Bits 'n' Pieces!

A school-board member & lawyer is arrested for prostitution -- but here's the kicker: it's a man, who had requested sexual favors as payment for legal services. Now there's an interesting application of anti-prostitution laws. It has a bit more 'sting' than run-of-the-mill extortion.

A public-education film on Dutch culture has been edited for being too obscene -- it included bits on "gay marriages, topless beaches, women's rights and drugs." The concern was that posessing the video, intended to help immigrants acclimate to Dutch culture, would break strict Islamic obscenity laws.

Talk to your parents about sex, lest they be too naiive to know what to do when the topic is forced upon them -- according to Jess Beaton of Johns Hopkins U. and CosmoGirl

A modern Bible for girls including sex talk is producing outrage amongst religious-folk -- but in checking the actual website for the bible, I'll bet those opposed to religiously-opressed sex-ed will be outraged, too. Does mixing sex & religion ever work?

In other news, hiring a prostitute is legal in North Dakota. This and the South Dakota law were both prompted by attempted "sting" operations where people were arrested for immoral things that weren't illegal. Goes to show conservative morality is struggling to punish people for doing that aren't illegal...yet. North Dakota is reviewing a new bill to fix this 'problem' so they can bring charges against someone soliciting a prostitute in the future.

MSNBC safely and cutely talks about amateur porn. It's mostly a fluff piece, nothing new to the reader, but it's still worth a scan. I like that he has to define "MILF" for the uneducated readers.

You've only got fifteen months left for an erotic massage in South Dakota. Old laws said penetration was required, but all that changes July 2006. Happily, several other neighboring states still stick by the 'penetration' rule.

A gay nudist cruise was barred from deboarding at St Kitts, because the port didn't approve of the lifestyle. The captain said he's "captained gay cruises before and I've never encountered anything like this." Admittedly, it must take a LOT to surprise a captain of gay nude cruises.

There's a new economy of sex workers growing in the UK: unionized, professional, and considered an acceptible profession by law enforcement and locals alike.

Some where in Denmark is a porno-based reality show - but I can't find any english-language stories. Damn my Swedish heritage! Here, Have another link, apparently to the official site -- and another news story.

Sexual frustration -- what's a person to do? I don't need the help, but some of you might find it useful.

News Of Today!

Now that I've figured out the handy "Bits 'n Pieces" part of my blog I'm posting a lot more, but not anything of substance. I could go back to reviewing Spam emails, but that's a lot of work, and they're all the same. I could talk about getting laid, but that's more interesting for the participants. I don't have any Obligatory Soapy Pics right now, so there's nothing to add in that case. What should I talk about? I need a good topic, something to write a couple hundred words about each week. *think think think*

Tit-Elation is almost up and running -- there's not a lot of content there yet, other than stuff I uploaded turning site testing. If you write erotica, sign up as a submitter (it's free, regular writers get paid) and submit your writing. Getting in on the ground floor is a good idea. Gracie's also planning on expanding into book publishing, so if you've got a novel/novellete sized story, she might be interested in talking to you.

You've heard about cockfights...MegaStar brings you Nipple Wars. If only they can turn this into a screen saver... MegaStar's Babe section isn't too bad either.

Remember these? Lewd postcards featuring embattled husbands and chubby ladies. Ah, times were simpler back then.

At the end of this links page there's a video of Bathtub Girl at Lars' Barbeque. Who knew? She was a real person!

SpicePlay isn't recommended for any particular reason: I post it as an example of an odd genre of adult websites. It's got the regular features of an online community, but it's designed around having sexy, naked girls getting people to spend money. Sites like this really blur the lines of what's real life and what's fantasy pornography...but, many other "real media" sites blur the line by adding paid personals, sex tips & sexually-charged stories, and discussion areas. Identifying which is which will become more troublesome - if you think it's trouble at all.

News Links!

Tacoma, Washington is working on passing a law to prevent places from catering to sexual intercourse, like bathhouse and sex clubs. They say hotels and motels are exempted, but what about bar bathrooms where they charge a cover? What about a frat party that asks for a donation of canned goods during rush week? What about rented vacation home, with bearskin rugs and a roaring fireplace? Where's the line drawn for "paying admission to have sex there" -- when it comes down to consensual sex anyways?

A brothel posing as a colon hydrotherapy clinic caught police attention because there weren't any female customers. Who watches a colon irrigation shop long enough to see if women go in?

