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Australia Owns Porn!

Well, aside from the mail inspectors, who have enormous amounts of porn as "evidence" and "examples", it seems the Australian government is funding a porn collection of their own. The Australian National Film and Sound Archive keeps a porn stash, thus preserving the hot and horny integrity of Australian culture, thus hopefully negating some of the damage done by Yahoo Serious and that bad battery-commercial guy.

Porn: Better Than Everything!

What is porn better than? Darn near everything, according to Cracked, which makes it true because everything they do is awesome. Porn is better than your mom's chicken and rice. Porn is better than getting a free car wash with 8 gallons of gas. Porn is better than finding a $20 in the work parking lot, just before you're going out with your friends for drinks. Porn is fucking awesome like that.

CA Trains Pronographers!

California has something called the Employment Training Panel, a state-subsidized worker training program that allows people in need of a job to get more education, thus helping the state's economy. Oh, no - people who learn things use them to make porn! And not just any porn, but naughty, Sybian-riding, whips-and-chainsing porn at Upon notification, ETP cancelled's access to the state money, because it's much better that California employees be under-trained than competitive in the employee market. So will have to hire already-trained people with better skills; it's so much different if the person gets training at a failed dot-com, and then hired by a porn studio. California's plan plan intends to help employees and the economy, but now the employee is punished because of the legal business they work for, rather than what they can do for the media industry (California's multimedia and film industry is small, anyhow). Way to use your brains, California! (via)

R-Rated Look At X-Rated Industry

Something for the Netflix queue: Naked Ambition, An R-Rated Look At An X-Rated Industry. It's not so much a film about porn itself, but a visit to two recent AVN awards, which is like going to a tech tradeshow to see how your grandpa uses a celphone. I'm hoping it's like the featurette on the Girl Next Door unrated edition, "The Eli Experience", in which a witty high school student visits AVN and hob-nobs with the porn industry; I could have watched that for a feature-length film.

Porn: Comfort Food!

It takes a media analyst to come to this conclusion: porn is a libido-destroying distraction from your own lack of sex. Watch the bad acting, poor craftsmanship, and depressing formulaic regularity of the average hotel-room porn, and your libido will be properly defused. I properly "defuse" myself to porn in a different manner, sir, and I argue that hotel room porn is probably not the best place to be looking. It's like complaining that your Filet-O-Fish lacks the subtle woodiness of a freshly-caught trout straight from a high-altitude Wyoming stream.

Yam Yam Sexshop!

It's not often that a porno features a recognizeable place, but this actually surprised me: the Yam Yam Sexshop in Amsterdam, featured prominently in a 'sex tourism porno' site:

More from this gallery >>

Victorian Porn!

Reason magazine has published an article describing, without much detail, about pornography in the 19th century, what people did about it, and the amount of good laws did, as told in the book Licentious Gotham. Answer: punishing sex and pornography doesn't help much, and probably makes things worse. It's sure a good thing that history rarely repeats itself, right?

Porn Censors Get Hard!

...or, rather, that's their worry. British censors are worried that, if they were alone during their porn viewings, they'd be more likely to get aroused and distracted from their jobs. Until lately, they've always watched porn in a group, but the rough economy might mean censors having to view Teen Ass Cum Sluts XXIV all on their lonesome. If I were a censor, I'd agree - I'd like to have somebody with when porning it up. Oh, no, they wouldn't be another censor, but she'd appreciate the film anyway, if you know what I mean.

Learn From Porn!

Examiner writer Kelvin Lynch has taken a bullet for all of us: he has watched an enormous amount of porn - so we don't have to - and documented the 26 most important things he learned from the experience. The one that gives me the most optimism: Young beautiful women enjoy having sex with ugly, out-of-shape, balding, middle-aged men with pony tails. Hell yeah, 'porn star' is a career for more people than we thought!

Porn: Not Recession Proof!

What sad day is this, when people can't run two nickels together and spend it on porn? The porn market is down, but not across the board: traditional hard-copy methods, like DVDs, are getting hurt by their cheaper and more accessible relatives on the internet. On one hand, the market is correcting for a product that people don't need; on the other hand - less porn??!!? That's sad no matter how you cut it.

