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Library Boobs!

You need to realize, ladies: if you show your boobs in public and post a video online, you're probably going to get caught. First it was a church, and now someone named Kendra Sunderland posted a video of herself baring her breasts in the Oregon State University library on the internet, and -- who knew? -- somebody recognized both her and where she was at, put two and two together, and now she was arrested for being too sexy for school. There's some insinuation that she didn't actually distribute the film, it looks like she's just camming with someone, but any which way it should be no surprise that the video ended up viewable by everyone. Most of the news articles I saw said she was masturbating, and I didn't watch the entire video, but there didn't seem to be enough self-touching to count as 'masturbation', but then again one source was Cosmo, whose masturbation knowledge is generally suspect, and OSU students who are surprised that this is, of course, the first time in the history of everything that somebody bared their tits in that library.


Page 3 Is Back!

After yesterday's scare that Page 3 boobs were gone, it turns out it was all a prank - Page 3 was back in its original glorious form today. The return was much to the chagrin of those who had thought they had won their protest against Page 3, so their fight against the showing nudity alongside tales of violence, corruption, and cruelty goes on.


End Of Page 3 Boobs!

Quietly, without fanfare, The Sun, a UK newspaper known for a topless girl on Page 3, has ended the column after 45 years. The last one ran Saturday -- since then, the paper included attractive women in underwear in its place. Ah, Great Britain: the more you shy away from the artsy, tolerant European way and embrace conservatism the likes of your former colonies across the pond, the more you become a tiny, floating America just to Europe's north! Page 3 is just the start, then you get rid of national healthcare and then get really fat and start loving horrible reality TV, you're almost there...ONE OF US, ONE OF US!


Jingle Boobs!

We met her with her classical rendition a few months ago, but now Sara X is bopping and bouncing to Jingle Bells. Enjoy.


This set of images of Annemarie slipping out of her habit is the most-viewed individual page on RBT, for obvious reasons -- but that's just one in a long line of nun-fetish adult products that fall under the genre of nunsploitation. Yes, it's real, because there's a Wikipedia page on it. Its heyday was Europe in the 1970s, where the hugely Catholic Iberian and Italian peninsulas (what's it with Catholics and "peninsulas"?) were pushing the boundaries of sexual mores. It didn't start there, though; the picture below is probably from the 1910s to 1920s, and she's just out for some 'fresh air', so to speak. The genre is still around - I definitely intend to see the film Nude Nuns With Big Guns. Although it seems to lack the artisme of the seventies films, but is sure to have things that appeal to me, judging just from the title.


Big Boobed Shoppers!

Alibaba, everyone's favorite Chinese company, found some odd correlations in their shopper data: women who buy big bras spend more money in general. However, have you seen what it costs to buy a bra that fits properly when you've got an E cup? The data is probably skewed entirely by the price of the bras they're buying. From a scientific standpoint, however, large breasts are a sign of available resources, so if you're too poor for food, you're probably not growing as large a breasts as someone with a dedicated Crunch-N-Munch budget. So, marketers: if you've got information on a customer's breast size, steer her towards the more expensive stuff, the data shows she can afford it -- and if you don't already have that data, stop asking for it, that's really creepy.


Playmates Then And Now!

New York magazine has called up a bunch of Playboy Playmates for a photoshoot, but it's not the group you'd expect. These are the playmates of your dad's closet -- remember, behind his dress shoes, under a pile of shirts that didn't fit anymore -- from the 1950s to 1970s. All had moved on to professions and families, but their touch of fame, frozen in time in the pages of Playboy, tie them back to those pre-internet days of seductive beauty. Note that the one was was deemed 'too cute' back in the day is still adorable...and works as a "doggie day care counselor"?!? It just goes to show that the changes caused by the passage of time are tiny, compared to the person inside.


Eine Kleine Boobmusik!

Just a little boobmusic, so to speak: Sara X channels Terry Crews and pops her pecs -- but not just willy-nilly, higgldey-piggledy, she puts a bit of class into it by pec popping to Amadeus. Unfortunately, she doesn't perform for all four movements, but that's forgiveable -- wouldn't want her to pull a muscle and be on the bench for the rest of the season.

Bra Cam!

Nestle Fitness - which is apparently some kind of breakfast food, and not a chocolate-chip health-club -- put a button-camera on a woman's clevage and counted how many times people (and babies, and dogs, apparently) took a gander at the woman's cleavage. It's breast-health month, of course, so the commercial is encouraging you to check out your own breasts using your hands and fingers; I think if they made a commercial where strangers used fingers to check out a woman's breasts, it would have a very different tone to it.

Three Breasts!

