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Sexual Exercises!

Esquire has the man's guide to improving sex through diet and exercise. It's actually more thorough than the "sexercise" regimens that emphasize sexiness over sexual-improvement, but what do I know, I've got a beer belly. Esquire's plan emphasizes testosterone and flexibility, which are certainly useful points. What I don't get is why they thought Mr. American Psycho would be a good illustration for this article. Here's who I pick whenever I want a sexy picture of exercise:


SexFit: Penis Odometer!

Sure, women get the kGoal, but what about guys?

Never fear: UK sex-toy company Bondara is developing the SexFit, a cockring that not only vibrates during sex like an average run-of-the-mill cockring, but also has sensors to analyze movement like a FitBit.

Guys, was it two or three thrusts before you came? Who remembers! Your SexFit will, updating the online app so you can share with your friends and compare data. OK, maybe it's not as productive as a FitBit, but it will analyze your thrusting technique and alter its vibrations to sync, which might actually be useful.

Plus, I'm hoping it's Bluetooth compatible, so I can set it as my 'silent ringer'. brmmmmmmmmm "Excuse me, I need to take a call."

Sadly, it's still in development and not available to the public.


Sports and Boobs!

The problem with women and sports is right under her nose: one in five are put off of exercising because it hurts their boobs. Of course, the story leads with the shocking part, because what that means is that boobs don't interfere with 80% of women's exercise regimen, and they're less likely to exercise because of lack of energy and lack of time, which, well, is the reason I don't get off my fat ass and exercise either.

Summer's here, and the time is right, for just going for a walk or something, everyone. Just getting off the couch is the hardest part, but once you start it's not so hard to keep going. Buy yourself a FitBit, or track down a free pedometer, and just go for a walk. Your boobs will thank you, because the rest of the body carrying them around will be healthier, and if you aren't exercising for your boob's sake, when what other reason do you have?

For that troubled 17% with boob problems, maybe fashion just hasn't caught up with women's health - maybe women should be wearing a sports bra like this young lady, and, voila, suddenly the bra isn't hurting the boobs anymore:

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Vagina Exercises!

Holy crap - if I knew I was fucking a woman who regularly used one of these, I'd be worried her snapping my dick off. It's a 'pelvic wall exerciser', which lets a woman go all thighmaster with her vaginal muscles, to improve her sexlife, and presumably that of her beau's as well. In that case, I suppose I'd like to be with someone who uses it...but if she can crack walnuts with her pelvic wall, some caution may be advised.