Using hunky, hunky men to raise money has reached my home state: the St Paul fire department is using all the social media they can handle to put together and sell a calendar depicting their sexy firefighters, both male and female. While I appreciate the rippling muscles of the firemen, they do have some fine firewomen as well. Vote for your favorites on Facebook, watch them on YouTube, and eventually their broken website might be back up.


Octomom Porn!

For fuck's sake, I guess I just better get it over with. Blah, blah, octomom, "leaked" footage, weird plasticy face, masturbating topless, yadda yadda yadda. There, now you've got all that's important about this, and move in with your fucking lives.

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If you haven't read Savage Love today, you don't yet know about this guy, who is transgendered needing 'top work' done (I haven't heard if it's a demolition or an addition), so he designed some t-shirts to sell to raise money for his non-insured surgery. Now that he's at about his financial goal, he's continuing to sell shirts to raise money for others in the same predicament. So, go buy a shirt, show your support.

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Nun Nipples!

Seriously, if they'd design the habits to not open in that boob-friendly way, this wouldn't be such a problem. The original is by Dutch artist Rene Eijsink and is on display in Berlin, at least according to the YouTube video in the link. 'Dutch artist in Berlin' is probably all the explanation you need for why the nun's boobs are tied together by a chain crucifix, and I suppose you're just lucky that the artist didn't get any more 'creative'.

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Sex Toy Empire!

I'm sure Steve Buscemi is very interested in the lead in next season's breakout sex-comedy-drama series, Sextoy Empire, but I just haven't found the funding to start filming yet. At the very least, LA Magazine has a feature explaining just what makes the Doc Johnson team tick. Think about this though - Doc Johnson rose out of a rinky-dink plastic molding operation that "had been pouring rubber fishing lures, Halloween masks, and maybe ten different dongs that came in several sizes." That company that makes the wiggly purple worms with glitter in them? Rubber penises might be a sizeable part of their business model. Think on that for a while.

Library Bonus!

Usually what I find in library books are old Kleenexes, notes from some high school class, or bookmarks from said library, but the dude below found some boobs. Some guys have all the library luck.


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John Talk!

The Rumpus has an interview with a john, the interviewee being a former sexworker, talking about what it's like to be a guy paying for sex. Overall, rather unshocking, except in it's candidness. Who knew that people who are lonely want to be with other people in an intimate way, sexual or not? About the 'dark side' of the world that the article encounters is the amount of troubled people involved in the sex trade...which, like the drug war, would be a lot easier to police and clean up if there wasn't blanket prohibition. The more people can sit and talk openly about such things, though, the closer life gets to something productive when it comes to sex work.

Pong Boobs!

See, folks, this is why Pong existed in a flat plane. The peaks and valleys would totally throw off the cursor motion. Just look at this - the ball would totally bounce off the boobs, interrupting gameplay. Somebody should have put more thought into stretching videogames over tits.