Tongues usually get me...sometimes a tongue looks funny, but other times a tongue can make me weak in the knees. Tongue is just fun to write...tongue...tongue.

Everyday tongues are nowhere near as fun to admire as the famous tongues. But if you want tongues, this site has got tongues.

OBLICATORY SOAPY PICS. Another set of cooperative women with no men to play with. Just as much fun to watch.


As you can see on the right, I read Adult Backwash. Over there is a writer calling herself 'Gracie' -- and she's a retired prostitute. Sorry, sorry -- "retired escort".

She intrigues me, mostly because I can't really wrap my mind around the entire concept of prostitution. What does a guy get out of it that's worth the money?

Still, there's some promise in the business end of hookers (no, not that end). Here's Gracie's take on the legalization of prostitution, from her website Sex-Kitten.Net.

Why, WHY?!

A month and a half?!!? What's WRONG with me? Like most blogs, I hate to resort of posting simply to announce that I haven't posted anything.

Frankly, this site bores me a little. I haven't come up with a voice for it, unlike some other sex-centred websites. I'm not sure what I need to put here.

Plus, I've been occupying my time having hot, juicy phonesex with a certain lovely woman. She's told me I'm pretty good.

OBLIGATORY SOAPY PIX! Not one -- but TWO sexy soapy women. Unfortunately, I'm not in the picture, so these women have nothing to play with but each other.