Tax Stimulus Check Boosts Porn Industry

People getting their stimulus check are looking to stimulate more than their economy -- in this cute little press release, online adult marketing group AIMRCo provides some anecdotal proof (but not much research data) that the stimulus checks are improving the adult website business, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's a genuine measurable effect. People love their porn, and if you give 'em a little disposable income, nobody should be surprised if a little part of their stimulus check gets slipped under the g-string strap of a beautiful woman. Californians, however, might find that little part of their stimulus check going right back to the government -- a member of the state assembly has proposed a 'sin' tax on pornography. While it's nowhere near actually getting passed, it was a great way for reporters to get out into the community and talk one-on-one with their local porn stars. Speaking of important conversations, your IRS agent would like to have a 'talk' with you:
She would like to see how you're handling a little stimulation, and what you're planning on doing with it.

Porn Political Cimate!

Gracie has wrangled a who's-who of erotica and sexuality to discuss the political climate of porn today. They all had relatively similar responses, and all in line with what you'd expect from the oppressed side, but that doesn't make it less relevant. Because of the murky realm of what pornography and obscenity are, in today's US legal climate it's up to an observer to decide if any item meets the definition of 'obscene.'

While that might not scare you, you might want to consider it from a logical standpoint. This means that the creation or ownership of an item itself is not the illegal event -- the accusation by the observer(s) who determined the condition of obscenity is the event that makes the item illegal.

Accusing someone of speeding is expected to be accompanied by evidence -- a radar gun, a police observer, or an expert who measured tire skid marks and impact results -- that shows factually that the event meets a legal threshhold for legality. Simply saying, "I think they were driving too fast," is not enough to cause conviction for speeding, even if you can find people who agree with you and can make a good point for the appropriate driving speed. Even if the accusation of driving too fast results in a speed limit change, the driver will not be punished for speeding.

Obscenity, however, works this way: the opinion of the observer is the key decider, and how convincing their accusation is will either get their opinion upheld or denied. A business transparently and openly selling nudie magazines for years could find themselves on the recieving end of an obscenity accusation, regardless of the number of customers who partake or the lack of objections until that point, simply due to how eloquent their accuser is. In fact, a key aspect of the obscenity law covers anything that a person could masturbate to - the definition of 'prurient interest'. Take a long, hard look at the 'prurient' things you partake of on a regular basis, or are available to you if you chose. The other defining points of literary/artistic value and community standards are nebulous at best...and change based on public opinion, not on legal definitions.

This establishes sexuality as an inherently illegal act, awaiting discovery by an offended observer willing to prove lack of artistic value and violation of community standards.

It is a sinisterly slow-moving process by which Hefner could find himself, after decades of support, twisting on the recieving end of an offended population's short stick. It would be ignored, because today they started with the animal porn, and then the obscenely large vibrators, and then the anal sex...and then the strip clubs that go panty-free...and then companies taking pictures of legally naked adults but neglected to obtain verification of age...and then the companies that photograph naked women at all...and then what? Well, if it's as bad as animal porn, then it must be horrible -- all the sick, horrible, obscene things that need to be made illegal. And who would defend Playboy against an obscenity definition? Defending Playboy when it's an obscene, disgusting publication as bad as beastiality! Not so, but the pursuers of obscenity are leaning in that direction.

Videotaping you and your partner having sex is prurient and lacks artistic value - and do you think it'd be hard to find someone to accuse you of violating societal standards? Phone sex lacks artistic value, is prurient in interest...and if your community decides it's unaccaptible, you are no longer protected by the 1st Amendment -- obscenity is not protected speech. You may think that you can live without strip clubs and the Spice channel, but they are not so far separated from the things that arouse your sexual being.

Extreme? Yes, but we've all done naughtier things than phone sex and videotaping sex: Kinsey has told us so. The common attitude is, "if it might be illegal and you don't want to defend it in court, don't do it." However, take a look at how your sexuality influences your life: they are ingrained with each other, you obscene thing.

My solution: obscenity should be limited to definable harm: public nudity could cause emotional harm to the unexpecting viewer, child pornography and beastiality cause harm to participants that cannot give consent, and rough sex should be subject to the same definitions that assault cases are subject to. This does not criminalize the sexual act -- it criminalizes the direct effects the sexual act has on the participants and society.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

A condom store has responded to the Pope's condom ban by donating thirty thousand "Madonna" condoms to the LA Lesbian and Gay center (who, no doubt, are also on the Pope's 'naughty' list).

Watching this woman explaining a Michael-Jacksonesque bird mating ritual has to be the sexiest thing I've seen today.

