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Nudist Water Thieves!

A California resort has been siphoning a creek to fill up their wildfire-fighting reserves. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, they're in trouble because they've been swimming naked in their "reserves". It wouldn't be nearly as newsworthy if they weren't a nudist resort, but trying to pretend their swimming pool has firefighting benefit when everyone else has to live pool-less due to the drought is a bit selfish.

Vegas Porn!

In sad news, pornographers are pulling up their California roots and moving to Las Vegas over the condom laws. Is it really that big of a deal, that you'd move your entire business? I suspect the devil's in the details - people have been wearing condoms in porn a long time, there's more to the law than just that - but when your business is moving to a place due to its lax worker safety laws, you might want to think about that logic.


CA Trains Pronographers!

California has something called the Employment Training Panel, a state-subsidized worker training program that allows people in need of a job to get more education, thus helping the state's economy. Oh, no - people who learn things use them to make porn! And not just any porn, but naughty, Sybian-riding, whips-and-chainsing porn at Upon notification, ETP cancelled's access to the state money, because it's much better that California employees be under-trained than competitive in the employee market. So will have to hire already-trained people with better skills; it's so much different if the person gets training at a failed dot-com, and then hired by a porn studio. California's plan plan intends to help employees and the economy, but now the employee is punished because of the legal business they work for, rather than what they can do for the media industry (California's multimedia and film industry is small, anyhow). Way to use your brains, California! (via)