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Bra Cam!

Nestle Fitness - which is apparently some kind of breakfast food, and not a chocolate-chip health-club -- put a button-camera on a woman's clevage and counted how many times people (and babies, and dogs, apparently) took a gander at the woman's cleavage. It's breast-health month, of course, so the commercial is encouraging you to check out your own breasts using your hands and fingers; I think if they made a commercial where strangers used fingers to check out a woman's breasts, it would have a very different tone to it.

Bra Turns 100!

No parades, no retrospectives full of famous people saying how it changed their lives, no enormous marble statue in the town square, but despite the lack of folderol the bra has turned 100 years old. Patented by a New York socialite in 1914, the technology is second only to space travel and computers when it comes to the amount of technological ingenuity thrown at it. All to keep boobs happy, so thanks, bras!


Clap-Off Bra!

Inventors are always pushing the limits of what is possible. For instance: you want a bra that falls off when people applaud. Version 3.0 was the one that worked apparently. Oh, Arduino: is there nothing you can't do? Clap on, clap off-woah, tits! Note that one of their earliest attempts involved incendiary devices, so you know it's a guy working on it.

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Bras Not Best!

Otto Titzling is spinning in his grave. For 15 years, a doctor in France has studied 130 women and decided that bras aren't really all that awesome. 130 doesn't seem that thorough: I don't know how many 40G boobs he was around, but there's definitely some people in need of a well-fitting bra. However, I can't complain about nicely-shaped pair of boobs swinging free, so use this information however fits, ladies.


Everythingless Bra!

Seriously, ladies, if you're top has so little fabric that you think you have to resort to one of these, you might actually be topless and just not realize it. This is apparently for women wearing the J-Lo dress but with 300% more boobs. The mechanics of these strapless bras seems to be elastic clamping of the breast, which may appeal to the S&M afficianados among you, but everyone else will have to sacrifice for fashion. The elastic looks tight and spring-loaded: I imagine this model, during the photoshoot, sneezed and both of these popped free and flew across the room like Nerf rockets. But I like to imagine those sorts of things all the time anyway.


Steampunk Pasties!

Organic Armor makes a variety of cosplay and costume armor, particularly steampunky adornment, but what if you're, say, travelling on an airline and can't afford to pack your entire suit of armor? Why, bring your brass steampunk pasties! It provides the best of both worlds: armor that allows the greatest range of motion, while protecting your most important assets - your nipples. Just be careful, though: while normal silk and tassels might cause a few minutes of eye irritation when a burlesque admirer gets too close, brass pasties are liable to put an eye out. Also, beware of men with powerful magnets.