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Vinyl Still Growing!

As we've noted just a couple months ago, vinyl sales continue to climb, this time with info from the UK, which has hit a half a million in vinyl sales for the first time in a decade. Yeah, that's only 1%, but that's doing a lot better than tapes, Minidiscs, reel-to-reel, 8-Track, and wax cylinder combined. One dumb statistic: almost 4% of vinyl purchasers admit to not owning a turntable, which means hipsters have spread to the British Isles already.

Sex Toy Empire!

I'm sure Steve Buscemi is very interested in the lead in next season's breakout sex-comedy-drama series, Sextoy Empire, but I just haven't found the funding to start filming yet. At the very least, LA Magazine has a feature explaining just what makes the Doc Johnson team tick. Think about this though - Doc Johnson rose out of a rinky-dink plastic molding operation that "had been pouring rubber fishing lures, Halloween masks, and maybe ten different dongs that came in several sizes." That company that makes the wiggly purple worms with glitter in them? Rubber penises might be a sizeable part of their business model. Think on that for a while.