Under pressure from the populous, a local access channel changes rules, requiring locally-produced programs, in hopes of keeping pornography off the air -- whoops, non-local religious programs violate the new rules, but locally-produced porn can stay on the air. So, out-of-region pornographers and church leaders end up on the same side to complain. Anti-pornographers haven't figured it out yet: when you make rules that don't violate free speech, you're going to affect everyone, so either suck it up or leave it alone.

The new 'teen sex fear' is something called 'daisy-chaining'. Most likely it's like those jelly bracelets and oral-sex parties -- an outbreak of once or twice and a lot of rumours -- but, hell, I couldn't get laid to save my life in high school, and it's this easy now? Geez.

Alabama is considering a bill to ban "gay" books. "I don't look at it as censorship," says State Representative Gerald Allen. "I look at it as protecting the hearts and souls and minds of our children." Exclude the Bible for it's sex and violence and church-and-state separation, this guy whould have an aneurism.

Restauranteur throws out lesbians for kissing -- restauranteur gets smacked with sexual discrimination fine.

If you're a master S&M hentai artist, drawing your actual rape conquests in comic-book form will get you caught. The odd part of the story is that he was ID'ed by his penis...when she slept with him for the 'first time' despite knowing he was married. Sounds like there's more to the story than just duct-taped humiliation rape -- but isn't that always the case?

Industrious India artisans use condoms for lubrication -- and not in a sexual way. They lubricate the thread for sewing machines, and help polish metallic thread.

The spermicidal sponge is back! having gotten FDA approval, and should be back in the regular marketplace soon.

Wife calls police because the husband is really drunk and fucking his sister in the bedroom. Police arrive, tell him to unmount and get dressed; man continues with the act anyway. Welcome to scenic Alabama!

This collector of erotic art, 65 years old, is pleasantly quotable: " I am surprised that not all men collect such items because everyone is interested in the topic."

Orgy For World Peace is a live sex site that donates revenues to non-profits. People pay for masturbatory entertainment, poor people overseas get fed. Could this plan be any cooler?

One of Playboy's "Real Desperate Housewives" talks about being a 31-year-old lifelong fan of the supposedly 'man's' magazine.

Mooove over, hormone-laden cows! Plastic is now to blame. An estrogen-mimicking chemical commonly used in your food-storage containers is making men aggressive, women fatter, children start puberty earlier, and permanently damages the sex organs, according to a number of studies. For God's sakes -- stop using plastic! You can drink milk again, though.

College students are not as promiscuous as one might think. Half had one or fewer partners, showing most people were just as sexually disappointed as I was.

Bits 'n' Pieces!

Standards for defining premature ejaculation have been set -- in general, men 'finishing' 1.8 minutes or sooner is premature, compared to the average of 7.3 minutes for regular men.

Hungary is considering allowing prostitutes in malls -- as long as they take the act to a more suitable venue. Local governments are allowed to create "zones of patience" for the oldest profession, but none have done so yet.

Norwegian teens called "Russ" act out prior to graduation, doing tasks like sex in public, reading pornography in public, or kissing a policeman, to earn knots in their tassel. Someone, as a joke, added 'unprotected sex' as a knot-earning task. Hilarity ensued. Those wacky Norwegians.

Screw's Al Goldstein is back in the porn business, after homelessness and a stint at a Kosher deli. He's been hired to market online porn.

Girls get a serious talk, boys get 'wink wink nudge nudge' according to this article. Parents don't give boys enough of The Talk -- which might solve a lot of parents' concerns about teen sex, since so often the boys are considered instigators. They might not be instigators if they'd get something more than a 'go ahead, but maybe sorta try and be careful' message.

A dominatrix gave up her sexy job and entered the government workplace... only to be harrassed by her manager -- a former client. The story ends happily in lawsuits and a settlement in her favor. Hooray!

Nashville authorities say they can't prosecute people for filming a gang-bang film. While they could wait for the film to be produced, review the film for obscenity, and then prosecute if it meets 100% of the obscenity definitions, it doesn't sound like that'll happen.

college newspaper printed a nearly-nude photo of a stripper. The stripper -- who was performing, in public, on campus -- thinks her privacy was invaded. Um, don't perform in public, young lady.

11 towns have sued a sex boutique owner -- and all 11 have lost. Here's a little story about his life, an RV for a home and city after city telling him he's doing something wrong.