Gerard Damiano talks about his life -- a very average life which just happens to have included writing & directing Deep Throat.

Having sex regularly makes you more happy than a high-paying job. No wonder I'm such a happy guy! I wouldn't complain about having both, though.

Real sex doesn't sell in the movies...put in gratuitous, funny, or mysogynistic sex in, sure, but films focusing on the reality of sex just don't do well.

The Washington Times has a nice summary on what's going on with female sexual offenders and abusers, summing up the "teacher sleeps with student" headlines that titillate us on a near-weekly basis.

A frumpy statue of Queen Victoria is a sex icon in Bangkok, a fertility symbol that for a hundred years childless women have made pilgrimages to in hopes of being blessed with child.

There's a law in the works to prevent high school cheerleaders from getting all "Bring It On" anymore. A law against sexualizing Texas? Amazing! Hopefully they'll still allow Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to shake their "thang".

Australians are rather lame in their sexual experiences...well, just as lame as most people, having sex less and less excitingly than you'd see on TV. This realization is part of a new book, Doing it Down Under - The sexual lives of Australians.

Soapy Pics!

Kids pledging virginity tend to participate in oral and anal sex instead, and abstinence-only sex ed doesn't work. Here's a big 'DUH' for the world at large, thanks. Ultimately, "sex ed itself is not a factor in determining teen sexuality," according to a researcher, so please, please teach the kids something worthwhile, Mr. and Mrs Education System! They also make a nice comment on the whole substance of 'teen pregnancy': "[T]he entire concern about teen pregnancy is in response to the older ages that people are getting married today compared to previous years." I think a lot of this goes to show that there's not much new in the way sex goes on -- but perceptions have a great deal to do with how we react. What Sex Ed comes down to is an attempt to control and direct the sex that's been going on forever-and-a-day...redirecting that river is a big job and Mother Nature generally doesn't care what people try to do, but we can build some levees, smooth out the rapids, and do our best to control the dangerous parts.

Anyways, here's some....

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

Here's a site with a high-quality video of a lovely lady in the bath. Don't bother clicking the images on the right -- they don't go to larger versions.

Two very-young-looking women frolick in a soapy tub, play with a toy...not particularly lesbian, but playful.

Teen Jasmin gets very sudsy, poses seductively, and that's about it for 12 photos.

Sweet Dominique does about the same thing, but for 14 photos, but with panties on.

Karen's photos in the tub seem to be all over Usenet alt.binaries groups, and here's a site using them. She doesn't look like a porn star, and that's what I like about her.

This woman, however, looks everything like a porn star, gets soapy, and fondles a toy.

Trixie teen bathes in the average 'cheap apartment' tub, gets soapy, and poses while standing.

I'd say Chloe 18 sounds like she's right out of Logan's Run, but then I'd show off what a geek I am. Anyways, this site has some good clothed and unclothed bathingness -- and the large views are HUGE, they look like they're right off the digital camera.

Audrey's not exactly the cutest model, but she's refreshingly non-model-like. Piercings, cute little pigtails...oh, and she gets soapy. Duh.

Hennessie ethnic, maybe India or Arabic, but she's cute enough; a little on the thin side, but she's in the bath, and that makes me boing.

Finally, we return with some...

Non-porn soapy pics!

I think some may be repeats, but who's upset with seeing them again?

Bubbly beauty in a stock photo that's for sale

A bathing woman in a hydromassage ad

A very seductive pic from a Korean website

She looks like a office assistant, or friend of the marketing director tricked into posing in the bath, and that's what's so cute about it.

Stuff In The News!

A blow-up sex doll activates in the mail -- causing a bomb scare. The mailer said he's returning the doll because "it kept turning itself on at the wrong moment."

A survey by says people often fantasize about exes, co-workers, and celebrities WHILE having sex with their partner. Only 57% actually think about their partner; celebrities came in at the lowest, while exes were the top non-partner. Ex-partners!

UK distilleries are to be barred from making advertisments suggesting that alcohol can get you laid -- what, the only good part of getting drunk can't be a selling point?

British Telcom has put child-porn blockers on their networks and are shocked -- shocked -- by the number of perverts hitting the firewall. "The exact number of people trying to look at the sites is unclear because some may be making repeated attempts."

What do you get when you mix nudes, body paint, and the zodiac into one thing? You get the Nude BodyPaint Zodiac!

Too Much Sex!

