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Aussie Employment!

More folks are surprised to learn that women are not only paying their way through higher education as sex workers, but that they are actually enjoying it. This time, the shocking report is from Australia, where sex work is actually legal.

While a 2011 public inquiry revealed that only 0.08 percent of student visa holders in Australia were working in the country as sex workers, the public and media attention has, not so surprisingly, focused on how international study may create "a second pathway to sex work for migrants to Australia."

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, their report indicates that around half of migrant sex workers enter Australia as international students. While the survey interviewed sex workers in most major cities, it mainly focused on the Sydney area, revealing that the majority of respondents were from Asia, and more likely to work in massage parlors than be Sydney escorts.

As you'd likely expect, migrant student respondents to the survey referenced education debt as well as need to support their families. Cameron Cox, chief executive of Sex Workers Outreach Project in Sydney, pointed out how most of those who enter in the sex work industry choose to do so and that sex work provides a "good job where they have flexible hours."

Smart Chick Prostitutes!

WHAT?!?? Somebody has actually had the audacity to say that sometimes, even educated women become prostitutes because they money's so good. It's almost like prostitution isn't all about pimp canes and latenight drug beatings. The article does make the distinction, however, that these educated ladies of the evening head for the high-end escort market, while the coerced and beaten women are the streetwalkers. You know what would be nice? If somebody, y'know, actually used this information to do something of value for sex workers, but that's asking for a lot from our politicians. They've got the economy to worry about, it's not like they're making sweeping freedom-destroying reproductive and sexual health laws or anything.

Most Innovative Brothels

Cracked, who apparently can't write unless they're counting something, has a list of the most innovative brothels in the world. While none seem to have anything to do with robots, I guess altering the whorehouse business model can be seen as innovative, if you're a MBA with an interest in managing fucking establishments.Of course, I'm all over #3, the Soaplands, those soapy-with-sex brothels in Japan...the name came because Turkey objected to the name 'turkish baths', so soaplands was was chosen. Too bad about this rule, though: like a lot of higher-end prostitutes in Japan, it's off-limits to foreigners.via

German Brothel Interior Decorators Are Nuts

While I haven't had the chance to frequent any high-priced brothels (yes, I know, I haven't really lived...), a German photographer has been nice enough to visit a few, and show us all what they look like inside. The customers who visit these rooms probably don't look closely at their surroundings (after all, that's not why they're there), I'm certain the decorations do have impact on their experience.

Escort Confessions!

Here's a chance to start reading from the start:

As you may have noticed, I have an affinity for prostitutes who blog (heck, I claimed one for myself) - and this sexblogger just happened to launch in the last couple weeks. The website is "A New York Escorts Confessions," and so far it's pretty average sex-worker fare: how'd she get started, links to sex-related news, misc insights into the mundane non-work life of the woman. She is just starting, beginning to figure out her online voice, so keep an eye on her!