Soapy Boobs!

Welcome to this edition of...

Obligatory Soapy Pics!!!

We'll start with this young lady. While I give it +10 points for the extreme soapiness of the bath and photos, I have to say the woman isn't all the attractive...dark lines under eyes, smallish breasts.

This set has some Playboy-style high-quality photos. Like the previous link, lots of bubbles, and some very sexy poses. The woman is also quite Playboy-style, with huge breasts and unnaturally arched eyerows. Still, the breasts seem natural to me, and she's not too 'barbie doll' for my tastes.

Ugh...I guess I'm getting too old to be turned on by the phrase, "petite teens." This soapy "teen" lathers up in the tub, and actually looks like she's having fun. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail (a must for the 'teen' look apparently) and starts out in a wet t-shirt.

Now -- here we go! "My Friend's HOT MOM" has a promo video of an older-than-average-slut in the tub seducing a younger male slut. The video is actually quite long for a freebie, over 1:30. Not overly soapy, and while the "mom" has a 'real girl' attractiveness about her, I'm most turned on by her coy seductive nature.

Another in the "sexy mom" category -- Oedipal porn rules, apparently -- is a set of photos of a mom in the bath. Quite sexy, although in several pics she puts suds on her's strange for me to simultaneously feel aroused and have a gag reflex, but I could probably show you ex-girlfriends that give me the same sensation now.

Midwest Mandy isn't so much soapy as in a wet t-shirt and panties, but she's frolicking in a bubble bath. With a fresh girl-next-door look and good-sized breasts, she's not hard on the eyes.

Crazy Frog Penis!

Those Jamster commercials all over cable TV are really annoying....but I'm not going to talk about the validity of advertising or paying for stupid phone ringtones/screensavers/etc.

What I'm here to talk about is the "Crazy Frog," one of Jamster's favorite characters. He's in a lot of the commercials, and has one commercial devoted specifically to himself.

What I find amusing -- in a childish way -- is that Mr. Crazy Frog has genitals. They're properly placed, they wiggle as he moves, and there's nothing obscuring them. They're THERE, stuck on the front of what, in crazy Frog World, could be considered the groin. And this is on commercials and their website! Last I checked (and I don't check often), frogs of any sort don't have genitals like this. Apparently when developing into bipedal form, the Crazy genus of Frogs felt the need to show their penis off to the world. Thanks Jamster!

Sexiest Couple!

Adam & Eve Productions, with the help of the people behind Star Search, are looking for the Sexiest Couple In America.

Why are they looking for this sexy couple? So the sexy people can have sex on camera! Duh. From what I've read, if you're a couple and you want to get into porn, it ain't that hard. I suppose the $250,000 contract is the thing competitors are after.

Slash Dot Dash!

I like Fatboy Slim and all, but I had high hopes for the song "slash dot slash." I mean, it's internet-themed, right? The title sounds like it...but the song is just so damn annoying. The beat is pretty good; fast, funky, but the lyrics (if they can be called that) are lacking in appeal. What does it need? It needs...something...

AHA - exactly what it needed: jiggling retro boobies.