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Bra Cam!

Nestle Fitness - which is apparently some kind of breakfast food, and not a chocolate-chip health-club -- put a button-camera on a woman's clevage and counted how many times people (and babies, and dogs, apparently) took a gander at the woman's cleavage. It's breast-health month, of course, so the commercial is encouraging you to check out your own breasts using your hands and fingers; I think if they made a commercial where strangers used fingers to check out a woman's breasts, it would have a very different tone to it.

Pornhub Commercial!

This is what Superbowl commercials look like when made by Bizarro Crispin-Porter. Normally, to get buzz about your Superbowl commercial, you take something lame like domain name registration and add boobs, and that gets you kicked off TV. In Bizarroworld, you take a super-sexy product like porn, and tone it down with a pre-lemonparty gathering of old people...and then get kicked off TV. But, you can't blame them for trying. You can't unsexy commercials too far, otherwise they start to look like a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. There's no loss for Pornhub, though - it's not like there's any overlap in the audience for the NFL and the audience for pornography, is there?


Boob Car Crash!

The one way I know to get the attention of an assured 50% of the viewing audience is to show boobs. Sure, I have no idea what they're advertising, especially since it appears to be some Russian thing, but, hey - BOOBS! And, technically, this throws in the second-most important thing to attracting guy eyes: car crashes. Boobs and car crashes, all in thirty seconds - Burger King needs to hire whatever ad agency made this video, they'll totally win all the Addy awards again.

Full video here.

No Ashley Madison Superbowl!

Ashley Madison, the 'duh' in 'online daters are often married', can't air their commercial during the Superbowl. How come? Too much man-on-bunny sex.

Oh, the humanity! When will all the sexy sex end!?!? Alas, the family-friendly NFL needs to have some standards, so that's why they're having red-carpet coverage and some fucking stupid-ass Obama/O'Reilly interview during the preshow. It's good they're keeping it all about the football, and keeping lesbian kisses out of the commercial breaks. Well, unless it's in a beer commercial.

Crazy Frog Penis!

Those Jamster commercials all over cable TV are really annoying....but I'm not going to talk about the validity of advertising or paying for stupid phone ringtones/screensavers/etc.

What I'm here to talk about is the "Crazy Frog," one of Jamster's favorite characters. He's in a lot of the commercials, and has one commercial devoted specifically to himself.

What I find amusing -- in a childish way -- is that Mr. Crazy Frog has genitals. They're properly placed, they wiggle as he moves, and there's nothing obscuring them. They're THERE, stuck on the front of what, in crazy Frog World, could be considered the groin. And this is on commercials and their website! Last I checked (and I don't check often), frogs of any sort don't have genitals like this. Apparently when developing into bipedal form, the Crazy genus of Frogs felt the need to show their penis off to the world. Thanks Jamster!