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Haptic Boob-Touching!

Scientists have developed a method for synthetic touching, and the example they use is so that people can touch breasts at a distance. For remote detection of breast lumps, of course! What other reason could people have to create a way for people to imagine they're touching real boobs over the internet? Now all they need to do is make a machine that lets a real breast feel like it's being touched. It's always nice when real science overlaps with sex toys; everyone wins.


Autoblow 2!

The Autoblow - you can find it here - has a new model out: the Autoblow 2 will be released soon, and its inventor is doing the publicity tour schtick. The stupidest questions tend to be the first question: "Why?" Um, media asshole, the answer is: dudes love spraying their sperm all over the place. Anything that helps a man blow his load has a profitable future. So if you're a web journalist posed with questioning an inventor about the improvements in his cum-collector, you should probably expect your interview to go better if you don't try to make a guy talk about getting a guy to blow his load in a robotic vagina right out of the gates. Ease him into it, ask him about fucking robots, then get to the orgasmic potential of his mechanical wonder.


An intrepid Gizmag (presumably pronounced jizz-mayg) reporter has stuck his dick where few have ever gone: into a small machine that claims to replicate the sexual experience encoded in a POV video. The Real Touch sex toy apparently lives up to the hype - "eye-popping" according to the writer, and we all know which "eye" popped for him. And just look at it - isn't it cute? I suppose the crown and wig are extra, but who wouldn't add that on to their order?