Game Vibrator!

Hoo, boy -- the Japanese make some handy accessories for their game consoles. Take this one for instance: the trance vibrator. It even lives up to it's name, as this product tester discovered.


I've promised myself I'm NOT going to subscribe to Maximuff. I'd never leave the freaking house! For $19.95, they run an adult-only version of Netflix. Whatever you want, unlimited DVD rental, full of skin and other nasty stuff. They've even got an Anime section, if you like monster-fucking (LA Blue Girl, for one).

Here's today's obligatory soapy pics.

Car Wash!

Oh, my -- wash MY car, why don't you? Normally, Page 3 girls don't do much for me, but, well, get a little soapy and I'm putty in your hands.

Roommate PITA!

Gone so long? See, I've had a temporary roommate for a while, one who wouldn't be very tolerant of me looking at nudie websites all day. So, I've struggled to put my horny lifestyle on hold until they find a new residence. It should be pretty soon.

It BETTER be pretty soon. I don't know how long I can hold out.

Until then, maybe I should go back to school -- Adult Webmaster School! For $140, I can learn how to make money off internet porn...and that's everyone's dream, now, isn't it?