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PrettyBald Nude Calendar!

It's getting to be that time of year - Calendar Season! And what Calendar Season would be complete without charity nude calendars! The first one to catch my eye is the PrettyBald Alopecia charity, who have brought out twelve bald women to bring awareness to their hairless affliction. Given how much non-alopecia-suffering women put effort into making themselves hairless, you know that there's plenty of customers who have a particular interest in this specific calendar.


Breast Squeeze Charity!

See, I never find out about this stuff until after it happens. It seems that, over in Japan, last weekend you could donate money to a charity and then touch some boobs. The last time I went down to the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast they kicked my ass out for touching breasts, so charities must work differently in Japan. However, part of the festivities last weekend were a "masturbation marathon", so, in a sense, I did participate.

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Bodypaint For Peace!

Is there nothing bodypaint can't do? Recently, it solved the problem or war in the world, via the Bullets 4 Peace fundraiser. Unsurprisingly, I could find very little about Bullet 4 Peace, but a whole fuckload of pictures from the show.