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Identified By Boobs!

Austria was up in arms when a video hit the internet showing a large-breasted woman masturbating in a church. It didn't take too long for the blasphemer to be identified - despite her face not being shown, churchgoers recognized her based on the size and shape of her breasts.

Now, the insinuation is that someone put two and two together, recognizing her unclothed boobs as the ones they've seen in the pews covered by a shirt, but this "Babsi" posts porn on the internet as the user Analbabsi, but, suuuure, Austrians, you recognized her "from Church," yeah, right.


Nude Church!

Sure, when I go to church pantsless and flappin' in the wind, the cops get called - but in Virginia you can go to church naked and nobody complains at all. At the White Tail Nudist Resort, they've got a chapel and hold Christian religious services in the nude - or, as you'll see in the video, there's some clothed people, so you won't feel left out if you want church but don't feel like not dressing up. I suppose there's a good message in the trappings of earthy materials, and looking how you were the way God dressed you on the day you were born, but all I can think about is how often the pews get cleaned off.

No Frank Sex Talk At School!

Oh, dear, where do I start: Let's say you're a church. Now, let's say somebody's up in arms about frank sexual discussion in a school. Wait - what if these two groups were on opposite sides?!? It totally messed up the paradigm: a Baptist church may have to be kicked out of a school auditorium, because their sexually-themed religious sermons are too much for a gradeschool to tolerate. I'd like to feel schadenfreude over a church getting the butt of the sex-unfriendly policies of schools, but that would overrule my enjoyment of promotion of enjoyable sex between couples - and I'm of the opinion that churches should be allowed to rent school space like anybody else; and, lastly, sex isn't nasty in general, and nobody was being forced to go to church. There's just so much conflicting information, my brain might shut do-

Vicar: Brothel OK!

Somebody has some smarts in the U.K.: After an order to close a brothel, a nearby vicar has come to their rescue by pointing out that it has done nothing to curtail crime, but affects needy people's income. A brothel attracts drug dealers and violent crime? Where does the police get that idea? Oh, the community is heading downhill with drugs and must be the fault of that place where people have sex for money! Rather than arresting dealers and abusers, let's kick out the whores. Smart move, there, bobby. Plus, who knew a church would have somebody that understands logic working for them? Those darn Anglicans, making religious people lo! ok respectable once in a while.