Up until now, the only reason this website has the tag "three breasts" was for Total Recall - but now - supposedly - there's the real thing. Jasmine Tridevil has undergone cosmetic surgery to put a breast implant directly centered on her sternum -- with a small "nipple" bump added, and an areola tattooed for added realism. Here she is answering questions, and apparently her objective was to make herself unattractive but still pretty, but getting fat would suck. Never heard of chubby chasers, baby? Anyhoo, the most likely reason is that she wants a TV show according to the Daily Mail, and has a camera crew following her around to film a pilot documenting the trials and tribulations of being a three-breasted woman. This is just what the three-breasted TV audience has been praying for these so many years. Seeing that she literally appeared out of nowhere only about a month ago according to Facebook and Youtube, but already has a TV crew of her very own, I'm leaning towards 'hoax' and 'viral video', or some gray area in between, and Snopes appears to agree with me. If the supernumerary titty turns out to be real, well, now that's something that aughta be on TV.

Via, her website.

Free Boobs For Kids!

Companies like giving added-value freebies to their good customers; it produces an affinity for their brand and makes customers feel appreciated. So, when Land's End partnered with Conde Nash to give free magazine subscriptions to their customers, it seemed like a good idea.

So, female customers got women's magazines, and male customers got men's magazines. Magazines like GQ, which often are full of scantily-clad non-nude women.

What Land's End forgot is that many of their customers are high-school students who buy their school uniforms in bulk from Land's End.

Now, as you may imagine, the kind of parents who send their kids to a school where uniforms come from Land's End had a holy hell freakout when their post-pubescent teen boys started getting GQ in the mail.

Wait, is Adam Levine a douche? I have been missing out on all the news lately.

Anyhow, Land's End apologized profusely, so teens are going to have to get their non-nude masturbatory magazines by 'borrowing' the free subscription to Glamour that their sister is still receiving because she had the sense to keep her fucking mouth shut.


Charley's Boob Reviews!

Charley C. is a foodie who likes to review things on Yelp. There's something different about Charley, though: his photography skills are excellent, although they don't pick up the food very well. It just goes to show that it's not always the food that makes a meal: it's the company that you eat with!


Identified By Boobs!

Austria was up in arms when a video hit the internet showing a large-breasted woman masturbating in a church. It didn't take too long for the blasphemer to be identified - despite her face not being shown, churchgoers recognized her based on the size and shape of her breasts.

Now, the insinuation is that someone put two and two together, recognizing her unclothed boobs as the ones they've seen in the pews covered by a shirt, but this "Babsi" posts porn on the internet as the user Analbabsi, but, suuuure, Austrians, you recognized her "from Church," yeah, right.


Mannequin Mammaries!

Here in America, mannequins seem stuck in the stick-thin, barely-boobs fashion model mold. Venezuela, however, knows what people like to see, so their mannequins have huge tits. I just hope they never match one of these torsos with these screaming/smiling heads, or it might turn me off women forever. Eh, nah, that'll never happen. Anyhow, don't feel bad, North America: they've been turning up in Miami, too.


Sports and Boobs!

The problem with women and sports is right under her nose: one in five are put off of exercising because it hurts their boobs. Of course, the story leads with the shocking part, because what that means is that boobs don't interfere with 80% of women's exercise regimen, and they're less likely to exercise because of lack of energy and lack of time, which, well, is the reason I don't get off my fat ass and exercise either.

Summer's here, and the time is right, for just going for a walk or something, everyone. Just getting off the couch is the hardest part, but once you start it's not so hard to keep going. Buy yourself a FitBit, or track down a free pedometer, and just go for a walk. Your boobs will thank you, because the rest of the body carrying them around will be healthier, and if you aren't exercising for your boob's sake, when what other reason do you have?

For that troubled 17% with boob problems, maybe fashion just hasn't caught up with women's health - maybe women should be wearing a sports bra like this young lady, and, voila, suddenly the bra isn't hurting the boobs anymore:

Pic via.

Reading Topless!

The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society (previously) would like to remind you that summer's here, and the time is right, for getting naked and reading bad mystery novels.

So, you want to read pulp stories, but don't know where to go? has a bunch of public domain tales to download, PulpMags has a bunch scanned and readable online, and is supposed to have a bunch but the site appears down at the moment.

Plus, this is an excuse to show this photo by Bill Wadman. I've never wanted to run my fingers down the spines of a shelffull of books more!


Haptic Boob-Touching!

Scientists have developed a method for synthetic touching, and the example they use is so that people can touch breasts at a distance. For remote detection of breast lumps, of course! What other reason could people have to create a way for people to imagine they're touching real boobs over the internet? Now all they need to do is make a machine that lets a real breast feel like it's being touched. It's always nice when real science overlaps with sex toys; everyone wins.


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