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Aussie Employment!

More folks are surprised to learn that women are not only paying their way through higher education as sex workers, but that they are actually enjoying it. This time, the shocking report is from Australia, where sex work is actually legal.

While a 2011 public inquiry revealed that only 0.08 percent of student visa holders in Australia were working in the country as sex workers, the public and media attention has, not so surprisingly, focused on how international study may create "a second pathway to sex work for migrants to Australia."

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, their report indicates that around half of migrant sex workers enter Australia as international students. While the survey interviewed sex workers in most major cities, it mainly focused on the Sydney area, revealing that the majority of respondents were from Asia, and more likely to work in massage parlors than be Sydney escorts.

As you'd likely expect, migrant student respondents to the survey referenced education debt as well as need to support their families. Cameron Cox, chief executive of Sex Workers Outreach Project in Sydney, pointed out how most of those who enter in the sex work industry choose to do so and that sex work provides a "good job where they have flexible hours."

Australia Prostitutes!

Australia has a weird love-hate relationship with vaginas; first, they ban them left and right. Second, prostitution is legal in several states, from Perth escorts to Brisbane escorts. So, you can spend money partake of what women have between their legs, as long as you don't buy pictures of them. So, how complicated does it get when an Australian police officer moonlights as an escort?

Wollongong is a seaside city in New South Wales, Australia, an area known for skydiving, sailing, and legalized prostitution -- and the Illawara Mercury stopped into one of these legal brothels to see how things are going. What they find is pleasantly mundane: the regulated business has to make sure they're in compliance with laws, employee drug use is a grounds for firing, employees are just working stiffs trying to make ends meet. If there's one thing that legalized prostitution seems to universally cause is the un-magicalizing of prostitutes -- Pretty Woman, Milk Money, Risky Business, they all make prostitutes out to be mystical, complex creatures that exist outside of normal reality and when you cross paths with one your life will change, when in reality there's an exchange of services for money in a unmagical capitalistic way. On the other hand, the opposite view of prostitutes as dirty, dangerous, and harmful is similarly counteracted by legalization's emphasis on health and cleanliness. While the views of illegal prostitution probably make it more exciting in some ways, the average, everyday view of legalized prostitution in the suburbs is probably better for business.


Undertaker's Brothel!

Mack Moore wanted to buy some farmland in Nevada, but just happened to buy 80 acres with a brothel on one end. Suuuure, Mack, you didn't intend to give up running a funeral home to run a brothel, it just happened to you. Why can't we have all the luck? Mack has built a thriving business, largely because he improved the aesthetic of the brothel rather than just trying to squeeze every penny out of it. Good on you, Mack, taking care of business is more than just profit margins! According to Facebook the brothel closed last fall, so I don't know why the local newspaper is running stories about Mack and his ladies now -- but the article is amusing enough that it's worth reading, even if you can't give Mack your business anymore. In the meantime, there's apparently an obscure film about Angel's Ladies out there, if you want to see the goings-on yourself.


Sheri's Ranch!

Want to know where Android app developers and widget designers go to get laid during CES? It's Sheri's Ranch, but, of course, that's according to Sheri's Ranch, who has learned that social media and a web presence makes things true; they've cultivated an online presence that makes most businesses jealous, because you can't just market sex the old way anymore. Really, does anyone look at those escort postcards that are lying all over the sidewalk? Twitter is king among the employees of the brothel, although they're all quite miffed that LinkedIn doesn't approve of networking for sex with their system. Especially at CES, LinkedIn is the right place to find the kind of customers that shop for adult entertainment with their smartphone.


Why Men Pay Hookers!

The linkbaity headline is "5 real and shocking reasons men hire prostitutes!" but rather than 'shocking' its refreshingly honest reasons men go to hookers for sex. The short answer: "I want something, and am willing to pay to get it," which is the origin or pure commerce that's behind pretty much every reason money exchanges hands. What's so shocking about paying good money to get what you want?


Male Prostitutes!

Isn't that the way it goes? A state or country legalizes prostutites, and women start coming from far and wide to pay for sex...wait, is that? oh, yeah, that's right -- Australian women are partaking of the male escorts in the states where prostitution has been legalized. Those who support the legalization of prostitution emphasize that making it legal and regulated gives women more control and power over their business...but when you consider that other women, with high-paying jobs and careers and disposable incomes would like to use their own control and power to actualize their sex life too, but from the other side. Considering that gay prostitutes have gone from gritty to skeevy to unthreatening, it's quite progressive that we're getting to the point where it's just all part of the business.


Playmates Not Hookers!

The line between "porn star" and "prostitute" is actually less blurry than you think, and Playboy would like to keep it that way. Not that Playboy wants to call their Playmates 'porn stars', either, but a lawsuit filed proves they won't stand by Playmates being called prostitutes. A Canadian escort website is using the word "playmate" to describe their staff, and Hef wants to make sure that 'playmate' only applies to his nude models, and they're much too wholesome to be associated with prostitution. His claim is that calling the escorts 'playmates' sullies the character of his trademark - yes, 'playmate' is trademarked, despite kindergarten teachers using it as a gender-neutral descriptor of friendship for decades - and wants the escort service to stop. No word yet on whether the Canadian hookers have a resonse, but I'm betting that response will be polite.


More Bang For Your Buck!

