is Not Normal Campaign" in USA." The movement plans to "warn all those snared by the falsehood of homosexual happiness." This offensive message brought to you by the magic of free online press release services.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

As you may have noticed, Bits'n'Pieces, the news-link section, has it's own page now -- I'm going to update links as often as they catch my eye. I'm hoping it'll attract more readers: I like more readers. Bits'N'Pieces will still show up in the blog like it already does; but it's homepage is easier to read, sorted by date, and has the ability to comment on the news.

Want to look at porn stars without being sleazy? Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders took artistic pictures of 30 pro porn stars, and is exhibiting them in Santa Monica, along with publishing a coffee table book.

What do sexy models think about their profession? icNewcastle asked, and got the answers. Well, kinda...mostly, they're simply showing that the sexy girls in the magazines are really real people...who wants to see that, right?

And, now for a rather large collection of...

I've run across the confluence of youngness and bathing this week, apparently. Either that, or I'm feeling my age. I linked to these young girls last week, but there's a while bunch of younger types this time around. Little April looks positively illegal, with both tiny breasts and braces. I can't get turned on by her -- she looks the younger side of 12. They say she turned 18 last year; hopefully the braces are off by now. The movies are actually quite long, #3 being almost entirely masturbation.

These ladies are a bit older, but by getting barely PG-13 & wearing child-like underwear they seem to be acting like they're younger than they really are. Strangely, I'm starting to get into the partly-clothed nudity-free photos -- not because of youthfullness (ick) but more because of the 'tease' of it. Princess Blueyes never takes of her cute monkey panties, has her top on for half of the 26 photos, and shows neither nipples nor pink. Somehow, it's still goddamn hot. an unnamed "lesbian sorority cheerleader" (as if they really need cheerleaders) takes a clothed bath in uniform, leaving panties, masturbating with the running water, but never takes the panties off. A 'City Style Girl' takes a bath in & out of her bra, also without showing nips or pussy. Tiffany Teen frolicks in front of the mirrors, soapy as all get out, but in t-shirt and panties. Kate bathes in a top and panties, shows a little of her mound, but no nipples; the thumbs are cropped, the fullsize show a lot more.

Seanna Teen (from the same site as Tiffany, above) takes a long time to get into the bath, but gets nice and soapy for 9 photos before heading for the shower.

She must be from the UK -- the website says so! The thumbnails are cropped, and the fullsize show quite a bit more.

This might be a repeat, but I can't pass up videos. Tawnee Stone gets soapy in a series of bathing movies. They're painfully short, but an innovative person could splice'em together.

Here we go -- I like these much better than the little-titted teens. These are real women, with huge racks. She even calls herself "April Chest", bathing and getting soapy in this series of good-lengthed videos. Tanya Danielle shows us both her 'first names' does the same, both from the same site. Busty Amateur Boobs seems to use bathing as a regular advertising gimmick, doing it with more than one of their unnamed models. The first of the two is soapier, but has an odd 'look' to her, while the second is cuter, but less soapy. Audra looks unbelievably cheery about being photographed in the bubble bath, and I'm not complaining.

She may not be a natural redhead, but I wouldn't kick her outta my bath. She gets nice and soapy in the rather high-quality photos.

Why settle for one asian woman, when you can get two? Soaping each other down is the icing on the cake!

Crappy porn tip #88712: Borrow scenery from a high school. Sadly, I've seen this same badly-painted castle background in a number of other bath pics, so this might not be new to you. The model looks bored, despite having a ring in her right nipple.

She must be a real-life housewife -- the website tells us so! The ugly borders on the thumbnails aren't on the large pics.

Can they really call it voyeur if she's clearly acting for the camera? Do we really care? The ten movies are tiny but are long enough.