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Pay Your Taxes!

It's that time of year, people: pay your taxes, lest you end up like erotica writer Zane, who is short over a third of a million dollars on her taxes at the moment. Damn, if I sold that much erotica that I'd owe that much in state taxes, pat me on the back, because that means I made it. Who knows if that tax due is 100% accurate, though, who knows where the state got their data, but even at half that just goes to show how much money there is in erotca today.


Tax Domme!

Got your taxes in? It's the day! And who should you have called? Lori the Tax Domme, who helps sex workers get their maximum return. Think JacksonHewitt without the soul-crushing fees, but still willing to step on your balls for a while. If you didn't partake in her services this year, keep her in mind for next year. Gotta deduct whoopie cushions somehow. Via.

Free Tax-Day Toys!

Get yourself to a Babeland right away tomorrow: they're hoping to counteract tax-day stresses by handing out free vibrators. If you're already a Babeland customer, you probably have one of your own already, so do your own good deed for tax-day: get a free vibrator, and give it to someone who really needs it, like your accountant. They'll appreciate it.

No Hooker Tax!

Be glad, oh patrons of the world's oldest profession: Nevada's politicians decided against a tax on prostitution, because the more tax the brothels pay, the more influence they have as a genuine business. Because, y'know, there's nothing businesslike about a transaction for services that involves an exchange of money.

Tax Stimulus Check Boosts Porn Industry

People getting their stimulus check are looking to stimulate more than their economy -- in this cute little press release, online adult marketing group AIMRCo provides some anecdotal proof (but not much research data) that the stimulus checks are improving the adult website business, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's a genuine measurable effect. People love their porn, and if you give 'em a little disposable income, nobody should be surprised if a little part of their stimulus check gets slipped under the g-string strap of a beautiful woman. Californians, however, might find that little part of their stimulus check going right back to the government -- a member of the state assembly has proposed a 'sin' tax on pornography. While it's nowhere near actually getting passed, it was a great way for reporters to get out into the community and talk one-on-one with their local porn stars. Speaking of important conversations, your IRS agent would like to have a 'talk' with you:
She would like to see how you're handling a little stimulation, and what you're planning on doing with it.