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Porn: Not Recession Proof!

What sad day is this, when people can't run two nickels together and spend it on porn? The porn market is down, but not across the board: traditional hard-copy methods, like DVDs, are getting hurt by their cheaper and more accessible relatives on the internet. On one hand, the market is correcting for a product that people don't need; on the other hand - less porn??!!? That's sad no matter how you cut it.

Playboy: Getting Worse!

Sadly, Playboy's empire continues to crumble: subscriptions are down 11%, losses in the millions, and they even had to cancel their Superbowl party. There's some good news in their full press release, though: Playboy's TV ventures increased in profits, bringing in $5 million. Nobody wants Playboy to fail: where would all those photo-airbrushers and naughty cartoonists go to work at?