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Fake Tits And Rolleiflex!

Watched "Daisy of Love" on Sunday: holy fuck, that's a trainwreck of a show. VH1 has the awesome ability to assemble casts that are neither offensive nor sympathetic. It usually goes one way or the other, but the VH1 has figured out the equation to create shows that make you not like anybody, but also you don't hate them much, either, so you watch their antics with a passive disinterest that appeases advertisers. All 20 guys vying for Daisy De La Hoya's love are, by most standards, damaged losers with little going for them, except the teacher, the trucker, and the cable guy (at least the ones I remember). This show comes on after Tough Love, juxtaposing two very different ways to look at society's expectation of women's relationship behavior. Daisy, however, is a strange mix of likeability and total revulsion. She's petite, and cute, and she says funny things, just the kind of girl you want to hang out with at a bar, but, unfortunately, she wants to go home with you afterwards. Those lips - I mean - Jesus, does she need to pump 'em up again if she sleeps on her face funny? She's got nice tits; her plastic surgeon did an excellent job. On Daisy of Love, they showed clips from other shows Daisy has been on, and she's actually kinda cute in the flashbacks where she's not all skanked up and makeupped beyond looking human. However, in the long tradition of hot chicks holding Rolleiflexes, she's pretty hot here:

Hot Chicks With Their Rolleiflex

Sure, some might want to tell you the smaller ones are better, but people like me prefer the big, well-cared-for ones adorning a woman's chest. Wait, what were you thinking? I'm talking about tits...oh, and the classic Rolleiflex cameras that were all the rage in the 1950s. Here's some sexy ladies with an affinity for the twin lens reflex, and some fine sweater-twins to go along with:Okay, that last one isn't a TLR Rolleiflex; still, gotta give a babe credit for her taste in cameras -- a Hasselblad 200 kicks a consumer Rolleiflex's ass.

Tiny, Sad Retro Cameras

There has been all kinds of buzz about the new Rolleiflex digital camera, for its cool vintage style, and the promise of making you look cool by photographing on medium-format when everybody else's cameras digital. I, personally, wanted one from the start, especially when I saw there was a plain black one (although it seems everyone used the shiny red photo in their blogs, because it's more eye-catching). Here's a slick photo of both versions:However, here's another common promotional photo:This thing is freakin' tiny. There's no pretending there's any film in that camera. My heart sunk. When classic camera companies make digital versions of their existing camera bodies, I get excited -- then I see the pricetag. While poking around to see if any company is making reasonably-priced digital replicas, I found the Minox website. They've got an entire "classic cameras" category -- but what do I see there? The Rolleiflex camera again; not promising. All of the cameras they offer are in 'mini' sized bodies, about 1/2-scale, including a Hasselblad and a Leica like the links above. How sad -- turning these great cameras into toy versions of themselves. I'd like to see a company make a full-size TLR digital camera. It's not like they have to license a name from anyone -- a zillion camera companies put them out before 35mm was as popular, and they continued to be made for purists since. The layout of the camera is so iconic, it just needs to look like the Rolleiflex camera above. The guts don't have to be any different than a good point-and-shoot camera, because neither have a TTL viewfinder, no interchangeable lenses...I hate it when I think an idea is so obvious, and nobody's doing it.