You guys out there complaining about not gettin' enough sex -- careful what you wish for. Over the past five days I've had sex at least once a's exhausting. Am I getting old? It's not like I can't 'get it up' -- it's all the heaving and thrusting and panting and lifting and fondling. It takes a lot of energy; it's no wonder it burns calories, but it makes me wonder if I'm really so out of shape.

Oh, I'm not gonna say 'no' -- do you think I'm crazy?! If I want to build stamina, I gotta immerse myself into things. I'm no quitter!
- - - -

This article comments on the fact that menstruation porn seems rare -- but it really delves into kink & fetish in general in order to explain why period porn and plain 'ol scat aren't the same deal. The article was written in 1998, early in this 'internet' thing, so porn-on-the-rag might not be as rare as it was inaccessible at that time -- a GIS for "menstruation porn" produces a couple sites...but not nearly as many as a lot of other fetishes.

For those of you coming through from EroticStories, keep your eyes on Tit-Elation.Com. I'm editing there, and doing some's scheduled to launch by the end of the month.

In The News!

A pregnant woman was told that she was fired because the porn store was losing money, but then her job was posted in the want-ads. Oops -- doesn't the store realize men find pregant women sexy, too? If sexshops are worried about employees turning off customers, then they should stop hiring ugly people.

Workers in Scotland are more likely to have workplace affairs -- it's gotta be the accent.

Pin-Up Tributes has loads and loads of vintage babes -- not a lot of pictures, but maybe enough to help you figure out who the cutie in that one mag is.

Now that explicit sex isn't so distant as it was before Kinsey and porn chic, is sex getting boring? Guardian writer Natasha Walter's point is that explicit sex in art & the media isn't nearly as shocking as it once was; she ends with, When everything has been said and everything has been shown, being explicit is simply too easy; being sexy is the difficult thing.

What's a porn king look like? Here you go. I'd think he'd wear a crown, or carry a sceptre or something....

Show-Me State Wants a Little Less to Show by passing laws restricting strippers and exotic dancers in their work...what, Missouri has nothing else to worry about than strippers? How about cleaning up St Louis for a start, eh?

Rebellious women in the UK are striking back against their parent's women's lib generation -- by yearing for the 1950s housewife lifestyle.

Porn Star Me!

My gal has a friend in the porn industry...not in front of the camera, but in a support capacity. They were talking about how actors are paid, how the process works, and just what goes into a porn film. Gracie's friend suggested Ms G should try acting in one of these films herself...but Gracie has a different idea.

Gracie isn't too keen on being on film, but no matter how she cut it, she has decided that I need to be a porn star. Gracie's always bragging about my 'talents' to people, and she sees this as a logical extension of the bragging...she just saying how good I am is nothing compared to showing everyone. She'd love it to take me someplace, have me recognized, and know that she's got me all to herself.

Me, on the other hand: I'm almost on the same page as Gracie. Not from the 'get to fuck porn stars' angle -- that really isn't all that appealing to me, I don't find most pornbabes sexy at all -- but from the male side of it. The male porn star is the alpha watch porn to imagine themselves in the place of the big-cocked guy on the screen. If I were in the porn: I would be the man the guys with they could be. As a geeky, unsuccessful guy, that's quite appealing. Ron Jeremy isn't all that attractive, he's witty and smart, he's sorta goofy overall, but he's the alpha male, he's the guy, he's a symbol of pornography today. I'd like a little of that.

So, if you look at it, the act of having sex really doesn't figure in to either of our reasons for me to be in a porn. It's really a means to an end -- the way for Gracie to get her bragging rights, my way to get a step up on the other guys. The scary thing is, because of this, it might just happen someday.

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

It seems to be canned photos, bought to sell a dating site, but she gets a little soapy. She's not really into it, though -- a little too 'deer in the headlights' for me.

Another one from the same site -- much soapier....mmmm, tasty! Plus, she's a redhead, which adds points for her. This one actually looks like she's having fun, and, really, if I were going to pick between the two, I'd always fuck the one having fun. Who wants to fuck a deer in the headlights?

I kinda like this one: it looks like it was done with a cheap camera in someone's little apartment bathroom. "Hey, I'll put on some horribly ugly pornstar eye makeup, sit in the bubblebath, you'll take pictures -- profit!" The woman never gets out of her panties, though, but that has a certain appeal, too. She's very soapy, though, that might be why I like it.

Here's some soapy hardcore, although the gal doesn't get quite so soapy. There's around 15 pics, well posed and the actors look like they're really getting into it.