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Marvel Swimsuits!

I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty sure I bought one of these when I was younger and was afraid Mom would find out - and I was *20* and still living at home. Marvel has been publishing swimsuit issues for nearly twenty years now, giving their artists a chance to draw their characters even sluttier than ever before, plus the contrivance in which a character takes off their spandex to put on a swimsuit is even stranger (most images are, simply, a color change). Comics Alliance has some of the weirdest swimsuit issue entries, and you should note that there's no She-Hulk. There's nothing "funny" or "snide" to say about She-Hulk: she as much sexy as you can fit into a 7-foot tall green lawyer as you can get.

Kienholz's Hoerengracht!

From next week until February, the UK's National Gallery will get a taste of America's whore appreciation: the life-sized sculpture Hoerengracht will be on display, a movie-set of sorts in which Ed and Nancy Kienholz recreated a 1980s Amsterdam brothel in loving detail. For those of you interested in a purely American version, his Roxy's is a take on a 1940s Nevada brothel - but it's in a private collection. Hoerengracht has been touring for better than ten years, so if your artsy-fartsy demeanor has kept you from experiencing red-light Amsterdam directly, here's a chance to do so while retaining your high-falootin' airs. Just don't plan on fucking anybody there.

Tate Shreds Catalog!

The Tate had been planning on a 1983-themed art exhibition, which included the famous nude photos of a young Brooke Shields. Police, however, didn't appreciate the artistic merits of the photo. "Obscene!" they cried, and the Tate replaced the young nude with a more recent photo of Shields. As things got closer to the opening - whoops - the exhibit's catalog includes the photo, too, and thus all 12,000 copies will go to the shredder. Oh, some will make it to eBay, I'm sure, but it amounts to a pretty big loss for the Tate, over a piece of art.

Genital Art Hiatus!

Dr. Betty Dodson had been posting nude photos of genitals on her website, but some asshole has decided 2257 applied to her work. 2257, in case you didn't know, is the US' way of preventing child porn by requiring proof of identity for people producing pornographic works. Me, I'm an exception because I'm not producing it, I'm just linking to it; Dodson was producing a "research project on healing genital shame," which relied on anonymity to continue to exist. Dodson probably has a way to defend not having 2257 data on everyone, but you can sure bet the anti-porn people will make it prohibitively expensive to try and defend the legality. Sorry, art world: no matter what you think, your non-porn is, in fact, pornography. (via)

Giant Vagina Art!

You never know when a giant vagina might show up - like this guy, who woke up one morning to find a giant vagina-like piece of artwork in his yard. It was not left in hostility: it was accompanied by an unsigned birthday card. So, if it's your birthday and were expecting a giant vagina gift, I think I know who you need to talk to. (via)

Martin The One!

My "suggestion box", that button over there on the right, is so people can send me stuff I've never seen before - like Martin here, who asked me to look at his erotic art blog. It's that raw, jumbly abstract collage stuff that artists so love, but takes a while to appreciate, so go stare: it has boobs.

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Sex Ed Comics!

More sex ed: artist Martina Fugazzotto has penned a handful of sex-ed comics, that, you know, talk to kids like they're not stupid, and that they understand that they might want to have sex some day. I Heart Condoms can be read here. Very girly, and, really, I think if I were a teen I'd feel the faint haze of an adult trying to sound cool, which is suspicious, but I have yet to read any common sex ed documents which admit, hey, girls think their boyfriends are sexy. It's a nice turn from the, "all men are trying to stick their dick into you - don't let them! Oh, unless you get married to them, in which case ignore all sex ed ever told you, that's easy, right?" All sex ed seems to focus on teens not getting pregnant or diseased during their first five years of puberty, completely ignoring that, after that point, society demands you have great sex for the rest of your life. It's the reverse of selling Geometry as, "well, you don't need it now, but someday you'll own a house and have to calculate how much carpet to buy." If sex ed were proportional to the use a person gets out of it, the "don't have sex when you're young and stupid" will consist of the first day, and the next two months will be about pleasuring your partner or spouse. Problem is, teens are young and stupid, which is the way sex ed talks to them. The answer: people like Fugazzotto providing alternative sex ed information, so kids get the "you're stupid and shouldn't have sex at all" and "you're ignorant and should have sex right when you do it", so they're prepared to not have sex when it's wrong, but oh so prepared when sex is right.

Erotic Museum Anniversary!

The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, is celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow night. They bill themselves as the sexiest non-profit in town, which isn't a difficult claim to make since the profit-based sexiness is so, so expansive. So, when you're in Vegas, drop in and then, when queried upon your return, you can say, "nah, we didn't too much, took in a few shows, went to a museum, fucked some hookers- wait, forget that last one."