South African men are getting a rape wakeup call. In a culture that has considered rape a commonplace occurrence for women, men are finding themselves at the business end of a violent penis, too. "Some of the men say they know they are not safe anymore and have condemned the actions of men who rape men." How about you join the civilized world, take a look at how it feels, and leave off the last 'men' in that sentence, hmm?

The guy who's married to the sister of the guy who married Julia Roberts is a pornographer. The Enquirer thinks it's relevant. Somehow. Eh, who cares. I just want to know how Kevin Bacon is taking it. (The pornographer has a Bacon Number of 4; Roberts and Bacon were in Flatliners together)

"Forty Deuce," a 4-part series about a new burlesque club, premieres tonight.. The New York Post said it wasn't sexy, but what do they know? They think news about celebrity dating habits is sexy. Bleh. I'd rather watch women in feathery costumes gyrate than hear about Parker Posey's love-life.

The List of sexiest careers is out! Firefighters and flight attendants are at the top.

Trump's followers prefer money to great sex. Losers. Who would sleep with these people anyway, if that's their attitude about sexual encounters? "Sure, honey, it was great -- it just wasn't $800,000 GREAT."

Internet Sex Sting Results In Arrest Of Cumming Man -- note to reporter: read headlines closely before submitting them, please, or else the internet will laugh at you.

Police cite "art night" at Erotic City as obscene; they tried to circumvent anti-nudity laws by giving patrons pads of paper & pencils, and calling the dancers 'nude models' -- viola, it's an art event! Gotta give them points for trying.

The India Telegraph has a story on polyamory. Positive: It portrays it in a friendly light. Negative: It does it's best to play off cute-sounding insider terms to make it palatable, kinda like furries did.

What body shape is sexy? Jane Ganahl of SF Chronicle gets the word on the street.

STRICTLY SEX WITH DR. DREW is looking for people to come on their show. Especially people like YOU, Mr. Foot-Fetish Erectile-Disfunction-Suffering Virgin Who Is Afraid Of Having Sex With Pregnant Spouse Or Recieving Oral Sex.

Japanese women turn to male prostitutes for companionship, because their husbands don't want sex. Too much hentai & hookers is the problem, reportedly. I say: What the fuck is wrong with Japan?

Kids talk more about sex simply because they know what it means -- not because they're doing it. Well, rumours of oral sex parties and jelly bracelets still make the rounds, but all other signs say kids are far less promiscuous than rumours would lead us to believe.

A landlord gets his ass handed to him in court in sex-for-rent extortion. There's one porn-site premise that fails miserably in real life.

Pre-teens are selling condoms on the street -- I'm mixed on the kids reactions. They say they don't know what the condoms are for; hopefully they learn before they get much older.

Cable TV 'oops' puts strippers on accidentally. Why doesn't this ever happen when I'm watching? Dammit.

Conservative Jewish leaders are considering gay rabbis and same-sex marriages, following the lead of the Reform branch of Judaism. I say, do it -- show the Christians how it's supposed to be done.

Porn Star Me!

My gal has a friend in the porn industry...not in front of the camera, but in a support capacity. They were talking about how actors are paid, how the process works, and just what goes into a porn film. Gracie's friend suggested Ms G should try acting in one of these films herself...but Gracie has a different idea.

Gracie isn't too keen on being on film, but no matter how she cut it, she has decided that I need to be a porn star. Gracie's always bragging about my 'talents' to people, and she sees this as a logical extension of the bragging...she just saying how good I am is nothing compared to showing everyone. She'd love it to take me someplace, have me recognized, and know that she's got me all to herself.

Me, on the other hand: I'm almost on the same page as Gracie. Not from the 'get to fuck porn stars' angle -- that really isn't all that appealing to me, I don't find most pornbabes sexy at all -- but from the male side of it. The male porn star is the alpha watch porn to imagine themselves in the place of the big-cocked guy on the screen. If I were in the porn: I would be the man the guys with they could be. As a geeky, unsuccessful guy, that's quite appealing. Ron Jeremy isn't all that attractive, he's witty and smart, he's sorta goofy overall, but he's the alpha male, he's the guy, he's a symbol of pornography today. I'd like a little of that.

So, if you look at it, the act of having sex really doesn't figure in to either of our reasons for me to be in a porn. It's really a means to an end -- the way for Gracie to get her bragging rights, my way to get a step up on the other guys. The scary thing is, because of this, it might just happen someday.

