Hidden Tits On Your 70s Tie

Man, once upon a time the world was a great place, where you could walk around with a hot chick on your chest and nobody cared about it. Well, at least with this example from Retro Thing it wasn't like the babe was visible, but you knew it was there, and that's all that mattered:

Brothels Having Troubles Due To Fuel Prices

You might be feeling the pain at the pump, but have you looked at diesel prices lately? They've been consistently a buck or two more than gasoline for almost ten years; fill up a 50-gallon truck and it'll cost you $250 bucks to ship your tchotchkes over the road. So, there's been less tchotchke transportation in recent months...much to the chagrin of places like the Bunny Ranch in Nevada who've seen their profits dwindle due to reduced customers.
Fewer truckers means less whoopty-hoo is going on in the brothels, which means less income for these hard-working ladies, which makes the ladies cranky enough to kick the ass of any guy who uses the term 'whoopty-hoo' for fucking. Good to know that they charge extra for the ass-kicking. Anyhow, the more rural brothels like Bunny Ranch are doing what they can, and hoping that their ladies can get a little 'stimulus package' out of the guys' pants. The Bunny Ranch is offering a double-your-stimulus offer that might help them out a bit. However, what they really need is some good 'old-fashioned "Buy American" attitude. We don't want these fine institutions to disappear, do we?

BlackAngel's Big Soapy Tits

She's a "big boobs star", and it's not easy to miss just how big a boob star she is. Taking a bath with panties on seems kinda odd, but I'm not going to kick her out of the bathroom just yet...at least not until she's done with me.

Mauve undies with a blue shirt? It may be a fashion disaster, but how can such great tits and pouty lips ever be considered disastrous:

Cooling off in the shower might beat the heat for Madison, but I've got something overheating in my pants for her!

Hot Chicks With Their Rolleiflex

Sure, some might want to tell you the smaller ones are better, but people like me prefer the big, well-cared-for ones adorning a woman's chest. Wait, what were you thinking? I'm talking about tits...oh, and the classic Rolleiflex cameras that were all the rage in the 1950s. Here's some sexy ladies with an affinity for the twin lens reflex, and some fine sweater-twins to go along with:Okay, that last one isn't a TLR Rolleiflex; still, gotta give a babe credit for her taste in cameras -- a Hasselblad 200 kicks a consumer Rolleiflex's ass.

Tax Stimulus Check Boosts Porn Industry

People getting their stimulus check are looking to stimulate more than their economy -- in this cute little press release, online adult marketing group AIMRCo provides some anecdotal proof (but not much research data) that the stimulus checks are improving the adult website business, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's a genuine measurable effect. People love their porn, and if you give 'em a little disposable income, nobody should be surprised if a little part of their stimulus check gets slipped under the g-string strap of a beautiful woman. Californians, however, might find that little part of their stimulus check going right back to the government -- a member of the state assembly has proposed a 'sin' tax on pornography. While it's nowhere near actually getting passed, it was a great way for reporters to get out into the community and talk one-on-one with their local porn stars. Speaking of important conversations, your IRS agent would like to have a 'talk' with you:
She would like to see how you're handling a little stimulation, and what you're planning on doing with it.

Erica and a Buddy In The Bath

As the old adage goes, water conservation means bathing with a friend -- these bosom buddies make sure that they get nice and clean.

Bad Girl Butt In The Bubble Bath

Aw, she doesn't look that bad, despite appearing on a 'bad girl butts' website...she's taking her bath like every good girl should -- although, if I were there, I'd be tempted to make her a very, very dirty woman.

Vertical Striped Work-Shirt

I started out looking for something specific, but wound up with a generic thought on shirts. I've had some great work shirts, some really crappy work shirts, so I was looking for what's the big difference between the good work shirts I've had and the nice ones guys get at Macy's. When I see a guy walking down the street, there's a certain feel for a workman's shirt versus a dress shirt; collar and cuffs aside, here's what you've got to work with:
  1. Neutral, cool monochromatic vertical stripes. Bright horizontal stripes are for rugby players and high-end auto mechanics; vertical, cool stripes are for a mechanic who works in a garage that both pumps gas and contains a 50-year-old man's nickname in the title. They should be thin and monochromatic, nothing distracting. Note that's 'monochromatic:' alternating with white or black is OK, but not quite right. All blue, all gray, all green, different shades of a single color works best.
  2. Two button-down breast pockets. If you even get a pocket in a dress-shirt, it's non-functional unless you keep a pretty booger-rag folded up in there (also non-functional, as I learned the hard way). work shirts have big, utilitarian breast pockets.
  3. Square bottom. If you wear it untucked and it has a big flap over the butt, it's not a workshirt. Leave it untucked if the environment calls for it.
Things to avoid:
  1. Polyester. I know, it's lighter for summer work, and if your shop buys you the work shirts it might be their only choice -- here, we're buying for fashion, so take some time to find something comfortable. Thread counts are low in work-shirts, and the higher the poly percent, the worse it'll feel. If you look around, 50/50 blends are out there, but 65/45s aren't too bad...when you get above 70/30, in my experience they get shiny and itchy.
  2. Country pointy-pockets / mother-of-pearl snaps. The cowboy thing isn't all its cracked up to be, and the style has become such a poser wanna-be look that it's to be avoided at all cost. Trust me, if a genuine working rancher has mother-of-pearl snaps on his shirt, it's his one go-to-town-and-meetin' shirt, and the rest of the stuff in his closet is designed to be beat all to crap.
  3. Stuff with other people's names/businesses embroidered on it. I'm sure it's fun to be all "Edgy" and "Ironic" to wear a factory-reject work shirt you found at the consignment store identifying yourself as Bud from Clem's Amoco, but it doesn't make it so. You're as bad as the guys whose shirts say they play for the Aeropostale baseball team. Nobody's impressed.
  4. Epaulets or pleated breast-pockets. Not sure why they put them on some work-shirts; they make you look like an off-duty cop. Go smooth, simple, casual.
Since I like to point out frugality: these shirts usually run for less than $20 a pop; show some blue-collar chic and save some scratch, and you can look like you do some work once in a while.

