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Charley's Boob Reviews!

Charley C. is a foodie who likes to review things on Yelp. There's something different about Charley, though: his photography skills are excellent, although they don't pick up the food very well. It just goes to show that it's not always the food that makes a meal: it's the company that you eat with!


15 Orgasms A Day!

There's perils to being a professional sex toy reviewer. First: she experiences 15 orgasms a day. That's the reason there's more female sex-toy reviewers: if I had that many toys to review, I'd be chafed and asleep by 10am. Also note, she lists her two favorite toys, the I-Gino one and the Doxy Wand, so, like they say, watch what the professionals use to get quality.


Autoblow2 Reviewed!

Not too long ago, I brought you information on the Autoblow2. Brian Sloan, maker of the Autoblow2, saw my post and offered me a review sample of the new toy. How could I turn it down?

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