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Kaney's Plain White T!

You know that hip-hop artists are all about fashion, "popping tags" and all that, so it's no wonder that designers want to include the input from those same hip-hop artists in their design process. This has brought us this amazing collaboration from Kanye West and A.P.C., which plain white T for $120 made from 'egyptian cotton'? There must be something awesome about it for the shirt to sell out almost immediately. That's not the only "selling out" in this collaboration, I suppose.

On the other hand: you who scoff at such a thing, haven't you ever seen the $90 handkerchiefs - sorry, "pocket square" - at your men's store? Seriously, a square of fabric with a hem is fucking expensive. Anyone who is surprised that high fashion charges exorbitant rates for simple items probably does all their shopping at Wal-Mart. A loose-cut t-shirt made from nice fabric is hardly something you can just get in a pack of three from Hanes. People are paying $120 for the tag in the back of the Kanye shirt, only marginally for the egyptian cotton, so there's more about hip-hop fashion in this transaction than just buying a comfy t-shirt.



If you haven't read Savage Love today, you don't yet know about this guy, who is transgendered needing 'top work' done (I haven't heard if it's a demolition or an addition), so he designed some t-shirts to sell to raise money for his non-insured surgery. Now that he's at about his financial goal, he's continuing to sell shirts to raise money for others in the same predicament. So, go buy a shirt, show your support.

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