Cut Up Sex Bodies!

The UK, unable to tolerate sex in public unless it's at night in a park, has told a corpse-based artist that his fucking dead people aren't OK. So, he's made them less "people", and more "sex organs intersecting", by cutting up the dead bodies. No, you won't be turned on - the included picture of the skinless fornicators is pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel. Go look, prove me wrong.

Big Cock Found!

Art restorers have found a huge dick in a painting. It's called something about girls and priapus and offerings, and at some point in history a more conservative owner had Priapus' dick painted over. Now, all these centuries later, the emasculated god of erections has been brought back to his entire glory.

Nude Breasts: OK!

An anonymous complainer forced an art gallery to move a bare-breasted piece of art, "Blue" by Danielle Mailer, from public view. However, the gallery asked for a review, and the police determined, no, no statutes or laws were broken, so the topless work of art went back up. The art world thanks you, Torrington, for recognizing that if somebody finds art sexy enough to be troubled by it, that's their problem, not the art's.

Liebovitz: Sued!

Annie Liebovitz, the photographer who makes some of the porniest non-porn photos, might lose her portfolio: sales rights to her photos were held as collateral in a $22 million loan, and now that she's fallen behind on payments, they want to sell everything off. As such, a sale might be coming up soon: sure, the market is bad, but $22 million is still nothing compared to the sell-off that'll occur when the gavel comes down on genuine Liebovitz prints.

Sex And Science!

Some of those excellent artists from Pixar have decided to release some of their sexual frustration with The Ancient Book of Sex and Science, all done in a retro-modern UPA cartoony style. Naughty, naughty artists! (warning: annoying flash interface)

Wine Bottles Too Sexy!

The Cycles Gladiator wine, known for the vine-ripened grapes in the California valleys that make up their vinyards, is known for something else at the other end of the country: their nude bottle labels. The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board recently decided that the label was too "offensive or immodest", thus making it illegal to sell in their grand state. The style of this label, and others from the same winery, is of the 19th century French Impressionism, which, as it shouldn't surprise anyone, Alabama has no place for in their culture.
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Songs To Get Laid!

Need to get laid, and all you have is your iPod? It's more likely than you think. Make sure these songs are on there, and you're sure to knock off a piece. I'll be completely honest, I haven't heard a lot of them; lots of alternativey things, which means the girl you fuck will probably have tattoos up and down her arms, a "-ring" that doesn't involve ears, and a taste for whiskey. Not that I'm complainin' about that mind you.

Giant Dog Penis!

Gille and Marc Schattner, artists from down under, have a show at a gallery entitled "The Dog In Us All". The artwork all falls under a theme of the intersection of dog-kind and man-kind, and includes a statue called "Good Boy," seen below. The status is almost 9 feet tall, and at that scale, everything is huge. Er, even the two foot long human penis dangling between the man-dog's legs. The article neglects to say how they measured the fiberglass organ, nor does it say who the model was. What they do point out is that many people are shocked when suddenly confronted by a two-foot-long handling phallus at eye level. People in Sydney were worse off, probably because it was exhibited outside, but they've moved it to a gallery in Perth, which, apparently, expects to run into giant dicks when wandering the galleries.

Tandem Boob Press!

COED magazine, conniseurs of the art of semi-nude horny photography, have identified one common move that really gets the juices flowing: The Tandem Boob Press. "Tandem Boob Press" would be an awesome name for a book publisher, but, sadly, all it is....IS THIS!

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Holy fuck, that's hot, even though there's no nipples or cunt visible. 'Sceuse me, I need to go do something in the bathroom for a couple minutes...

Live Nude Comedy!

Damn, I need to start paying for Showtime: premiering Thursday, Live Nude Comedy mixes burlesque, rauncy comedy, and a little of the hot Shannon Elizabeth into a boiling cauldron of everything that I love to watch on TV. See the trailer here; Variety says it'll run for six episodes. According to the trailer link, the show is going on the road after the Showtime premiere, so I may still have a chance.

Bodypaint Stewardesses!

Airlines are always trying to find ways to get passengers to watch those boring safety movies, but Air New Zealand has figured out a way to keep their attention. A new safety movie for the airline includes stewardesses and pilots completely in bodypaint. Honestly, you'll spend the whole video just trying to catch a glimpse of the cute brunette, and that down-under accent doesn't hurt, either. This is in conjuction with an advertising campaign, all of which includes real AirNZ employees in nothing but bodypaint.

Michael Jackson Body Paint!

Artist Anubis Vrussh put his talents to a classical use: painting the King of Pop on a purple-painted naked woman's belly. The photos, however, paint a different picture: that doesn't look so much like Michael Jackson as...Hugh Jackman?

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