The Romano Steel Pool-Table

Pool tables are one of those furniture pieces that has a look all about it that's hard to screw up -- even a beat-up short bar table has a certain soul to it. Here's a style I've never seen before: welded and riveted metal. Watch your knees or you're liable to experience an unusual billiards-related injury.

Billie's Bubble Bath

Billie enjoys her bath...a little too much. I don't have the hard to interrupt her, but there's another part of me that she'll appreciate when she's done with her solo fun.

SkullCandy Double Agent Headphones

If it's one thing that I hate about portable media, it's the crappy headphones. Ear buds suck so bad, no matter how much you pay for them. Here we've got the best of both worlds: nice ear-cup headphones, with a built-in media player. The SkullCandy Double Agent looks so good. It's got an internal rechargeable battery, a USB cord to behave like portable storage, and if you still have analog electronics, a cord for plugging in to old-school audio equipment. These look more compact and simpler than SkullCandy's other MP3-player-headset, and the Double Agent takes SD cards. Studica shows them available, but the king, Amazon, says they're still not in yet, and SkullCandy's own website doesn't even have them. The article above says they're available June 1st -- but that's come and gone, kids. Still, SkullCandy's headphones (even the buds) are always high on people's lists of quality equipment, so being patient will probably be worth it.

"Double-Front Dungarees" Sounds Girly

Summer's here, and if you're like me, you have two issues: the heat makes you sweat, and you hate to wear shorts. My gal, without fail, asks me if I want to change into shorts when she sees me wearing jeans in the summer. No, I do not want to change into shorts. I have a pair of jeans cut off at the knee that pass for shorts when necessary, but otherwise, no thank you.However, there is a point when either plain blue-jeans aren't fancy enough, or working outdoors for a while means even the blue starts to suck up too much sunlight. Plain khaki slacks are OK (they're usually light enough), but I just found these jeans -- er, 'dungarees' -- that are light colored, are still sturdy enough for work, and don't look like you just clocked out of your accounting job. The Carhartt pants below don't bother to try and hide the double-knee design, which makes them look all the more resilient. And, if you do wear them to work, you're not going to rip out the knees as fast: come on, guys, torn knees stopped being cool in the late 80s, so stop walking around like you're on your way to a Skid Row concert.I've seen lighter colors online, if you dig around -- most places just have the tan above and a darker color (blue or black). They also got extra-big pockets for guys with big mitts like me, and they have boot-sized leg openings (regular jean companies call them 'relaxed fit'). They're a little on the spendy side by my gauge, but I'm a cheap-ass when it comes to clothes, and I guess $50 is a pretty good price for a well-made pair of pants. I need to stop buying the $19.99 crap jeans at KMart anyways.

Most Innovative Brothels

Cracked, who apparently can't write unless they're counting something, has a list of the most innovative brothels in the world. While none seem to have anything to do with robots, I guess altering the whorehouse business model can be seen as innovative, if you're a MBA with an interest in managing fucking establishments.Of course, I'm all over #3, the Soaplands, those soapy-with-sex brothels in Japan...the name came because Turkey objected to the name 'turkish baths', so soaplands was was chosen. Too bad about this rule, though: like a lot of higher-end prostitutes in Japan, it's off-limits to foreigners.via

Sonne Snow White In The Bath

Rammstein's video for Sonne takes the Snow White myth and turns it so, so very naughty -- Snow is a drug abuser, forcing the dwarves to mine her 'gold' while punishing them for their efforts. Hey, if the spanking part floats your boat, more power to you, but I'm all about Snow White in the bubble bath:Um, yeah, she's supposed to be dead, but we all know -- Snow White really isn't dead, she's just sleeping. Snow is played by Joulia Stepanova, "a Russian soap opera star," but that's all I can find on her; the Russians have enough spare time to fill my mailbox with spam, but not enough to post pictures of their soap opera stars. Some priorities.

Hot Roller Derby Gals

What's hotter than sexy chicks beating the crap out of each other while wearing short-shorts? A pin-up calendar of roller-derby gals showing off their assets, that's what. You can get your own here, direct from the Memphis Roller Derby.