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Library Bonus!

Usually what I find in library books are old Kleenexes, notes from some high school class, or bookmarks from said library, but the dude below found some boobs. Some guys have all the library luck.


Wookie Walkies!

It's sure nice that this young lady, despite her lack of clothing, would still take her Ewok out for some fresh air. Still, I find it rather racist and demeaning that she have him on a leash - come on, lady, they built cities in the trees and defeated Stormtroopers, they're not some womprat to be shackled and fed treats! They have language - language!

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Dog Owner Breast Safety!

I've found a kindred spirit, one who watches the Kennel Club shows for the same reason: the bouncing breasts. Inventor Selaine Saxby noticed how the women jogging with their pets around the ring were risking tit injury, and decided to make it right by inventing a bra specifically designed to prevent show-dog handlers from chest injuries. While I can appreciate the benefit to the women, it potentially reduces the amount of boobie-bouncing on TV, which means more of my masturbation-time may be spent watching pomeranians prance around the screen. I'm still weighing the pros and cons.