The price of a prostitute worldwide is going down, according to this The Economist article, and they start out insinuating that the internet has made more competition, but when it comes down to it they report that economic hardship is more likely the reason. When you get down further, however, you'll see the range of price for given characteristics: if you're an athletic, blonde, long-haired, D-cup hooker, you can demand most any price you like. If anything, this sort of information is likely to further negatively affect the price of prostitution as more pros adopt long, blonde hair and start hitting the gym more often, since the product moves toward demand, which forces prices down, so it all comes down to the fact that, sex as a commodity, isn't so different from orange juice or blue jeans.


Soldiers Beware!

Horny soldiers catching diseases from prostitutes was such a big deal that they had to make posters about it. You'd think that the lady lounging around with the words "VENEREAL DISEASE" on her lapel would be enough of a clue, but when you're talking about young hayseeds from the country, they're not quite that quick. She even looks so casual about it: "man, I'm bored. If only there was some guy I could infect, then I could kill some time until dinner. I wonder what G.I. Joe is doing right now..."


Hawaii Hookers!

Police are pushing for a law that would let them continue to have sex with hookers before arresting them. Seeing that, to prove a woman is a prostitute, having sex is the only way to do it, they must also be pushing for laws that allow them to do drugs seized in stings to prove they're drugs, fight dogs seized when raiding dog-fighting rings to prove they're actually fighting dogs, and shoot people whenever they feel like it because, fuck living up to the laws they're entrusted to enforce, they're cops and should get to do the fun parts of illegal activities. Or, just maybe, like most other low-threat crimes, they should just stick to blatant lawbreaking and not bother having to trick criminals into providing undeniable proof of their crime.


Valentines Hookers!

Esquire asks the hard-hitting questions: what do escorts do on Valentine's Day? How about they do their jobs, because, um, they're escorts? There's not a whole lot here that would be any different if they asked, "What do escorts do on National Umbrella Day?", but the nicest thing about the interview is how plain it is. No talk of the degradation of women, or sensationalizing the sex, just, yeah, this woman sleeps largely with married guys who pay her for the service, whether it's Valentine's Day or not. Straight-up capitalism at its finest.

See also Avery Moore's website.

Prostitution Museum!

Amsterdam's legalized prostitution and red-light district intrigue visitors from all over, but what do you really know about it? Now you can learn more about the history of prostitution in Amsterdam at the Red Light Secrets museum of prostitution. Sorry, you can't actually get a hooker there, but a little eye-opening understanding might go a long way in enjoying yourself.


Winnipeg Whores OK!

Late-breaking news, just in time for Christmas: Canada's Supreme Court has struck down their anti-prostitution laws. As I understand it, the votes were strictly divided along species lines, 8 polar bears to 11 caribou, with the penguins abstaining because penguins are not native to Canada, god damn it. But, anyhow, if you find yourself in Winnipeg, your whores are now legal, so you can avoid the troubles this guy finds himself in:

Too Many Hooker Calls!

Police in Vancouver, Washington, tried to set up a prostitution sting recently. They placed an 'escort' ad on and waited for some unsuspecting john to call and make an appointment. Things didn't go quite as planned: the police were so overwhelmed by calls from prospective clients that they couldn't keep up. Here's a lesson, aspiring prostitutes of Vancouver: the market is fucking hot right now, get in the game!


Bieber Brothel!

Apparently, according to The Blemish, Justin Bieber was getting some hot Panamanian and Brazilian pussy at South American brothels. So fucking what, people: so, it's OK for him to fuck hot chicks as long as there's some semblance of 'dating'? Oh, but pay for something special, ooooh, how skanky? Good for you, Bieber, injecting some of your brazillions of dollars into the Brazillion economy, and a little bit of that other kind of 'injection' too. Where else are you going to find a Selena Gomez lookalike except for Brazil and Panama, aside from the less-cute half of this lesbian couple?


Chinese Escort Class!

Let's say, you're looking for a career change. There's lots of things you can learn from, online, just by watching videos. For example: watch this video to learn how to be a Chinese prostitute! Sadly, unlike most internet videos which show Asian women in glasses and dress clothes, nothing pornographic happens in this video. But, apparently China has found the benefit of social media, and like everywhere else, hookers do great business if they know how to use it right. Good job, China, your makeup is great!


Carrot Dating!

There's a new online dating app out there, and it's called Carrot Dating. It's Suggar-Daddy-Lite, giving women gifts to get "things" in return, which amounts to bribery at its base and prostitution at its awesomest level. Yet again, the media comes out waving the banner of "we must protect our women from being taken advantage of!" but what they seem to miss is that nearly everyone (except some really stupid women) know exactly what they're doing when they participate in this website. They act like Carrot Dating randomly forces wholesome, virginal women to respond to these horrible dating inquiries. Any woman who gets so far into membership at Carrot Dating before she realizes how it works is probably only barely capable of using a mouse in the first place, so there's more to worry about her than online dating and this is the only electronic carrot she should be following.

Escort Ad Asshole!

Wilson Kipsang was about to cross the finish line at the Berlin Marathon today, setting a new record time, but he wasn't the first to cross the line. Some asshole promoting an escort website jumped the fence and crossed first, getting himself on the Jumbotrons and hopefully his ass kicked by a Berlin police officer. Go pay some white trash person to tattoo your URL on their forehead, don't mess up a record-setting sporting event. Jerk.

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