Girls Gone Wild!

Ever wanted to buy Girls Gone Wild? Have a listen to this writer's impression, and you might come to the same conclusion: "Once you see an hour of drunken women exposing their breasts, all desire to ever talk to a girl is gone."


Another new story: Marlys Isn't a Loser Anymore. After 20 years, Jeremy runs into Marlys, the girl who had a big crush on him in school. She was too clumsy, too friendly, too weird, and too obsessive for him back then, but he sees her in a different light now! As always with EroticStories, registration is required but has no drawbacks (no spam, no selling of info, just erotica.)

Russian Porn!

Can't read Russian? Well, it's not necessary. You should be able to figure your way through these free, ad-minimal Russian galleries of naughty activities.

Largest Breasts!

Although this is scary, man, it's hard not to look. Norma Stitz claims to have the largest breasts in the entire world, apparently even certified by Guinness Book of World Records. I'd believe it; she lets you have a LOOOONG GOOD look at them, even without paying for access.