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Pornless Playboy!

Playboy has a new CEO, and he's shaking things up -- to the point that he has said there may be a nude-free future for the venerable men's magazine. Now, if you keep reading, it's pretty clear this is just a salacious quote for an otherwise bland article about rebuilding a brand that has pretty much been reduced to the value of their logo. Come on, nudity is what Playboy is founded on: removing that makes it a Details or GQ magazine, and why would you even hope to try and enter that market? Playboy's strengths are in its combination of writing and nudity, and unless they play to those strengths, the business truly will just become an empty logo. This is the only nude-free Playboy I'm interested in:


i-Kandi Help Wanted!

The Irish swinger's club I-Kandi put an ad in the 'help wanted' section, hoping to bring on one part-timer. A hundred applications later, they're overwhelmed with who to hire. Either Limerick is just the hub for the sex-club industry, like putting a 'web developer' ad up in Silicon Valley, or it just sounds like the best job since the 'jizz mopper' position opened up at the nudie movie theater." Yes, 'cleaning' is one of the duties, but the rest sound very managerial in nature, so opposed to flipping burgers it's probably a step up for Limerickians.


Fleshlight Inventor!

Ever wanted to know who came up with the Fleshlight? Here's the whole sordid, nasty story, and by "sordid and nasty" I mean "logical development of a well-selling product by an entrepreneur who wanted to quit his day job". Dirty, dirty stuff. I still don't own one, despite all of Kevin Smith's encouragement, and I've used a rubber vagina before so I'm not too squicked out by the idea -- but if buying a Fleshlight will help make prosthetic feet for elephants, I may have to start saving my pennies. For the elephants, of course.

Sex Toy Empire!

I'm sure Steve Buscemi is very interested in the lead in next season's breakout sex-comedy-drama series, Sextoy Empire, but I just haven't found the funding to start filming yet. At the very least, LA Magazine has a feature explaining just what makes the Doc Johnson team tick. Think about this though - Doc Johnson rose out of a rinky-dink plastic molding operation that "had been pouring rubber fishing lures, Halloween masks, and maybe ten different dongs that came in several sizes." That company that makes the wiggly purple worms with glitter in them? Rubber penises might be a sizeable part of their business model. Think on that for a while.