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

It seems to be canned photos, bought to sell a dating site, but she gets a little soapy. She's not really into it, though -- a little too 'deer in the headlights' for me.

Another one from the same site -- much soapier....mmmm, tasty! Plus, she's a redhead, which adds points for her. This one actually looks like she's having fun, and, really, if I were going to pick between the two, I'd always fuck the one having fun. Who wants to fuck a deer in the headlights?

I kinda like this one: it looks like it was done with a cheap camera in someone's little apartment bathroom. "Hey, I'll put on some horribly ugly pornstar eye makeup, sit in the bubblebath, you'll take pictures -- profit!" The woman never gets out of her panties, though, but that has a certain appeal, too. She's very soapy, though, that might be why I like it.

Here's some soapy hardcore, although the gal doesn't get quite so soapy. There's around 15 pics, well posed and the actors look like they're really getting into it.

The Dark Side!

My gal is going to write about BangBus over at sex-kitten, but just yesterday I read an article on the darker side of BangBus.

We all love 'the darker side of' things -- Washingtonienne, Bill O'Reilly and his dildoes, Schwarzenegger unappropriate behavior, but it doesn't always really matter; it's a newly created issue that seems more important than the real issue, because we're attracted to the sleazy, lewd, inappropriate world.

So, what we have in the article is the horrible story of a woman, pregnant and broke, who, with her ex responds to a classified ad looking for couples to make big money. This woman meets with the producers, signs agreements, and appears in the film. Afterwards, she ends up with no money, feeling lied to, and emotionally hurt by the process. BangBus is the bad guy for doing this to her!

The problem is, what we have here isn't a problem with pornography -- it's a problem with personal responsibility. Admittedly, it's hard to take a woman who is pregnant with without options and question her about her actions. She has an excuse (admittedly, the rather weak excuse of 'needing an abortion'), so we sympathize with her. We can't chastize her for overlooking what she was signing, not researching exactly what she'd be doing, not walking away when she got nervous, trusting her sleazy ex with the money, and believing she isn't responsible for her actions. Big, bad sleazy porn industry, who we all know rapes women regularly, did it again.

However, BangBus didn't act responsibly on their end, either. They're also responsible for making sure their talent is comfortable and understands what's going on. They're responsible for making sure everyone understands how they're going to be paid, they're responsible for being a human in all this, too.

Attention is drawn, however, to the literal fucking over she got. Lots of people get fucked over daily by businesses being heartless and being stupid of their own accord. Those don't get attention -- unless there's something sexy or naughty or sleazy about it.

Boy, I've been serious lately. Part of it may have to do with me trying to understand sex overall. I haven't had many sex partners, haven't experimented much, but now I'm tied tightly (literally and figuratively) with an ex-prostitute who runs pornographic/erotic websites. Yes, I've written erotica in the past, but it's been from my own perceptions, not anyone elses. What's all this mean?

For now, it means...


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

And now I'm off to vacuum the living room - sexy, huh?

Back Of A Truck!

It's getting bad these days - you can't even sell X-Rated movies from the back of a truck. This guy tried just that, and made it quite a while, advertising on the CB radio and parking down the road from a truck stop.

After going head-to-head with city officials, Joe Byrer backed down and closed up shop.

Really, I admire his business sense -- it's a market without internet access, without easy transportation to a porn store, and a mobile, transient customer base. Who else is gonna get these guys their porn? Mr Byrer did, without breaking laws (bending maybe), and made a few bucks at it. Congrats, Mr Byrer!

Pornography Is!

"Pornography is repeating the same image over and over. These are thought- out images that deal with sexuality. These are ideas that are fleshed out by my friends. ''

Need To Update!

I feel the need to update, but I haven't anything to say. That connection between my sexual thoughts and my keyboard has been a bit weak lately. Shall I just give some pics of naked chicks?

I have a story in mind, one of a wedding day scenario...more on that later...

Russian Porn!

Can't read Russian? Well, it's not necessary. You should be able to figure your way through these free, ad-minimal Russian galleries of naughty activities.

Is There Porn!?!

Earlier today I was toodling around online, and I was accosted by a pop-up advertisment.

I was being questioned -- "Is there PORNOGRAPHY on YOUR computer?"

My first thought was: "man, I really hope so!"

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